I was sick yesterday (and still am today*) so Jim took the one about someone from Florida reportedly planning to make a telephone call to Chip Kelly. But let me give my brief thoughts: JESUS F. CHRIST, STOP WITH THE CLICK-BAIT NONSENSE.

*Fueled by no food, tea, Gatorade and a slight fever over the last 24 hours, so ignore my loopiness.

You want to know why this shit gets written with such salacious and innuendo-filled headlines? SOCIAL BUZZZZZZZ:

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 8.46.11 AM

That’s 2,400 Facebook shares in about 20 hours. Philly.com didn’t want to miss out on the fun, so their Twitter person took it took the next level this morning:

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 8.49.29 AM


Stop it. The original report comes from Marc Farzetta. I have nothing against him, but I’ve found that reports originating from sports talk radio hosts – especially weekend and fill-in hosts without a background in reporting – should be taken with huge cubes of salt. Where’s the discretion here? Will someone from Florida contact Chip? Yeah, probably. Why wouldn’t they? If I had his number, I would’ve contacted him for our open blogger position. Why not? It would’ve made for good publicity at the very least. I could see the headlines now: Chip Kelly turns down not-so-lucrative blogging offer citing familial concerns and overall well-being. Florida (and Chip) gets their name in headlines now because someone (maybe even Chip’s agent) leaked that they were going to call quite possibly the hottest name in American sports coaching. We’ve talked about this before. Big-time schools would be dumb not to place a phone call, but there’s no chance, at this point, that Chip leaves an NFL coaching job – with a team that is 16-4 over its last 20 regular season games, where he gets to coach in 4-5 prime time games per year, doesn’t have to recruit players or worry about their grades (which he’s said he doesn’t like), works in the Northeast near where he’s from, and is reinventing the sport at the highest level – to go back to coaching college and worrying about all the extra restrictions that come with such a gig, not the least of which is less money. If he was a big failure in the NFL thus far? Then yeah, maybe he would consider leaving. But he’s not a failure, and he has shown no sides that he’ll ever be one. He looks more like Young Belichick than Young Spurrier. There’s so much madness here, and it’s driven me to agree with Howard Eskin, who shot down the report emanating from his own employer:

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 9.16.05 AM

All these stories and reports are self-serving nonsense. It’s self-serving for whoever leaked it (Florida if it was them, Chip if it was his agent), the reporter (hey, Marc Farzetta’s name is a thing today!), CBS Philly (SOCIAL SHARING!), Philly.com (PAGE VIEWZ), sports talk radio (TOPICS!) and sick bloggers (make fun of everyone else!). Enough already!


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  1. Chip is on the brink of something big here in the NFL. He loves exploiting systemic gaps/oversights that are common across the entire league. “Oh, most teams don’t focus on nutrition and endurance, don’t mind if I do.” The man is having a blast, he loves trolling the media (talking-heads) and he has the full support of Windmill Jeff. Plus he doesn’t have to deal w/ NCAA B.S.

    1. Well, there you have it. This man can see inside Chip Kelly’s mind and soul. No need to speculate further JP knows it all.

      FYI Chip is also on the brink of having to restart again with another new QB next year and may lose Maclin to Free Agency…and he has also yet to win a playoff game and he hasn’t yet clinched a playoff spot this season yet.

      But, you know what he loves and feels and how much fun he is having so, why worry?

    2. He’s on the verge of something big in the NFL? What’s that? Winning a playoff game, or beating a championship caliber team? Because so far he hasn’t done either, and that won’t change this weekend either.

  2. Safe to blame your illness on the ‘S8’ shirt for $25? The cost of producing that shirt is $3, tops. Looks like you used your elementary school screen printing skills to create that masterpiece.

    Right KYLE?

    1. If you can help me produce, print, promote, fulfill and do customer service on any shirt for $3, you’re hired!

  3. …so why did you post this?

    To quote Horsham’s most desperate t-shirt designer…


  4. Kyle, at the end of the day, they are using the same exact methods that you use on this site, which is GETTING PEOPLE TO CLICK THE LINKS. Very hypocritical to go at these guys like you don’t do the same exact thing (although I agree that Farzetta has no credibility).

    Clicks, Kyle. That is all it’s about.

    1. Readers can’t type a certain Traffic Girls name on this site, but a handle like this^^^ is okay??

      Morals…try finding some.

    2. Without a doubt, the lamest name I’ve ever had the misfortune of reading. You’re just a clueless jerk. And in 2014, who still tacks on a “baby” to the end of a sentence?

    3. You, and the other asshat…unless it is you…that are using handles playing off this tragedy in Manayunk really need to get a fucking clue. A new low.Hey, Kyle, sick or not, we can’t use an certain twat’s name, but this is OK???

  5. Don’t hand Jim the keys. He’s clearly not ready for that responsibility. How much longer until we can stop reading his trivial, day old drivel?

  6. It’s absolutely hilarious to me how Media types continually complain about the things created by others in the media. “NEWS” has become so watered down lately due to “need” to be the first to report “stuff”. Now that Twitter has blossomed it’s worse than ever with media types tweeting about every single fart they hear anymore as long as it comes from someone who’s famous.

  7. Thank you for the clarification that the majority of yesterday’s posts were via Jim, as if we needed confirmation to differentiate his careless writing style.

    And are you serious with the “CLICK-BAIT NONSENSE”? Please confirm if this was blatant trolling on your behalf, MR. CHICKEN TENDERS! Your shameless approach to blogging should leave you embarrassed for making such an accusation. I, for one, am actually shocked you didn’t bait the Florida story on here; it would have been a perfect opportunity for CHICKEN TENDERS and Taylor Swift!

  8. Just like Texas when they were looking for a head coach, these big time programs are delusional in their perception of the job opening. Sounds like a five minute phone convo and this will be over. Chip isn’t going anywhere.

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