Darren Sproles’ Wife Rips Bastards, Confusion Ensues

Michel Sproles, wife of Darren and no stranger to stirring it up on The ‘Gram, posted the above image a couple of days ago. Upon seeing it, Eagles fans everywhere went “ohhh shit,” and Eagles haters everywhere went “ohhh shit,” because no one seemed to agree who she was making fun of.

Was Michel defending Darren and the Eagles against Eagles haters? Was Michel defending Darren and the Eagles against salty fans? No one could really agree:

Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 9.34.58 AM

Technically, NJ.com got it right by calling it down the middle. Michel is definitely defending the team, and she’s defending it against their “critics.” But do those critics consist of Eagles fans or haters? It looks like it’s probably the latter, since Michel had to go ahead and post an explanation of sorts on Instagram as well. Alongside of a headline screengrab that says “Darren Sproles Wife: Most Eagles Haters Have Single Moms,” Michel said:

I have much love & respect for all single mothers, my grandmother was a single mom and so is my sister, so for the individuals that insist on making me a trending topic off some foolish “Repost” shame on you… There are so many other important things going on in the world that deserve our attention. Taking the time to twist up the words of a joke I Reposted is just way to much waisted energy. Do you honestly think I give a damn about who wins or loses in a game… This is a means of entertainment and is not a matter of life and death! As long as my husband is healthy I truly can care less.

So … good? I guess? It’s nice Michel was (seemingly) sticking up for Eagles fans, but “Yeah? Well you don’t have a dad” is just terrible. Now, about that it’s only a game thing…


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    1. People will continue to botch this statement for all of eternity. You CAN’T care less. Saying “I truly can care less” means that you do DO CARE enough that less caring is possible.


  1. That Stank-Hoe be like WAHHHTTTT!!! No one really cares Michel. Let’s face it, if the game was named the suck-fest, the Eagles would have won – lips up and hands down!! Speaking of suck-fests…merry xmas Kyle!

  2. This is going to be a rough winter/spring for sports radio/media/blogs, with little or nothing to talk about. Four for four always, but my lord they are making it tough again these days to be a Philly sports fan.

  3. She’s racist. Oh wait, she’s black so it’s okay. If a white wife posted that, then it would be racist. I’m so confused..

    1. Since a lot more black women are unwed mothers than white women, she basically shat in her own bed by making that comment.

  4. Jim how does it feel to always get the shitty stories that no one cares about? Kyle always gets the good stuff and throws you a bone every now and then. It’s sad

  5. If this story isn’t proof football is officially over in Philadelphia, I don’t know what else you would need.

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