As you probably know already, Anthony Gargano is out at WIP. He all but confirmed our RADIO WARS reporting* with this Tweet on Saturday night:

Voila_Capture 2014-12-22_09-08-54_AM

*Which no one has picked up yet. I don’t even know why you’d bother reading other sports blogs.

With this comes a lot of questions (into my inbox and Twitter timeline). I’ll do my best to answer below:

How did this happen?

I’m told Gargano was offered a crummy one-year extension, likely to give Josh Innes time to be groomed for the Afternoon spot. Cuz didn’t appreciate the offer (understandably) and ultimately made the decision to part ways with WIP. I had heard that the decision to cut ties came from CBS (WIP parent company, of course) in NY, but that part appears to be exaggerated. They may have had a say in the negotiations and certainly the money aspect, but the final call, last week, sounds like it came from Gargano. Everyone has a slightly different version of what happened here, however.


Where does Gargano go?

There’s obviously only one other local option– 97.5 The Fanatic. The two sides have absolutely been talking, and I’d bet something happens. I couldn’t confirm this next part, but I believe local hosts typically have a 90-day non-compete clause, and since Gargano’s contract is officially up at the end of the year, he likely can’t talk sports on the radio elsewhere locally until the spring.


Who would he replace?

Well, it wouldn’t be Mike Missanelli. But the timeslots before 2 p.m. are probably all in play. All of them.


Perhaps 10-12?!

Voila_Capture 2014-12-22_11-45-16_AM

Guess so.


Did Gargano leak this story?

Voila_Capture 2014-12-22_09-21-04_AM

They probably taste like delicious Primo Hoagies… but for the record, no, Anthony didn’t leak the story to me. In fact, I haven’t spoken to him.


Was the afternoon show getting trounced by Missanelli?

Voila_Capture 2014-12-22_09-22-54_AM

Fuck if I know. Radio stations treat ratings like nuclear launch codes. Everyone claims they’re on top, but no one shares the numbers on a per-show basis. But the consensus is that Missanelli and Gargano-Ellis (and before that Gargano-Macnow) were relatively even. My guess is Missanelli holds the edge over the long-term. Gargano and Ellis, however, apparently won the timeslot in the spring (April-June).


What about Afternoons on WIP?

My guess is Innes moves up at some point and he’s partnered with a known sports talk radio host who may or may not already work for the station.


How is morale at WIP?

Absolutely terrible. Hit it:


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  1. at 1 PM today:


    A hat tip to you sir. Thank you bringing such wonderful Christmas news that Gargano and Ellis show is no more.

    I guess that no one else has picked up the story goes to show that Gargano is not as big a deal a she thinks he is.

    1. Gargano broke the #1 rule in radio broadcasting regularly. Don’t get attached to players,coaches,gm’s etc etc..

      Credibility was zero on any conversation involving ” Cholly” and more recently “Howie”. They were saints in his eyes.Could do no wrong.

      But if you didnt stroke Duh Cuz then the fangs came out. Total fraud.

      Never forget the time Duh Cuz “Holmsed ” the ultra professional Dick Vermeil . You are so right Holmes. LOL

      1. Nail on the head. He slobbers all over Chip Kelly now too…or did before he got fired.

        Also his show was terrible because every other caller was a personal friend of his who would just call and parrot everything he was saying.

    1. Spot on post!!!
      Good bye “cuz”. Go to another city far, far away from here.

  2. Letting go of Harry would be a mistake. I could potentially see something like this happen:

    A SHOW from 10-12 or even 9-12.
    CUZ from 12-3
    MISSANELLI from 3-7.

    DeCamara was ousted as APD earlier this year and his hour show might get whacked once football specialty shows are over so sliding Missanelli back an hour might be an option.

    Morale is low for one reason and it’s about to get an afternoon slot. I think Josh is a good night guy but drive time in Philly? Should be very interesting. Pairing him with Bruno would be a mistake. With Kincade? Eh, we’ll see.

    Also, does Spike Eskin have any real power?

    1. Are you saying morale is low because of Innes? Didn’t know he had that much influence, in fact, I expected him to be fired. Please don’t bring that dickwad John Kincaide to town. Fucking can’t stand him.

  3. Nobody else “reported” on this story because nobody cares if some fat fuck fraud leaves a sports talk station. You have to be a real genius to look forward to the insight of sports talk hosts, or their rocket scientist callers.

    1. Awwww. Another butt hurt Eagles fan. What’s wrong? Did I hit too close to home?

      1. Huh? I hate the Eagles. I’m glad those frauds lost. I just find it amusing that people actually care about this fat oaf.

  4. -WIP did the same thing to that asshat Gargano that 97.5 did to Bruno: offer them an insulting contract that they knew would result in them leaving.

    -Meanwhile, WIP signs that moron Cataldi to another 3 year deal.

    -Mike and Mike ….do I have to say anything else??

    -The only real positive to this might be that Brace and Marks will be gone.

    -Please be advised: Gargano really sucks, and changing stations isn’t going to change that.

    -Innes in afternoon drive? Seriously?

    1. Cuz isn’t that good as the lead guy, I wonder if he’d be better as the second fiddle/sounding board?

    2. Oh thank you sweet justice! No more “Yo bo, yo bo, yo bo. I watch my slingbox in my souf philly row home bo! CLAAAASSSSSIIIICCCC!”

      So glad that fucking twat is gone, “da cuz” – suck a dick you fraud. I really hope he goes to another market and NOT 97.5!

      Now if we could only get rid of “Ange” and his retarded NY wonk voice, “Naw on da line is Kanny frum tha durty turdy. Good mawning Kanny! Ooo hang on da line Kanny, this gerl in da stoodio has big bewbies! Rhea, look at huh bewbies!”

      Then of course Retarded Raunchy Rhea has to give “Ange” her best “WA-WA-WA-WA-WA-WA” laugh like the Penguin in the original Batman series. Priceless radio right there folks.

      Good god, when did radio in this town get so bad? I can barely stand Missinelli, forget everyone else. I listed to Innes for a bit the other night on a drive home. He was doing a show with Mark Farzetta (“Farzi and the Bear”???? Whatever the fuck that is) and people were calling to slobber all over him like he actually was good or something. I lasted 10 minutes and 8 of those were commercials now that the show breaks are so long.

      Seriously, a typical segment in Philly sports talk radio:

      Talk sports: 2 minutes
      Talk movies: 4 minutes
      Talk to asinine caller: 1.5 minutes
      Ridicule caller: 1 minute
      Talk about host’s uninteresting personal life: 3 minutes
      Commercials for “hair restoration”, lawyers that can’t practice in this area, ass doctors, and overpriced cars that nobody listening to the station could afford anyway: 8 minutes

      Rinse and repeat…

  5. Josh Innes is such a dickhead. The rare time I flip to WIP and he’s on, he’s getting lectured by callers about how much of a prick he is. If they move him to the big boy slot, he’ll be gone in a flash.

    The local sports radio blows now. Give me Mad Dog Radio on my drive home from work.

  6. Radio wars continue! Let’s make a shirt about it Kyle!

    Glad to see that fat fraud go, I just sincerely hope that 97.5 doesn’t hire him. His voice alone is enough to make you wanna drive your car into oncoming traffic. If you’re a fan of the Cuz, or even Angelo for that matter, you’re precisely what’s wrong with this city’s “knowledgeable fanbase.”

    Pick up the shield and GFY Kyle.

    Hashtag Fire Jim

  7. Cuz will be missed at the wing bowl. I can’t wait to see all the tits that day. So pumped up

  8. Where does this leave me? and Ripn And Tearin? and Summer Chill? and Mitchie Tools? and Avalon Brian? And violations Greg? and…and…and….that Kiss-ass Dweeb Rob Ellis?

    1. Don’t worry—AB will return and wax the Cuz’s ass on 97.5. Another phony man child who doesn’t even live in Philly. Avalon isn’t Philly. Just like Mike Trout in Millville. YO BO! Mitchie Tools and Rippin and Tearin too.

        1. dont forget provolone joe. and sammy saggs!! poor guys. guess the mitchy tools invitational is no more as well. whatever will i do without his scarface and moonstruck impressions.

    2. hope you are well jimmy,I still will call wip,I talk to many different hosts,i will call anthony,if he go’s to 97.5 be well

  9. I enjoyed Cuz and Ellis in the afternoon. I don’t care much for anyone on 97.5…I’m not a huge fan of Innes’ style and think he’ll have trouble in the rush hour slot…

    I think sports talk radio is all but dead in this city…

  10. A few thoughts:

    – I thought Gargano was good at first, but his act got tired and he seemed to mail it in the last 4-5 years.

    – this makes the decision on Bruno by 97.5 seem more logical. This has probably been planned and unless Gargano got the multi-year deal he wanted from WIP he was going to the Fanatic.

    – How the hell are Barkann and Reese still on the air with no whispers of being replaced? Hands down consistently the worst show on either station. Of all the former Eagles from that era to get broadcasting gigs, Reese has to be the worst.

    – if WIP lets Ellis go as well, they will have no hosts on the air during daylight hours who are actually from around here except Rhea. I get you don’t have to be from around here to talk about local sports, but it helps the credibility imo if listeners know you actually grew up caring about the 4 teams.

    – Innes getting paired with Eskin or Bruno probably wouldn’t work. Would there ever be a second of silence?

      1. That’s for sure but they can’t stick Barkann in the afternoon. He has to leave to prepare for PST.

  11. I’m still fat and gross.

    The guy I’m attached to is a straight up dickhead with horrible opinions and a lame schtick.

    “I’m a nonbiased asshole who tells it like it is”

  12. Cool, dude. Delete a comment because I included the url of the guy who posted about it AND gave you credit for it.

    You’re a winner.

      1. So other people can’t link to stuff, but you can fill 99% of this gay (yes GAY) blog with links to other people’s work? That makes sense.

        But kudos for the Cuzzzzzz scoop. You’re a regular Adam Schefeter.

  13. Just wondering if my invitation to come up to the station from “Ant” is still good? I was going to bring you guys some socket wrenches and talk about sports like it’s “American Idol”.

    1. You’re only on the radio because of your daddy!!!!! hahahahahahaha. You’re fat!!!!!!

  14. As far as Josh Innes, he is a smart ass with little knowledge. He can only discuss sports in broad terms. He can’t explain to you how one player is better than another. He is unable to break down plays on a football field. You don’t have to be a football wonk like Ray Didinger but you better know about available free agents on other teams and how they fit on the Eagles team. Before the NFL draft your going to get tons of calls about which players the Eagles should take. This means you have to know about college teams. It’s one thing to be on at 6-10pm where you can just play the shock jock card it’s another to be on in the afternoon

    I don’t think Gargano had a choice in leaving WIP. If you are only offered a 1 year contract then the station is telling you that they are letting you go when it is up. I think this is all going to blow up on WIP. They are going to lose listeners in droves to the Fanatic. Unfortunately this is going to give Mikey even more power to flood the airwaves with more stupid listeners games. Pick Two, Spin the Wheel, This day in Bernie history.

    1. Holy fuck dude, like there is anyone on either station capable of doing that kind of in depth analysis now???? I get it you don’t think much of Innes, but he is far from the shortest midget in the circus. I’d be fucking shocked if you were able to prove to me that Cataldi watched more than 10 minutes of an Eagles game in the past fucking decade. I know a guy that worked at WIP. He said Angelo didn’t watch shit on Sunday’s and got all his info emailed to him Sunday night by the interns who he had watch the game for him. There is not one host in town, except for Didinger, capable of doing what you are railroading Innes for.

  15. I can’t stand “Da Cuz” but you know who I can’t stand even more (or is it less…)? Angelo Cataldi. I’d love to see The Fanatic drop Mike & Mike and run Gargano and Mayes from 6 – 10 a.m. to see if they could put a dent in Old Man Cataldi’s numbers. Then they could trot Marksie and Brace out there from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. to get their asses handed to them by virtually anyone that WIP puts on the air. Then we’ll move to the heavyweight showdown between Mikey Mush and (my prediction) Innes and Macnow.

    Just sayin’. And don’t forget to eat a Primo!

  16. Hmm bad move on 97.5.. See bruno and gargano swapping spots, probably for similar $.. Be interesting to see if bruno does move to wip and goes head to head with miss.. These radio wars are the only reason to continue to pay some what attention to sports talk in this town.

  17. Gargano became completely unlistenable once Macnow was gone. It’s insane how bad do you have to be to make people miss the Prof? The constant bro-y schtick with him and Ellis was nauseating. Obviously they’re grooming hack Innes for afternoons or mornings when that old creeper retires, but he’s just a typical hack schlock jock.

    How the hell does Big Daddy still have a job, btw?

  18. Hi, i’m Joe Cordell. Do you know someone going through a divorce? Bah the way, unless you’re in Mizzouruh or Illinois, I’m not lah-censed in yer state. But that’s okay, we have other attorneys who are.

  19. You all know that I’m better than Cuz. It’s nice to pick up a paycheck mid-week.
    G-Cobb makes $225/hr to be on WIP. Not bad for a fill in.
    On an annual basis that more than he made as a football player.

    1. You guys who think the radio biz is awash with cash crack me the fuck up. There is a handful of people who make good money at this shit. Cataldi and Missanelli, and that’s about it. Eskin used to, but they showed him the door. Gargano probably made like $200k tops, now he is gone. Innes might get $100k. Everyone else like Barkan, Brace, Marks, Ike, they are lucky to see $50k for this. If everyone on the station made six figures, these stations would no longer exist. It’s a dying business with huge overhead, and only so many LOCAL businesses interested in advertising. Use your fucking brains

      1. No Shit asshole.
        $225 an hour for three hours?
        Whats that $675 a week. Go to the dollar store and get a calculator.

  20. What my plan is, is to ignore the fact that I worked with Cuz.
    I won’t say anything and will cut you off if you call and ask: “Where’s Cuz”. Oh and by the way, who’s Cuz?

  21. If they oust Mayes in favor of Gargano, but leave Marks and Brace on as scheduled, I will never listen to sports talk radio again.

    1. How Marks and Brace are on even on the air during the day tells you what a mickey-mouse operation 97.5 is. At best they are the 10:00pm – 2:00am slot. Oh wait that’s saved for Nick Kayal. Another disaster with pictures of someone…

    2. My buddy Sean Brace is working like Juan Castillo, 24 hrs a day, to refine his radio persona. He told me that’s he’s working harder to speak FASTER, even faster than Chip. And Sean believes that if he speaks before he wastes time thinking about his words, then his true feelings will flow freely. He has promised relatives that he will no longer say “Should have DID, should have WENT” on air because he believes it is indicative of lazy language and general ignorance. Brace is a rising star.

  22. When hosts or anchors are replaced on radio and TV it’s like they don’t exist anymore. Just like in the book and movie 1984 Anthony Gargano’s name goes to the Ministry of Information and is stricken from all public records. Rob Ellis will never let his name pass through his lips again.

  23. Fear not …evvvvverrrybodddddy … truth be told, I was getting sick of my Souf Philly schtick. Now I have some time to spend with Little Ant. Uncle Cholly is going to give him hittin’ lessons! Family has plans to visit Andy in K.C. …coach has promised us all ham sandwiches and genuine K.C. bbq. I called Spags, hoping he can accompany us on the plane to talk football strategy!! I’ve even begun my new book — “DIY Guide for Becoming a South Philly Guy — While Growing up Jersey.”

  24. Think this is the 2015 lineup at 97.5

    Mike & Mike 6-10
    Cuz & Mayes 10-2
    Miss 2-6
    Brace & Marks 6-10pm
    Nick Kal 10-12 am

    1. Hey, man, don’t stick my man Sean Brace in 6-10. He and Marksy will be shortchanged by Sixer and Flyers games! Plus, it will cut into Sean’s bar scene, which is an important part of his Fanatic identity and overall popularity with the masses.

    2. Marks sucks too..
      i went to school w/that douchebag..
      let me tell you..
      he’s the biggest fraud out there..
      straight frontin’ 24/7 ..
      why do u think he lives in Manayunk?
      absolutely tool

  25. JOE-D-MAC! Bring back Mac & Mac!
    Am I the only one who can’t stand Rickie Ricardo?

    1. No you’re not. Ricardo blows. How about Jon johnson? His dramatic pauses between revelations make me want to strangle him with his mic cord.

  26. I’ve never been a huge fan of Gargano’s schtick and ass-kissing of local athletes. But at least he’s legitimately a lifelong philly fan and has a journalistic pedigree behind that moronic south philly boy gimmick.

    By comparison, Josh Innes is an outsider with limited sports knowledge, let alone Philly sports knowledge. I can’t listen to Innes and, as a WIP listener since 1990, literally find myself turning off the radio as soon as I hear his voice. He’s a rude, arrogant, over-the-top phony “shock jock” who seems to think he’s sports radio’s answer to Howard Stern. Which might explain Andy Bloom’s love affair with the guy since it was Bloom who basically launched Stern’s national career by syndicating him on WYSP four decades ago. But lightning doesn’t strike twice, Andy. The difference between Stern and Innes is TALENT.

  27. i was the guy ripping Gargano last year for frontin’ about being SUPERDAD.
    – soooo glad he got the boot..
    – he truly SUCKS!!!!!!!!

    Next in line is “Poor Man’s Rush Limbaugh”.
    – unfortunately.. douchebag has no competition in the morning.

    JOSH INNES SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    – all he does is whine about how much people hate him, WTF???
    – dude.. he must have a small penis.

  28. I have a personal friend who works at WIP — this person told me a few months back that morale at WIP has been up and down since the format change (from WYSP to WIP). The head honchos over there can’t seem to figure out their personnel issues at all.

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