Photo Credit: Jeffrey G. Pittenger-USA TODAY Sports

Photo Credit: Jeffrey G. Pittenger-USA TODAY Sports

Colin Cowherd, whose idiocy and childishness has been well documented, seems to think if Florida called Chip Kelly offering him their head coaching job, he’d take the call. Said Mr. Cowherd: “Let me just say, Chip will take the phone call if Florida makes it to him.” And that’s just doubling down on what Campus Insiders SEC reporter Jim Donnan said:

“The name that I keep hearing around the country is Chip Kelly. And everybody says, ‘well, he’s the Philadelphia Eagle coach.’ But he really is the kind of guy that needs to come in there and take over that program because instant offense, you saw what he did at Oregon, he had a tremendous career as an assistant coach at New Hampshire,” Donnan said. “He would be a vital cog in recruiting in the state of Florida, and if for some reason he turned it down — and I’m sure he would certainly think about whether to stay with the Eagles or not — he’s got to remember what Nick Saban did. He left the Miami Dolphins and went to Alabama and subsequently we’ve seen what he’s done, plus he’s making $7 million a year.”

Well since Donnan made the comparison, let’s look at Chip Kelly and Nick Saban’s NFL coaching records:

– Chip Kelly: 15-7 (through 22 games)
– Nick Saban: 15-17 (10-12 in first 22 games)

Plus, add in being the coach of a successful NFL franchise, and basically revolutionizing the way professional football is being coached, while not having to helicopter over to high schools, and wanting to remain a coach at the highest level, and staying the Northeast (where he’s from), and $6 million per year, and not having to live in Gainesville with that weird E… and this all just makes little sense. Chip’s not going anywhere. He’s working on creating a Culture here.