Bag of Hot Air Colin Cowherd Responds to Philly Blogs Calling Him a Bag of Hot Air

Colin Blowhard Cowherd was back on the radio today. [Why? I don’t know. ESPN hates you.] He of course responded to the response over his report that Chip Kelly would take a phone call from Florida if Florida called him about a head coaching position. Here’s what Cowherd said today:

“I set off a big firestorm in Philadelphia as we predicted on this show… but I got enough contacts with the big power brokers in college football, the agents, Chip Kelly’s going to take a call from the Florida Gators.”

“And all the Philadelphia message board guys say Cowherd doesn’t know anything. Yeah but message board guy does. Look at all these guys– Cowherd, Cowherd, blog, blog, Cowherd says blog, blog, blog. The guy that owns this wears an Eagles jersey to work. Yeah, like that’s objective. So put down the cheesesteak for three minutes. They run out to Wawa to get another sandwich, OK? Settle down there, alright, Vinny? I got fairly good sources on this, OK?”

Few things:

1) What?

2) “Chip Kelly’s going to take a call from the Florida Gators.” No shit he is! He’s a lifelong football man and, out of respect for a storied program that he would’ve given his left big ball to get a call from just five years ago, of course he’s going to pick up the phone… and then he’s going to say “no thanks” and put it down. I’d pick up the phone if CSN called and asked me to be their first useful blogger… and then I’d say “no thanks” and put it down. I, too, am building a culture here, dammit. Picking up the phone is just  common courtesy.

But why, in the world, would Kelly, who is quickly ascending in the NFL coaching ranks – the highest set of such ranks in all the land – want to leave what he started to coach college kids in Gainesville? Florida probably wouldn’t be able to pay him as much, and he hates recruiting. College football nuts like Cowherd seem to forget that in the real world (and by that I mean the Union states), the NFL is at the top of the football food chain. Chip’s made it, and he’s doing well. Why would he take a step back? If Chip Kelly takes a job, or even seriously considers one, with Florida anytime in the next two years, I will eat my hat on a live web stream.

3) Jim: I like how he says he has “good sources” on it. How do you have good sources that Chip would probably answer a hypothetical phone call for a coaching position that isnt technically open? 

4) Nice cheesesteak crack, you weirdo. Glad Sal Pal was able to follow up (not featured in the audio) and joke that he was at Wawa with Vinny. Stop screaming at my TV, Sal!

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  1. Your full of shit, if csn called your sorry ass you’d go running to them cause this site is a fad and fads don’t last.

    Don’t worry though they won’t ever call, they need people that can write their own material and not just copy and past eveything

    1. You also realized that nothing in this post, except Jim’s part, was copied and pasted, right?

          1. I don’t get why people give you such a hard time and still read your site. It is so weird man. I don’t like some of your articles. If I dont like it, I dont read it. Not everyone is going to like every article. Weirdos man.

  2. What was that last little thing he said at the end there supposed to mean? Was it an insult? Like, “hah they eat cheesesteaks there hah.” They he pulls a Wawa reference for…what reason exactly? Absolutely nonsensical. I started to get a little ticked at the tired cheesesteak reference but then I realized it was meaningless and just laughed at that idiot. People think Cowherd doesn’t know anything because he doesn’t, he’s a moronic talking head on ESPN. It has nothing to do with his report that if Chip’s phone rings he is probably going to answer it. Ooooo ground breaking stuff Colin!

  3. Nice dig at Enrico and The 700 Level there, K Scotty.

    “I’d pick up the phone if CSN called and asked me to be their first useful blogger… and then I’d say “no thanks” and put it down. ”

    And you’re not wrong. The700level is forgettable hot garbage nowadays.

  4. Thinks this piece of shit from Las Vegas who got lucky by landing a national gig doesn’t know what the fuck he is talking about.

  5. Im Mike & Im queer and my show blows ! I like guys, especially cute bald black ones like BronBron, and of course Patrick Swayze. Lets play trivia where I have all the answers. Lets play Ghey movies, my favorire Fried Green Tomatoes! Awesome. I just bought a HAIR SYSTEM and my current boytoy LOVES IT. I now LOVE THE EAGLES bcause they are winning, however, i spent 6 months killing Foles, chip, etc. I have NO SPINE Martinez, isnt that funny

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