K.J. McDaniels’ Mom Would Really like you to Pass the Ball to Her Son

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K.J. McDaniels’ mom is not on board with the Sixers’ plan. We know this. But thanks to her attendance at last night’s Sixers vs. Magic game in Orlando, we also now know how she feels about free throws, half-court fan shots, and passing her son the ball.

First, when should they pass her son the ball? Always.

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When it comes to when her son should pass the ball, the answer is never.

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Free throws? They take too long.

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 10.20.03 AM

Half-court shots to win a gift card? What are you, a chump?

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She did much more than that, of course. She got removed from her seat and then reappeared elsewhere. She offered in depth, critical analysis. She took selfies. She’s a dream come true.

I know Scott O’Neil told us we’d be getting a mascot soon, but can we just fly K.J.’s mom up here and mic her up?


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  1. Thanks Jim. Read this on Deadspin earlier today. You guys are like the backyard wrestling version of the WWE.

  2. Typical – you can take the (expletive) out of the hood, but you can’t take the hood out of the (expletive). Great example mom – I would they would have tossed her back on the street where she belongs.

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