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Yesterday, Michel Sproles fired out some nasty messages via Instagram picture-maker ripping the Saints for wanting to trade her husband. She spoke with TMZ today about Darren’s thoughts on the ordeal and offered a message to Saints fans which contained a considerable amoung of sass, Princesss Sass:

As for Darren, Michel says he predicted that her post would “blow up” before she put it online … she disagreed.

“He was right, I was wrong,” Michel says. Though she says he hasn’t commented about the situation since the post went up.

Michel says she’s now trying to move forward and focus on Darren’s new team — the Philadelphia Eagles.

As for the haters, Michel says … “These people don’t have to follow me, they can voluntarily exit my Instagram.”

MEOW! Gonna start saying that to commenters. I like this chick… but probably only because her husband is an Eagle. And because he’s fast.