RADIO WARS: Anthony Gargano Is Not on the Air Today and It’s Contract Related (Update)


Anthony Gargano is not on the air today and it doesn’t sound like it’s because of a previously scheduled day off or vacation. G Cobb and Brian Haddad are hosting the Afternoon show (with a delightful placed ad read from Gargano as a lead-in) and made no mention of Anthony’s (or Rob Ellis’) absence. The show’s usual theme music wasn’t played.

As I mentioned the other day, Gargano’s contract is up in… carry the 2… subtract 94.1… exactly 12 days, and as of yet no deal on an extension has been reached. The thought is that WIP Operations Manager Andy Bloom eventually plans to put his guy, Josh Innes, on in the afternoons. I’m told WIP offered Gargano a one-year extension, perhaps to give Innes more time to be groomed for that role and thus his battle with stated foe Mike Missanelli. Gargano, not surprisingly, didn’t appreciate the offer. Ensuing negotiations have been contentious. I’m also hearing that there have been discussions between Gargano and 97.5 The Fanatic Program Director Matt Nahigian about Cuz hosting a show that leads into Missanelli’s. It would cost Greater Media (97.5) some dough, but I wouldn’t completely rule it out.

This isn’t an unprecedented move, of course. Last year around this time, Glen Macnow recused himself from his show with Gargano while details of his new contract were being hammered out. And this summer, Tony Bruno did the same when 97.5 offered him what he says was a six-month deal. Macnow is still on WIP and other CBS Philly properties, but has been replaced by Rob Ellis on the Afternoon show. Bruno, as you know, is podcasting. Cue the music:

UPDATE: Since posting the story multiple folks have told me that Gargano is done at WIP. Something like this isn’t going to be confirmed by the station too eagerly, but barring a drastic change here, it sounds like Gargano is out.

UPDATE 2: Sources say Gargano is out at WIP and that the final decision to cut ties, following a contentious negotiation, may have come from CBS corporate suits in New York.

UPDATE 3: There are, of course, two sides to every story, and other sources say the decision was Gargano’s, and that blaming CBS in NY is a convenient way for WIP to sidestep blame. These are, after all, RADIO WARS.

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        1. I agree that dead air is better than Gargano.

          But I meant he was over stating the 5 inches…..

          1. You all sound like one inch wanna be’s. Go back to your normal daily grind of dumpster diving and leave the professional evaluation of proven personalities to critically thinking, educated individuals. Oh, and by the way, they say, ” Can the current executives at WIP, discard all affiliation with CBS and their corrupt NY methodologies, send josh innes back from whence he came.”

    1. Gargano needs to take his fat ass back to New York covering the Knicks . Pussy What

    2. Tony Bruno will be replacing Anthony Gargano and teaming up with Ellis starting next year and Gargano will be moving to 97.5 to replace Sean Brace & Johnny Marks.

      Johnny Marks will team up with Harry Mayes and Sean Brace will head to the late night with Nick Kayal.

      Heard Marks and Brace had a dual temper tantrum upon learning they’ll be replaced by Anthony Gargano.

      Stay tuned folks.

  1. You mean Anthony Gaulstien? Yea that’s right he uses a fake last name to appeal to the Italians in philly. And a fake philly accent. What a fraud.

        1. my reply was meant for diceman. BTW, if Andrew Clay knew of your insolence, he’d give you the decent paint job (face slapping) you deserve. OHHH!!!

    1. Not true. I went to high school with him. He does pretend to be from philly though. He grew up in south jersey.

  2. Listening to Skippy and Lippy today….not sure why…..and they are; as they have recently; ripping 97.5 and station management.

    I can’t stand these 2. I also can’t stand Gargano. He is a fraud.

    But when the football season is over..and Kayal is back with Mayes…I see the Yutes doing nights..when they can be shut down for hockey and hoops…..and sucky Gargano doing noon-2

    1. I don’t see Gargano humbling himself to do just a 2 hour slot.

      Maybe him and Missanelli can reunite and get back some of that old magic they had together on WIP before Missanelli threw a punch at a kid, fresh out of college making minimum wage, for being unprofessional.

      God, sportsradio in this city blows.

        1. Unfortunately, sarcasm does not come across in text form.

          Gargano and Missanelli were ear cancer. Absolutely awful.

    2. What were Skippy and Lippy complaining about in regards to 97.5 and management? They should be kissing their butts for even having jobs.

  3. Hi, i’m Joe Cordell. Do you know someone going through a divorce? Bah the way, unless you’re in Mizzouruh or Illinois, I’m not lah-censed in yer state. But that’s okay, we have other attorneys who are.

    1. Haha, this is hilarious on so many levels. That ad is played 6 million times on the app…I can’t friggin stand it. It’s right up there with Dr. Back “moobs man” commercial. Smh

      1. I want to bang the hurtigruten voice over girl… Wooohaa.

  4. The Fanatic makes no sense to me. They let Bruno walk because they didn’t have the money to pay him and want to go the cheap route regardless of product (Marks and Brace), yet they are going to pony up and pay whatever it would cost to bring Gargano over? These stations are so stupid.

    1. SOURCES: Greater Media had the money to pay him. They grew tired of him coming in 30 minutes before show time and constantly mailing it in and not wanting to talk about, you know, sports on a sports radio station.

  5. I hope this is true. Josh Innes is the best thing to happen to sports radio in almost a decade.

    1. I heard from a reliable source that Josh Innes came close to being fired a few weeks back and that is why he is kissing up to Angelo and Howard Eskin on the radio to show he can play nice in the sandbox.

    2. you must be josh innard’s glue sniffing brother, or abusive alcoholic father, or thong wearing, obese 50yr old sister.

  6. Geez, whats next? North Koreans attacking us in cyber space or something else crazy??

    1. did u miss the week of school that dealt with money. the $ goes in front of the numbers.
      $100 = correct.
      100$ = sign you breath out of your mouth.

  7. Gargano does a few hours a week on Fox radio but here’s the thing. He would be totally incapable of doing a radio show in another market. He can’t give up his allegiance to Philly teams. If 97.5 doesn’t hire him he’s gone. Gargano could never be like Jody McDonald. Jody can just as easily work WIP one day, WFAN in New York the next and then do a national show on CBS sports radio. He is a fan of certain teams but he doesn’t act like a fan boy or glom all over the Phillies or Eagles. When you are so city biased if you have to work elsewhere you seem like a fraud. Do you think for a second Gargano wants to uproot his wife and kids and move elsewhere.

    On WFAN Mike and the Mad Dog, Francesa and Russo worked for 19 years. They might have hated each other at the end but I don’t think they ever walked out on a salary dispute. This crap happens all the time at our local sports stations. These guys in Philly all think they have leverage, they don’t. WIP dumps hosts at a moments notice. Martarano, McDonald who they brought back to do Phillies post game, Macnow who got downgraded, Mikey Miss who they fired and now Gargano whose job is up in the air. These guys never learn. Worse come to worse Ant can always end up as a greeter at Primo’s.

    1. Gargano is already a fraud. So going to NY to drool all over their athletes would be absolutely no problem for him. And his wife will go to what ever sucker station gives him a check.
      And Gargano probably thinks his amazing kids would excel in the Zbig Apple more than Philly.

    2. Very well said. For reasons I can not fathom, the hosts on WIP think that they are something more than a dime-a-dozen radio hack. The fact is, they are still in RADIO, terrestrial radio at that, a dying medium that flips formats on a whim. WIP has a great franchise here, but that does not mean that anyone on that station is irreplaceable. Including Cataldi, I man, they threw Eskin who helped build that station aside like a used condom. If they can do that, Gargano ain’t shit.
      Good by you fake Souf Filly fraud, your market is 97.5 and WIP, and one of them is not interested, which means the only other game in town has you by the balls.

    3. I don’t agree with this. He does Philly centric stuff because he’s on in Philly. If he did a national show he’d just brush up on national sports topics and be fine. Being a sports yakker is all about connecting with the audience. Cuz does his South Philly schtick to connect here, but he’d figure out something for the national market as well.

    1. Don’t forget about “Rip’n and Tear’n'”. I will not miss his over exaggerated fake laugh

    1. in trouble? he’s the assistant boss now and really the one running the show. this has his fingerprints all over it.

    1. Took awhile to catch up to him. Gargano screwed over MacNow, REALLY screwed over Martarano, Missanelli screwed himself over, and then screwed over MacNow again. Did I miss anyone?

  8. I’m glad Gargano is off the air. That means I can corner the Philly radio market on annoying laughing.

    HEE HEE!

    1. Hollis Thomas this time in history gig is the worst , I rather listen Reah butcher the weather report.

      Hee Hee Hee NO!!!

      1. Rhea’s meat curtains smell like an old rug my grandfather had in his bar room where he drank Jack and smoked Lucky’s all day long….

    2. The, uh, Videon Jeep Genie is coming to your neighborhood, to, uh, talk over your sentences and say the same thing you’re saying because… dude, I’m like, yeah, I’m uh, yeah… What ever you’re in the, uhh, in the process of saying, give me a minute and, uh, and I’ll yeah… I’ll, I’ll umm finish the sentence you’re saying, because yeah, he-he-he! Dude…

  9. I was really hoping for an appearance by Massimo, Lil’ Ant and the fake laugh by now.

    PS – bring back Eskin & Missanelli.

  10. He was going to be the Grand Marshall for Sixers parade in 2025

  11. No one mentioned is worse than 97.5 with the national show of Mike & Mike on in the morning. I would rather be set on fire and have maggots knit my flesh back together than listen to those bitches. Even when it was new, the odd couple game from them was old. They suck so bad, I listen toNPR.

    1. Exactly. I switch to WIP every now and then in the mornings until I hear Shirley then I boycot them for at least a few weeks until I forget how annoying she is.

  12. I broke mister wikams window… mister wikams windshield…. MY HAND… THE HOSPITALS ON THE LEFT…


    Kyle should do a poll on worst commercials 97.5 runs…

  13. WIP needs to hire Sean Brace for the afternoon drive spot. His amazing diction and extensive vocabulary alone warrant him the job. Add in his decades of experience working in radio and covering sports and you have all the ingredients for a number one show!

  14. Gargano is awful. That South Jersey hoagie mouth fat slob who pretends to be from South Philly. Not that being from South Philly is any right of passage to being tolerable. His lisp and delivery are just unbearable. Just listen to his “Bob Means Jobs” ad for Valley Green Bank. Just awful. He talks like his tongue is either swollen or stapled to his bottom lip. Bring Macnow back.

    1. But the fact that he thinks he has to fake being from South Philly to get “over” in town tells you a lot about what is wrong with WIP, and why their product has become stale. In places like Manayunk, Graduate Hospital, and Fishtown, there has been a huge influx of young people from out of town. The station effectively ALIANATES those people by being so fucking parochial. In markets like NY, Chicago, and LA, there is no fucking way you could be like that because they understand that many people in town are transplants. Why does that shit work here? Because the station has conditioned people to believe that is what they want to hear. We do not even know what good sports talk is here in Philadelphia, because we have NEVER had it. We are the virgin who is happy jacking off because getting some pussy would require leaving mom’s bathroom. Fucking pathetic.

    2. Maybe his boyhood friend can get him a frigging job. Dat would be AWESOME. So frigging tired of hearing his know-it-all bullshit. Stopped listening a year or two ago. Bet Macnow’s laughing.

  15. See this where little Kyle Scott can actually be useful. After being scooped on the Angelo news and linking to 1000 other articles this week, here he produces some original, useful content. Granted, the highlights are still the jokes in the comments section, but still. PROGRESS.

    Anyway, Gargano sucks. Go back to Washington Township. Phony.

  16. Let`s see Gargano…All of his partner`s have been blown out of here, ever wonder it was Mr South Philly instead of his partners faults? I mean Martarano had to have been tired of the South Philly shit he went to work with Buzz Bisenger, I mean Glen Macnow he has the BEST show in with Ray Didinger and is probally the most liked on the station, when he was on with “The Cuz’ sometimes i didn`t know Glen was on because big mouth was talking so much Glen barely talked, and Rob Ellis he`s a complete BOREFEST, I mean he`s a good host but he was trying to be so “cool” with the Ant and Robbie shit..makes you gag..I hope and pray he`s gone and goes to 97.5 and he`s completly off WIP because the guy is a complete and utter joke, give Brian Haddad and Josh and Marc Farzetta, Adam Reginer time to shine on the channel, Get rid of Ellis and The Cuz!!

    1. Agree completely except Adam reigner. He sucks. Comes off as very arrogant and hasn’t been there long enough to be that full of himself.

    2. Ray and Glenn is the best sports show in the market on either station. Maybe Cuz’s departure would bring the Prof back. His beer sucks.

    3. you know what used to crack me up was the fact that gargano would always bust his co-hosts balls but when they busted his balls he would get pissed off

  17. My god, I could actually listen to the afternoon WIP show and enjoy it today. No Gooooood Afternooooon Everybooooody or Little Ant T-ball talk. G Cobb and Brian Haddad at least listened to the callers and didn’t constantly interrupt them and dismiss them as Gargano does all the time. Gargano is a glorified cheerleader, a 4 for 4 fanboy who has become an obnoxious caricature of a South Philly guy, all the while trying to forget his Washington Township south Jersey roots. Ant belongs on late night TV as an Ad Pitch man, selling FlexSeal while hoagie juice drips from his lips.

  18. That’s aptly describes his time on the radio. Would rather listen to a Jolly sound bite loop than 5 minutes of Brian H.

      1. Not to mention it sounds like Jolly’s neck fat is choking him to death, if only it would.

    1. “Jolly” is by far the biggest fucking loser on that station. Its like, you went to the University of Penn dude, and the best you could do with that Ivy League education is parlay it into a fucking overnight radio gig on an all sports talk format station? Your classmates are probably running Fortune 500 companies, or doing research that will cure some crippling disease. You on the other hand are taking slurred calls from drunks leaving strip clubs at 12:15 AM. I would not be so quick to brag about going to Penn there chief……

      1. I think he went to night school there or something. Too frigging dumb to be in The College at Penn. Can’t stand his badgering of callers…his long-winded questions…stupid quizzes. Unlistenable.

      2. “I guess no one is calling because they have no interest in this topic”

        No one is calling because they hate you and everything about you, Jolly

  19. Isn’t it weird that some of oakford is in Bensalem but some people don’t call it that. Isn’t that weird ?

  20. Complaining about Gargano is ridiculous. Let’s rip one of the guys who brings legitimate sports analysis to the table, great. Glad to see fine and intelligent people commenting, as usual.

    Gargano is one of the last interesting figures we have on sports radio from really the old era when it was still a writer driven medium. Josh Innes has his place and isn’t a bad guy, but he’s not a sportsman, he’s not a guy who talks about the intricacies of the game. He is a shock jock in sports formatting and while I enjoy listening to him, I don’t enjoy him more than someone like Gargano, who offers researched insight. Even Missanelli does more homework than a guy like Innes, despite having a similar flamboyance.

    Miss and Cuz are still boys, and I wouldn’t be surprised if 97.5 reunites them. They desperately want an edge on WIP in terms of legitimizing their content and a guy like Gargano does that.

    If you’re going to complain about our sports radio then have a listen at the rest of the country. It’s either assholes talking at you, with limited to no caller interaction, or idiots who just throw mud. We are very much lucky to have the quality of sports radio we do. Don’t take it for granted.

    1. Too late Gargano,it’s curtains for you in this town and your fat ass is finally getting a taste of your own backstabbing medicine.

      1. hey murray, go kiss tommy Lasorda’s blue dodger balls and leave philly talk to people who speak through their mouths, not their swollen nostrils.

    2. Nice try, “Ant”,
      You’re fat and nappy-headed, can’t speak English and you’re a caricature of everything that’s wrong, hideous and repulsive about what a “Philly guy” should be. Real people of Italian ancestry don’t have to try so hard to act like “Eye-talian”, because, well, they are Americans, you tub of lard. Italians live in a place called Italy, you moron. Hopefully your childhood friend Bob from Valley Green Bank can get you a job, since you know, “Bob Means Jobs.” I say nuke the “The Cuz”, bring back some solid, no monkey-business sports talk with Macnow. Ellis is a tough-talker on air, but in person he’s just a beady-eyed man-child sports nerd from Delaware County.

    3. Thank yoooooou evvvvverrrry boooodddy, but my conscience has to come clean. My sports analysis ain’t legit, Bro …Spags and my NFL bro’s give me the script. For the past few years, I haven’t done much actual research …remember my bogus marine sniper Philly Mag story? Yup, wrote down every lie the fraud told me — never got a 2nd or 3rd source. The story sounded good, though. Over the years, had most of our coaches/managers on my speed dial. Ever notice why I didn’t have to attend press conferences? Didn’t have to — just sat on my ass while they spoon fed me. I learned to watch games at an early age in Washington Township. Never played, but I was a hell of cheerleader at Paul VI. Reason I lasted so long at WIP was because I was an entertainer, bro. My Souf Philly schtick has been an act …entertainment bro. Fooled a lot of people for a long time.

    1. Looks like an early Christmas present Everrryonnne (in my fat cuz voice). I hate to say it but i miss Macnow on the afternoons. At least he had an opinion — Rob elis AGREES WITH EVERYTHING Cuz says.. boring as shit. Good luck bagging groceries Cuz!

  21. You guys can say what you want about the cuz, but as someone from the burbs I really enjoy learning about the south philadelphia life style.

    1. Duh Cuz is a fraud. Trying to learn about the “South Philadelphia lifestyle” from him is akin to trying to learn about the “Zimbabwe lifestyle” from some random black guy.

    2. “Learning about the south Philadelphia lifestyle” …from a fraud from South Jersey? That’s the most retarded thing I’ve ever heard, and I happen to be retarded myself, so what you said is really, really retarded.

  22. That’s beautiful man! Woooooooooowwwwwwww! I had a dream and it spoke to me. Chip chip hooray. I talked to two sources and they said just name spags and lincoln and stop lying you fraud.

  23. Annoying Garganoisms:

    Stevie Spags
    Rip N Tearin
    My Cousin Boo
    Lil Ant
    Primo Hoagies
    Gooood Afternooooon
    Fellas n the Afternoon
    Robbie E
    Violations Greg
    I used to cover such n such athlete
    South Philly Sags

    And many more annoying Garganoisms I will not miss good night.

      1. The worst is when I had that scout from the Giants on after they won the series…it was a kiss ass interview because they were South Jersey boys back in the day, or so Cuzzzz says.

        Anyway, a month later Gargoyle Gargano says that “a guy” with a “team that’s won a lot” saw Yasmani Tomas and he could be a good 5 hitter. Inside info from…..a mystery man. Yea, right.

        I’d rather listen to Kyle buttfuck Jim than that fat wop.

  24. My boy Josh Innes is on FIRE tonight. He’s gonna wipe the floor with douchenozzle Mikey Miss. This is EPIC BURN!!!!!

    1. Wow someone stole my handle. I’m honored. Must have been that guy I humiliated the other day. Typical Eagles fan boy, butthurt because everyone is smarter than him.

  25. So what are the chances he gets picked up by the fanatic and takes the 2 hour slot as the lead in to Mike Miss? If I was Sean Brace, I would be checking to see if Pitchers Pub has any more work than just DJ’ing once a week.

    1. Brace sucks, he sounds like he’s about to pop a nut while he drools about some player of the day. Marks sleeps through it until something pisses him off. That Josh guy at night spends 80% of his time talking about himself with a low rent Howard Stern move, but with nothing interesting to say.

  26. Everyone talking about Ellis agreeing all the time, he comes nowhere close to that Joe Corrado who sits and echos everything Bruno says “right” “yep” “that’s right” and then trys to finish his sentences. Why does Bruno let him on his show?

  27. WIP in the afternoons Suck. Garage sucks. And Rob E is barely tolerable. The only time I listen to 97.5 is in the afternoons. Fuck Gargano and his primo commercials

  28. This annoying fat fuck lost any little bit of credibility back in the days when he constantly referred to McNabb as “my boy, FIVE, cuzzz!!.” You jocksniffing ball bag….
    And I love how this sack of shit is a self-proclaimed “expert” of all Italian food. For example, Tacconelli’s is a “foogayzee” pizza place “cause it ain’t in Sowwwff Philly, cuzz!” Guess what you fucking slob- you ain’t from S Philly neither! And even if you were, who gives a shit!?! Sowwwff Philly is a fucking shithole.

    1. And then he stabs McNabb in the back and acts like McNabb sucked. Why? Because that’s what his dumbass, uneducated audience who thought Kevin Kolb was going to bring a Super Bowl here wants to hear.

  29. anyone else confused when missanelli talks about his 2nd level thinking for football? guy didnt even know how the clock worked and claims to be some sort of savant.

    1. Exactly .. Mikey Piss did not know the clock stops if a player runs out of bounds with 5 minutes left in the 4th Q. He was clueless about that and argued with caller who was explaining to him the rules. Love for my boyzs from G & A to sucker punch Mikey and put him to sleep.. Falcons style

  30. So what’s your FAVORITE Eagles moment, wait, no, your FAVORITE time to watch the Eagles play Dallas? I’m torn about watching them play at home on the TV, or watching an away game. It’s all about THE EXCITEMENT! I mean, there’s nothing like watching the birds, or better yet, BEING THERE, RIGHT? Don’t you just love cheering in the stands, rooting for them as they beat Dallas, or THE GIANTS?!?
    Yeah… so let’s talk to uuhhh, let’s talk to Doug.
    Doug, what’s up, BUDDY?! You ready for the game or what? Maybe get together with your lady, get sone PRIMOS,, and watch SHADY, you know? Ohh, that’s what I’m saying! Right Doug?! RIGHT?!
    My man!!

  31. I notice that Kyle and ONLY Kyle is reporting this. Gargano probably got food poisoning from his Primo’s Breakfast hoagie this morning and that’s why he was not on air.

    However, Kyle got a ton of clicks and 120 some comments so his work is done.

  32. I love WIP, but the afternoon show sunk after Glen left. Gargano and Ellis don’t provide enough substance to keep the show entertaining. Innes is a great radio personality that will thrive in the afternoon slot.

    1. True. Ellis doesn’t have enough substance to counter-act the idiocy of Cuz. Was OK on his own. Keep Ellis, bring back Macnow…or get Innes and Farzetta.

  33. hey don’t send that fat dago up here, i can’t fit in this chair now, that fat greasy bastard, will drink all my soder, hope he goes to minnasoter with the mad dog, they can both say-goooooooooooooooooooooooooood afternooooooooooooooooooon everybody, fuckin shoemakers!!

  34. 97.5 will never be a player in the game with a morning show of Mike &Mike. Philly changes the dial when they are on. Over the tired-ass years they tried to keep it new by Greenburg becoming a 12 year old girl and Golic a caveman. I hear them, I want to punch someone in the face. Not good drivetime, so to speak.

  35. cuz here. wanna watch the game but the girl aint feelin it? get wife insurance. thats right, wife insurance.

  36. So many haters! So please tell me who is “good” since apparently everyone sucks at WIP???

    My favorites in no particular order: Macnow, Didinger, Bruno, Gargano, Rob Cherry and Hollis, Mayes and Myrtetus for Hockey

    1. thats a decent list. Add in Ricardo and MacDonald. And as big a jackass as he is, Cataldi puts on a decent show when he isn’t letchering after strippers.

        1. Cataldi’s balls must be trapped in a pencil sharpener when his voice hits that high note when he tries to make a point. How did this guy ever get a radio spot?

  37. Ant was/is OK. Too mush S Philly. But knows his sports and is a true Philly guy who lives and dies with all of the Philly teams. The guy that needs to go is Innis. Tries to be a philly guy but is not and never will be. Talks well but lack of knowledge is really evident. Come 6PM, I am out of here.

    1. At least Innes doesn’t “beau” “bo” “bro” “cuz” it up with every caller. Josh Innes doesn’t try to be a Philly guy, you nitwit. He might be a bit of a radio cliche/radio nerd, but that’s the thing. No one needs to try to be a “Philly Guy”. The average “Philly Guy” is a complete schmoe anyhow… bad North East/South Jersey accent, still wearing jeans shorts, bad goatee, beer belly, calf tattoo, backwards baseball hat and his only car is the truck he uses for his landscaping, roofing or vinyl siding business. The kind of schmuck-tards that go to Wing Bowl to see all the butter-face, pimpled and dimpled ass skanks.

    2. Ummmmm……first of all, it’s Josh Innes (not Innis). Second, he’s the only one in the with intelligent sports analysis.

      1. That’s hard to know, because he spends 80% of his time crying/bitching/moaning about himself. He has the advantage that many nights he is up against the Sixers or Flyers so he should rule. After about two minutes of his shit, the radio is off. Silence rules.

      1. You people who keep saying he’s from south jersey like it’s as far as Texas are smacked asses. Most fans from south jersey( east philly) live closer to the stadiums or center city than all you Delco frauds or city suburb blow bags. And if you think thats untrue than why is all the stadiums built right under tj bridge and easier and more accessible for us to get to

        1. I don’t think anyone is acting like there is a HUGE difference between South Philly and South Jersey. I think people are calling Gargano a fraud because HE thinks its so important to get “street cred” by acting like he is from South Philly.

          Obviously people don’t give a shit that Cataldi is a carpetbagger from Rhode Island who is a Yankee and Giants fan at heart. They don’t give a shit that Glen MacNow is from Buffalo and even though he claims to be “the Professor” he really doesn’t know shit about Philadelphia sports, especially the Flyers who he claims to be an expert on. They’re annoyed by Gargano because he lies about where he is really from, and he puts on a dipshit act like being some knuckle dragging corner boy from Passyunk Avenue gives him credibility over others.

        2. To East Philly: Oh, stop it you c-word. Nobody is acting like South Jersey is far from Philly. What people are reacting to, and you know this, is his fake-ass Souf Philly goomba schtick when this handjob grew up in, like, Turnersville or something. Yapping about his ‘Aunt Flossy’ and playing stickball. Where was he playing stickball, in the middle of 295?

          People are reacting to the stupidity of faking a heritage where one doesn’t exist. But you knew this. All clear now, princess?

  38. There is no credibility to this story. No other outlets are reporting it. This was totally fabricated. Expect Gargano to be on the air Monday and be resigned for the sane length Cataldi got.

    Kyle had us all worked up though. Good job!

  39. ah-HA-HA-HA-HA-HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (kee-kee-kee-kee-kee).

    Yo, beaux!!!!!! Im baaaaaaack!!!! I’m all kool-day-la here listening to all this-ssssssssssssssss. Don’t mistake my heritage, you fakes-ssssssssssssss.

    1. I love when you make me go under the blanket and make me smell your mozzarella, pepperoni, and hoagie farts.

      1. uh-HA-HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (ke-ke-ke-ke-ke). I love it. I love it. ke-ke-ke.

        1. I knew it was a fake story.

          Problem is Kyle can’t be fired from his own stupid blog. Maybe Gargano can sue? There has to be some accountability to keep this dude from floating fake stories just to get page views and comments.

          1. Gargano’s tweet: “Thanks to WIP and all of the Philadelphia fans for 15 great years! On to the next chapter.” My buddy Sean Brace is excited about having Ant join him and Johnny Marks in the noon – 2 p.m. Fanatic slot. Now, that’s a real Dream Team! Maybe they could somehow have Primo hoagie eating contests on air! Man, that would be awesome.

    1. Big Daddy is a fucking joke. They need something to fill the overnights, so rather than pay for a nationally syndicated show to play, they pay Big Daddy next to nothing to dick around with his music, drag a bunch of toolbars on the air to talk about how cool they were 40 years ago, and tell a few stories. They let him promote his comedy gig, he kills otherwise dead air, and everyone is happy. But I am not sure putting him on regularly during the day would not work. Not sure he would even want to do that

  40. big daddy? are you fuckin kiddin me, this guy will pitch shit cds, shows, his daughter, he is as bad as mcnow selling his nonsense, beer, books, flippin heeb, kike bastard

    1. Diddinger is constantly shilling his Eagles Encyclopedia, but I bet you love him, right? Sounds like someone is envious that these people have lives and intersets beyond sports… and being a sad, hateful antisemite. Loser.

  41. A lot of regulars were off on Friday. I think they were just starting vacations and if it was about his contract, why wasn’t Rob on? Sorry, I think this just a rumor.

    1. Not a rumor. Gargano posted his exit on his Twitter:

      Anthony Gargano @AnthonyLGargano · 11h 11 hours ago
      Thanks to WIP and all of the Philadelphia fans for 15 great years! On to the next chapter.

  42. Hail to the Redskins!

    Hail Victory!

    Braves on the Warpath!

    Fight for old D.C.!

    Run or pass and score — We want a lot more!

    Beat ’em, Swamp ’em,

    Touchdown! — Let the points soar!

    Fight on, fight on ‘Til you have won

    Sons of Wash-ing-ton. Rah!, Rah!, Rah!

    Hail to the Redskins!

    Hail Victory!

    Braves on the Warpath!

    Fight for old D.C.!

    1. To HELL with the Redskins!
      To HELL with Victories!
      Snyder on the Warpath!
      SUCKS for old D.C.!
      Oral (giving) or anal (receiving) and score — We want a lot more!
      Suck ‘em, F@#K ‘em,
      Climax! — Let the jizz soar!
      Suck on, suck on ‘Til you can suck no more
      Sons of Wash-ing-ton. Suck!, Suck!, Suck!

      A different take on the most stupid song in sports.

  43. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  44. Now all we need is for wing bowl to just go away. It’s actually a ‘Losers Bowl’ that was started because the Eagles were never a factor at that time of year.

    The day after the Cowboy loss, Angelo’s priority was to have someone on eating like a pig to qualify…like we really care!

    I for one would rather have Gargano stay, and for Wing Bowl to disappear forever

  45. Is it me or does anyone else notice Gargano referring to callers who disagree with him “Dude” and to those who agree with him “My Friend”

    “Dude…”I gotta tellya you are just wrong”
    “Good Call My Friend, stay in touch”

    1. Heard that all the time from Gargano. He viewed himself as an “analyst.” Other times he bragged about his 20+ years as a journalist. Those who constantly have to tell others about how smart they are have some issues. His big issue was the need to cultivate a fake Souf Philly bravado. On radio, he never learned to acknowledge different sports opinions from his own and felt it necessary to dismiss viewpoints as foolish. Essentially, he took himself too seriously, and tried to cover it up with “Bro, Pal, Cuz, my friend” words.

  46. Wonder who they are going to pair Ellis with. Are they really going to blow out Brace and Marks and give their shift to Gargano.

  47. The official announcement will be made tomorrow. I have taken a job with Primo’s in Glenolden. I am ready to make hoagies to your liking. Come on in and say hello. You can never have enough hoagies over the holidays and football. So come on over Tastykake Dom, Bob means jobs, Avalon Mark and let me make you the best hoagie you ever had.

  48. I cant believe I’m the first to make this suggestion, but I’m voting for the smoothest man on radio to take over for Ant. That’s right, none other than Mike Quick. I think he would bring the same report he has with Merrill and a way smother ad drop ( can anyone say Herr’s Super Crunchtastic Idaho Potato Hit of the First Quarter?) than Ant does (Can anyone say Bob Means Jobs Stole My Identity – Oh wait that was Ant pretending to be Bob Means Jobs. Im so confused).

  49. Finally, I can stand to listen to WIP in the afternoon. I always wanted to ask that ass-clown gargano “Who the hell in the world talks in that stupid tone of voice?” and “Could you please say something in response to a point made by a caller other than “That’s so awesome” or “great stuff dude”? He contributed NOTHING to the show. I’ve been emailing WIP for over 2 years trying to get them to dump him. Hopefully if the pair someone up with Rob Ellis, it’ll at least be someone with some back-and-forth communication skills. Hey Andy Bloom, that’s not G. Cobb!

  50. anyone but this Innes, a poor man’s Howard Stern and he can even do a decent imitation. This is suppose to be a sports station, Andy Bloom has ruined it.

  51. Gargano was the best they had. This guy innes is a joke. Andy bloom is throwing this station in the toilet. I listen to 97.5 now after twenty years of wip being the only station I listen to

  52. Good riddance I couldn’t stand his dumb voice and boring show. Now WIP needs to fire Brian Haddad, or atleast stop giving him air time. Nice guy but incredibly boring and repetitive.

  53. When Howared was on the air I hated I miss him. Mike and Ike suck too. If your not a black player you can’t play according to Ike. And the other clown on 95/7 sucks too with all that Hip Hop shit trying to attract the black crowd. But guess what it’s working for him.

  54. Innes is the best one on either station. I would rather they syndicate Cowherd’s show in the mid day. At least he has interesting opinions and I wouldnt have to hear local phone calls.

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