Claude Giroux Bit a Man in yet Another Flyers Shootout Loss


Strange times in Flyer land. Strange times.

The Flyers have two, maybe three players even remotely capable of scoring goals on a consistent basis, they have a $22.5 million veteran with scoring capability who sat for seven-straight games, and Claude Giroux is a downright weirdo.

He grab-assed a police officer. The other night he probably wiped a booger on an official. And last night? Well…

Keep your hands and feet to yourself, children.

The Flyers lost, 2-1, in a shootout. What else is new?

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14 Responses

  1. To replace Stephen Colbert, Comedy Central should just air re-runs of Flyers shootouts from 11:30-12:00am. Guys who I’ve never heard of before score on our goalies and then our guys just go up there and either a) shoot it into the logo of the goalie or b) attempt to deke and fail miserable w/o getting a shot off. Either way, they cant score.

    This team sucks.

    Please win Colts, please please win or we aren’t going to have anything positive to talk about for a long long time in Philly.

  2. Hi, i’m Joe Cordell. Do you know someone going through a divorce? Bah the way, unless you’re in Mizzouruh or Illinois, I’m not lah-censed in yer state. But that’s okay, we have other attorneys who are.

  3. Just curious…. What exactly is the Flyers “plan”? In a league where only 6 markets are actually successful, how are they this laughable? 40 years and counting…

  4. Omigawd, Giroux does something silly and irreverent every now & then! Let’s string him up as a “wierdo”! Run him outta here now!!!

  5. Dear MISTER Snider: The Flyers are bordering on Sixers territory: NOBODY GIVES A FUCK.

  6. He actually is really weird…and lazy. The Flyers probably have the worst shootout win % since its existence. Always terrible.

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