Chip Kelly Talks about Florida Rumors, Prints Inspirational Poster in the Process


Chip Kelly, speaking to reporters about those silly Florida rumors, via Philly Mag:

“Our whole mantra around here is be where your feet are, and my feet are right here, and that’s all we ever talk about,” he said. ”I can’t control what other people think or other people write, so I’ve never been concerned with it, never will be concerned with it.”

I’ve been very happy everywhere I’ve been and I’m happy being here now. People are going to have rumors about where you’re going to go and all those other things. Like I’ve said in a lot of situations, no one has ever asked me.”

<3 Be where your feet are. <3 Swoooooooon. My feet are here Chip, and that is where I am. Will you come put your feet here, with me?


Oh, and he also mentioned that Florida never called him and he wouldn’t talk to them if they did.

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39 Responses

    1. I’m still waiting for a TRY THE CHICKEN TENDERS shirt, Kyle. At least hot link it a few more times; I know you have it in you.

      1. Your comment, like the tenders reference, was funny the first 29 times. Also, no one calls them hot links anymore.

        1. Kyle don’t listen to the haters! You make quality merchandise with truly original and relevant Philly spots content! Your creativity and eye for Chip one-liners is unparalleled. So let’s stop beating around the bush and put together a new line of Ts or maybe even expand to hooded sweatahirts, “Be where your feet are.”

          These dickheads will buy it up. Go get mommy and daddy’s credit cards kids! (Because we all know anyone over the age of 16 wouldn’t be caught dead in a crossingbroad T).

      1. Finish this sentence…. Neither of you two are_______? Thanks for coming on. This interview brought to you by Guida Windows and Doors, back to Rob and Kevin.

        1. How many times will I end a spoken thought/statement with “I dont know” on tomorrows show?

          Over under is 23.

          1. You are supposed t o be a sports talk host. Eventhough you dont know much you should never admit that and it certainly shouldnt be a catch phrase for you, a sports talk host..

  1. Jesus christ, when are you gonna get over this Chip Kelly fad, Kyle? The guy is a second rate coach at best. Hes godless, without family, and probably deserves to have his knee caps shattered. I hope he gets canned after this fraudulent season . Fuck you people.

  2. Remember that one time when Chip Kelly won a playoff game..oh.. Remember that one time when they gave up 52 points to the Broncos, and 53 to Green Bay. Remember this weekend when they’ll get slaughtered by the Seahawks..

    Chip Kelly is good at having dumb slogans that kylie masterbates over, then turns into pointless t-shirts that no one buys, or even knows what the hell they mean. But actually winning important games is definitely not his forte. But don’t worry, all the delusional Eagles fans ignore that and think he’s the greatest coach in history.

    On a different note, but still dealing with a loser. Does anyone find it interesting how Mikey Missanelli refers to himself as the outright leader in sports talk radio? Must explain why he’s gotten fired from every job he’s had and it’s not surprising that his wife dumped his loser ass. Carry on..

  3. Unrelated but Kyle can you setup a message board system on CB? I want to post how ridiculous it is mike miss called himself more black that a black caller yesterday b/c he was born in Bristol and said caller was born in Radnor and would love to get feedback on that.

    I am so sick of this asshole acting like he grew up in north philly projects and trying to relate with the black community. YOU GREW UP IN BUCKS COUNTY MIKE!!!

    Also you could have an entire category devoted to brace. Put some ads in there it will be the most popular spot on the site.

    1. his act is getting really old. annoying I have to listen to the cuz to hear sports

      1. Everything is the devil to you, Mama! Well, I like school, and I like football! And I’m gonna keep doin’ them both because they make me feel good!

      2. I don’t know how anyone listens to him. Of course I don’t know how anyone with an IQ above 8 listens to any sports talk radio.

        “hey mike, *belch* uhhhh, do you think the eagles will win the super bowl this year??”

        “hey cuz, uhhhhm yea, hmmm, i know the eagles haven’t beaten anyone good in the last two years, but i’m pretty sure that depsite that, they can *BELCH* make a deep run in the playoffs”

        “hey ang, uhhh, i’m sick of people saying that we’ve never won any super bowls. even though that’s completely true, it gets old hearing it. don’t these people *BELCH* realize that we’re the elite gold standard”

        Now keep in mind, without listening to talk radio, but from reading comments on here and unfortunately having friends that are Eagles fans, I’m fairly certain I’m spot on.

      3. Missanelli ? Woof.

        He spun an entire show around his very hypothetical prognosis on how the NFC race would unfold. He wasted 5 hours on that nonsense.

        Newsflash numbnutz . Other than Green Bay possibly winning out there are no certaities in t he NFL so spare us that dallas has 2 losses coming eagles 1 blah blah.

        The NFl is so unpredictable from week to week that is silly to base an entire months of hypotheticals that wont happen.

        Bring back Bruno

        1. Mike Miss in a nutshell.
          1. Wants every listener to know he is never wrong.
          2. His opinion is gospel and any listener who disagrees with his opinion is clearly wrong.
          3. Goes out of his way to stroke the black community.
          4. Has a producer who lacks a backbone.
          Needs repeating – Bring back Bruno and pay him handsomely to work the 12-6 slot.

          1. Who are you Bruno’s agent?

            Anyway I would rather hear the sound of forks raking a chalkboard for 6 hours before listening to that nitwit Tony Bruno ever again,he’s a clown and apparently the management at 97.5 thought the same since he’s no longer employed there.

  4. Finally we can move on from this nonsense and focus on Eagles vs Seahawks.

    Eagles 27
    Seahawks 20

    BOOK IT!


      1. Doesn’t matter the name. Point is still accurate.

        GO CHIP, WE LOVE YOU!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Hey at least next year you can celebrate a half a century of pure misery.

  6. I am still pissed the Eagles crushed the Cowboys. I have used several different names on this blog and everyone is ignoring me. Irrelevant, just like my boys.

    FYI….I swear I never listen to sports radio. It is beneath me. I swear.

  7. I feel like an idiot. I obsess about Missanelli, know all about his past, that he burps a lot but then swear I have never listened.

    I hate being an idiot.

    1. Actually it was the callers that belch. Try to keep up, I know reading is hard for you. I used to listen to sports talk, but realized I had better things to do then to listen to a bunch of illiterate baboons go on about teams that will never win anything. And that’s just the hosts. Apparently you find that educational still though

    2. Btw I love when Romo penetrates me with his meat stick. He’s always so giving every December.

  8. “And that’s just the hosts.”…. I hate when I try to act smart and above listening to sports radio then can’t form a sentence. I hate being an idiot.

    I have better things to do ” then” listen to illiterate…….wait, I said “then listen to”!?! I am the illiterate one. Damn! I hate being an idiot.

    Apparently you still find that educational though……..Holy Christ – I am an idiot.

  9. Why does Geico run the same commercial over and over again to the the point where I just want to put my TV in my car, drive to the Walt Whitman Bridge, get out of my car and jump into the cold, murky water, leaving my TV in the car with the heat on, cause I love my TV , I could never hurt it.

    1. That’s a stupid question young man. That’s like asking why do I put 17th century windmills in a 21st Century Stadium. The answers very simple, because I can afford too!

  10. “Guffaw , Guffaw , Guffaw…very clever Master Jeff. are you ready for your morning sponge bath sir”?

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