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Josh Innes took to the airwaves last night, and when a caller complained about Innes’ “whining” and brought up Mike Missanelli… well, Josh went in, again:

“Missanelli’s a bitch and his show sucks, dude. You wanna hear me be a big guy? He’s a horrible talk radio host in a city that accepts crap. So that’s why people like Bitchanelli. He’s old, he’s tired, his show is lame. He’s a dope. Go to any other market and he wouldn’t have a chance. He was grandfathered in here. He blows. His show blows, go listen to that. He’s uninteresting, old, and unappealing. Go do ‘General Knowledge Wednesday’ bro … If I were on in the afternoons I’d kill him. I would literally kill him.”


“I promise you this, and people don’t like me saying this, but I promise you this: if I went up against old man Bitchanelli and his lame-ass schtick, and his general knowledge and just … everything about him is dopey. His show is terrible. I did it to the shows in Houston and I would do it here. I promise you that. I would murder his show. I would take his audience. … If you want to bring up Bitchanelli and his old tired show and his general knowledge and his ‘hey tune in tomorrow, we got prizes to give away,’ [Innes goes on an extended Missanelli impression that could use some work but is getting there] … Go to hell. I’ll crush that old bastard and his lame show. Give me a break. Put me [up against him] and I’ll beat him. But nobody will. They don’t want to put me on against him, whatever. I’d crush him. You’d ever play basketball by yourself? You’re always gonna win. Put a competitor. See what happens.”

Now, while your pupils bring themselves back down to size, let me call your attention to the not-so-thinly-veiled shot at current WIP afternoon hosts Anthony Gargano and Rob Ellis. They don’t want to put me on against him, whatever. I’d crush him. You’d ever play basketball by yourself? You’re always gonna win. Put a competitor. See what happens. I’m pretty sure he just likened Gargano and Ellis to that ghost defender always trying to block your last second buzzer-beater at the gym.* His shots at Missanelli aren’t new, but the I can do it better than these guys sentiment towards his colleagues… well, that’s something.

You can listen to the full thing here— fun starts around 1:00.

*I own that guy.


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    1. Both of our local sports radio stations suck. But, Innes is totally unlistenable. But, I have to thank his shitty show for forcing me to search for better radio on the drive home. Dan Patrick’s podcast is more entertaining than anything Philly sports radio has to offer. Sad huh?

    2. Innes needs to set his sights much higher than the Bitch. Bitch is a played-out, pompous, arrogant blow hard who has a sole goal of touting himself.
      Hey Josh, you have it all over the Bitch, forget about that jackass.

    3. Innes is spot-on in regards to Missanelli and his stale show and the sad state of Philly sports radio. However he is delusional if he thinks he’s he savior . He’s merely a journeyman passing thru town. Should be grateful he got the gig/slot he has.

  1. Man I hated Innes when he started here, but I gotta say, I warmed up to him. Love listening to him now, a lot more than the others that’s for sure

    1. It’s like this when one show goes to commercial I turn on the other show,it’s as simple as that.

  2. He isn’t lying,.. I mean, all rob and Anthony are is a rip off of mike and mike. You can barely hear the conversation over the slurping sounds of ellis blowing gargano while trying to get his constant approval. At least with macnow, they disagreed and debated.

    1. I agree man, Ellis ALWAYS agrees with fat Cuz. he never has his own opinions and talks in metaphors. I can not believe i am writing this but i miss hearing macnow in the afternoons. At least macnow has his own thoughts , opinions on topics. The more i listen to fat cuz annoying voice , everything is awesome , fake laugh i just want to shove a primo hoagie up his fat hairy ass. Nobody gives a f*ck about your kids Cuz. I heard Ellis swallows cuzs man juice too.

      Macnow and cuz must dislike each other. Cuz never supports his bar or anything

  3. Let me see…where have I heard this schtick before?

    Oh, yeah; it was Stern 20+ years ago railing DeBella.

    It was good fun then. It is old and tired now.

    Josh, I know you read this blog, so please read that the act is tried and tired and you suck.

    As bad as Gargano is…and Missanelli can be at times……you fucking blow.

    1. +100

      Here, here!!

      This fat neck-beard is the worst. He has zero sports knowledge and his entire existence is built around kicking up dust to get attention.

      He’s like Skip Bayless, Chio in the Morning & Eskin all wrapped into one fat, shitty, talent-less package.

      I’d rather be forced to watch Jim Adair prance around in his spandex-like sweatpants shooting 3’s like some retard than listen to 4 minutes of this hack’s show.

    2. This is EXACTLY Stern’s schtick when he started in Philly. I’ve tried to listen to Innes many times. Its just lame, and unentertaining. Missanelli’s show is tiresome too. I actually agree with Innes’ assesment of Missanelli. I’ve been a fan of Missanelli or his entire career, but more and more lately, I find myself just turning it off (and putting on my iPod. Gargano and Ellis are insufferably awful). Missanelli is just tired, predictable and uninteresting. Contrary to what both stations want you to believe, sports talk radio in Philly is pretty terrible.

      1. Agree completely on Innes (watered down lame Stern schtick), Missanelli (was a big fan) and the state of Phila sports radio,

      2. This is nothing like Stern. It’s not the same ballpark, or sport. Stern never talked sports. Get a clue, moron!

    3. Josh’s show is hilarious and most of the people that don’t like it are literally idiots. His high brow humor at times mixed with speaking the truth gets to many homer Philly fans upset. I love my Philly teams but Josh’s show is not only entertaining but the only show I actually am excited to hear every day.

        1. Pretty sure you and the other moron before do not know the meaning of the term, “high brow.” But whatever, you’re trolling on this shitshow sight.

  4. It’s obvious gargano hates innes, I think I’ve brought this up here before and it’s still pretty obvious . He doesn’t even acknowledge Josh during the overlaps. This is why I love Josh. Gargano is the old school type that just can’t stand anything different than the status quo. The reason why people give Josh a chance is because it’s a breath of fresh air.

    1. that’s because Gargano knows he will either have to work with this guy or will lose his job over the next 1-3 years.

      or he has to go see lil ant play teeball. Because we all care about that.

    2. Innes is NOT a “breath of fresh air.” As so many have pointed out…this particular brand of “air” blew through here back in the 80’s when Stern crushed DeBella. It was “fresh” back then. Now it’s just lame…and Innes is counting on an audience demographic too young to remember the morning radio wars here that sounded EXACTLY like the rant he went on last night.

      That fat, pseudo-hipster fuck Innes should just leave it alone. And considering that vast portions of his show are non-sports related topics, he should find a different station with a non-specific talk format. Having a promo picture taken while holding a baseball bat doesn’t qualify Josh to “talk sports.”

      That ass-clown is just a few steps away from turning into “The Greaseman.” Waddley-doodley-dooo…..

      1. Nice Greaseman pull.

        Radio “Wars” are not new.

        As has been mentioned, Stern did this years ago, and Opie and Anthony went after a shit show in DC in the 90’s.

        Josh sucks.

        1. Josh is great. He’s a breath of fresh air. You myopic morons have no idea there are other teams outside of the 215/610/484. Complete morons, all of you.

  5. The tirade was great, and the blatant shot at Gargano and Ellis sucking and that is why Missanelli has good ratings was great too.

  6. Everyone hates every radio show that’s ever existed, but we finally have a show that isn’t the same old “top 10 eagles to ever wear a even number” topic brought up every 3 months.

    Even Gargano ripped off Innes “best ass” segment this morning.

  7. Who the FUCK is Josh Innes to take a shot at Rob Ellis and Anthony Gargano? This fucking loser has been here for a minute and wants to take on every Philly guy he’s come across, then makes a statement against two of maybe the 4 talk show hosts (and his own co-workers) that keep WIP relevant. Go back to Houston you fucking scum. I am an avid listener of WIP, but refuse to listen to his obnoxious, self-appreciating, woman-bashing, despicable excuse for a talk show.

    1. Avid listener of WIP? I assume that means you listen to the Morning Show and how Cataldi brings in a “smokeshow” once a week and created that thing called Wing Bowl where you will see more topless chicks than a strip club.

      But Innes and his self-appreciating woman-bashing show is what sets you off right?

      1. I am not saying Cataldi puts on the perfect show, but he is nowhere near as disgusting as Innes is in the way he speaks about women. And I am not trying to turn this into that type of discussion, either. I listened to Innes in the beginning for about two-three weeks and found him abhorrent in his daily drivel about strip clubs, women, and the like. There are many other traits to his on-air personality that I cannot stand and is the reason I will not listen.

        1. Wahhhh…go listen to 98.1 WOGL then for your “vacation a day giveaway”.

          Ellis and Gargano are terrible. Ellis is knowledgeable, but will never make it here. He’s too boring. Belongs on at night.

          Innes is being groomed for Angelo’s job

          1. I had to get a root canal last week. I wasn’t sure what was more painful, the canal or listening to 98.1 for almost 2 hours in the operating room.

  8. Hilarious. Never have heard a competitor give out the other station’s call letters. His Mikey Miss is spot on. I hate general knowledge Wed because it so lame. He captured the essence of Mike’s show in a few lines. Ripping your own stations hosts by saying you would get higher ratings is another thing. I think this will eventually become Eskin vs Cataldi. Pretty hard to be gunning for the afternoon shift when you have to work with them on Eagles pre-game show.
    Mike will probably respond today with the flea on an elephant’s ass line again.

  9. Mikey Miss’s show is old an tired. Seinfeld trivia, quoting Godfather, Goodfellas, and Midnight Run worked 15-20 years ago, not in 2014. It was great when he took down Eskin, but now he’s mailing it in.

    Innes is right. Gargano and Ellis show doesn’t work, and I like Ellis.

  10. Innes is sad and desperate. This ain’t Houston assclown and we don’t accept anything. Miss is on the air because he’s popular. You’re in your slot because you’re not. Quit trying to make your show relevant by bashing other peoples. You’re a joke.

    1. I agree, Innes is using the coattails of Missinelli to try to make himself relevant. He’s terrible, and this comes off as desperate shtick.

      The best way to get attention on yourself is to criticize someone else in a higher position. If you have talent this strategy sometimes works (i.e. what Stern did to Dabella morning zoo), but this guy just sounds like a politically conservative slob desperate for attention. I don’t think he even knows anything about sports, he just a talking windbag.

  11. Innes is fucking awful. He’s a shock jock that’s trying to use Miss to get his name out there, and it’s working. He’s not funny and he’s a try-hard. He’s not even from the area.

  12. This really isnt news. If I was a new guy to a market trying to make a name for myself, I would call out the biggest name in that market and try to get them to notice me. If he says nice things, no one pays attention.

  13. A war requires 2 sides to fight, no? This dude should never and prob will never get mentioned by Missanelli. He’s small time.

  14. I’ll turn on Innes once in a blue moon while I’m driving from somewhere, and the dude is an idiot. Heard one interview with his boy ND Kalu and fatboy wouldn’t stop gushing about how he got wasted with the crew in vegas. Didn’t sound like ND exactly enjoyed his company.

    As much as Missenelli’s schtick is old, its standard for his timeslot across america. I have more issues with Mike and Mike in the morning or Cataldi. Tony Bruno was the only thing I could consistently listen to.

    and he creeps me out when he’s doing promos for the local area gentlemen’s clubs.. stop it.

  15. What new groundbreaking material is everyone looking for? They’re RADIO shows that talk about sports. At least Mike is from the area. Calling out your own co-workers and ranting about Mike is desperate and pathetic. Bad look.

  16. Why do people like Missanelli? All he does is talk down to you when you call in. You’re never right in his eyes unless you agree with him. If you disagree he hangs up on you or uses his lame as line “your sister…..”. I swear the guy has the same 10 callers call in everyday. You know who they are. He refuses to mention the other teams in this city. And if someone like his producer who does pre and post game for the flyers mentions them, he puts the team down. He’s a front runner who’s schtick is past its prime. And Innes is right when it comes to his competition. If WIP would put up anything besides gargano and the other guy, Missanelli wouldn’t be winning in ratings. WIP beats 97.5 I’m sure in the other time slots of the day.

    1. The show is the exact same drivel every day with stupid callers and the same old Missanelli asshole retort.

      “Here’s why Foles is not the QB of the future.”
      “I don’t trust Sanchez in the future either”
      “The Wire is the best show ever created”
      “Shut up Martinez, no one cares about the Flyers”
      “I cant get Chip Kelly to come on my show”

      This has been the outline of every fucking show since August.

    2. It all comes back to the flyers for cm. This dude is constantly butt hurt that missinelli calls out flyers management (rightly so) for their unsuccessful team building philosophy

      1. Yo TR it was an example you dumbass. Perhaps you didn’t read the part of how I said he didn’t mention any of the other teams. And I brought up the flyers Bc his producer works for them, therefore you hear him bash them the most

    3. Actually they don’t beat them in any ratings except the morning show. Maybe you should stop thinking so hard. Go join innes at some fucking strip club. Yeah… Great show…. If you hate yourself

  17. hey, you notice innes is now not doing the megahorn, calling out andy bloom, talking about doing bits ect….., all stern stuff, it was embarrasing, they must have told him to knock it off, he might be getting ratings because he is against nick kayle, another stiff, two stiffs battling it out, dude has some sports knowledge but not funny at all, like i said in the beginning it was embarrasing, it coatsie and tony siragusa have jobs why not this dbag

  18. this douche talks about give aways?, he gave away a group lap dance for 3 months every night, he has eskin come in to hold his hand, he blows

  19. My God, who really fucking cares? On days when I’m in the car and I choose to listen to sports talk radio because my brain is tired from thinking, I turn one on. Then when it goes to commercial, I turn the other one on.

    These guys act like the masses live and breathe over shit like ratings. That’s their world, not ours.

    Here’s what I need from sports talk radio – discussion on the radio that is somewhat interesting. That’s it. Nobody really cares.

    1. these half retard Philadelphia fans that wait on hold for 45 minutes to put 3 poorly worded sentences on the air care about the show!

  20. S o Innes is an out-of-towner coming in here pretending to know all about Philly sports, and using the names of people crushing him in the ratings to get notoriety. Weak sauce, dude.

    Say what you want about Mike being stale with the Seinfeld, mob movie stuff, at least Missanelli is from here and knows the sports history of this town. Mike will not punch down to this clown.

    I actually like “general knowledge Wednesday?” Maybe I’m in the minority.

    1. The “he’s not even from here” thing is absurd. Do you really care if a radio host was born and raised in the area? If the host has knowledge and can generate insightful conversation/topics does it really matter? If a host has no rooting interest for non-philly teams, and/or is willing to learn the history and follow philly teams, I don’t see that being an issue.

      But if you want it your way, get used to 24 hours of Marks & Brace (kind of from here???).

    2. and Ike Reese trouts out his “I LOVE THE LAKERS” thing like we didn’t lose a championship to them just over a decade ago. To any Iverson-era Sixers fan that is just as insulting as having a host who talks about how great and how much he loves the Cowboys every day.

      Cataldi is a Yankees fan from the Boston area.

  21. Tune into 97.5 the fanatic as they are asking you if “you’re all in on the Eagles.” You know the same lame topic they’ve been using for the past 4 months.

  22. 1. I don’t get the hate for Gargano and Ellis. They are the best show on WIP.
    2. Josh Innes is the worst thing to happen to WIP.
    They lose guys like Startare and Myrtetus and bring in Innes? I don’t get it. Innes show is terrible. I have tried to listen multiple times but I can’t stomach the guy. He pretends like he is a fan of the Philadelphia teams. Total fraud. I like both WIP and the 97.5 but always tune to 97.5 at 6 after Gargano and Ellis.

    1. Saying you’re the best show on WIP is like saying you’re the smartest retard.

        1. Dude you are a moron. You think every host is from Philly and are Philly fans? You can barely count on one hand the native Philly hosts on the radio. Those are the true fake hosts but people like you eat that up like an idiot

  23. Is it possible that sports radio as a thing is over? Or it’s going to be over in about 5-10 years? Like, over as in a radio station format? This is such god awful, un-entertaining stuff from both sides. Maybe the new thing will be general talk radio stations with a sports talk show sprinkled in? I don’t know.

      1. Yeah, good point. I mean, maybe the medium is the thing that’s bad. Again – i don’t know. All i know is every few months i give these stations another shot, and I last about 15-20 minutes tops.

        1. Kyle thanks you for reinforcing his thinly-veiled self-promotion.

          You can collect your free “Culture” t-shirt now….

    1. somewhere Innes made the comment “Sports Radio will be nothing but Fantasy Football in a decade”

      Probably right. Regardless of what you like/dislike, all ratings are down. The old guys won’t take paycuts (not that they should), so expect youngsters to take over Philly airwaves soon. Unfortunately what happened to Tony Bruno will be the norm.

  24. Gargano and Rob’s show is horrible. It’s not even listenable. Innes is entertaining. I also still enjoy the morning show for some reason (I know that’s weird).

  25. Seriously, who listens to talk radio past 6pm unless its a pregame show? If you work past 6pm, (food industry) you get too busy to actually pay any attention to talk.

    1. Have you been on the Schuylkill or Blue Route after 6 pm? I’d say there’s plenty of available listeners sitting in their cars that would love better alternatives on the radio than these two stations, especially Innes….

      Can’t believe I agree with Kyle, but Podcasts are the way to go

      1. Every time, even if they suck, I will put the Sixers/Phillies/Flyers on over local sports radio. Couldn’t tell you the last time i picked sports radio over the 50 sports channels every cable package comes with now. Evening sports radio has more competition than any other timeslot.

    1. It’s not about “smart”, it’s about the Benjamins.

      And those cheap fucks at CBS radio will never pay Bruno’s price.

  26. Garagno’s lisp, his bogus “Souf Fi-wee Guy” schtick and that awful excited “brah” voice he uses are so old and tired. “Goooood Afffffternooooon Ev-er-reeeee-bo-deeeeeee”. Ugh, so awful. What a fraud. Ellis plays along as he has no other choice.

    1. Gee…sorta like HOWARD STERN?

      Yet there are so many out there who will fight the assertion that Innes is nothing but a Stern ripoff.

  27. Those who listen to Josh Innes must not enjoy the dinner they are eating.Listenibg to this
    loudmouth just once spoiled my appetite.Misanelli,Gargano and Ellis have forgotten
    more about sports than this blowhard claims to know !!!!

  28. Innes is the future of Sports Radio in this city. I’d bet he has a good shot at taking over for Angelo in the morning.

    1. Being the “morning zookeeper” of WIP does not equate to being the “future” of the entire genre in the city.

      And if Innes gets the morning slot, it will be because he’s the only viable option in the steaming dungheap that is WIP’s daily lineup.

      Innes sucks, and he’s not funny. However, his “style” is the only one that could possibly carry a morning show in a major market.

      The only true “sports talkers” on WIP at this point are Macnow and Didinger. I think they’re both great…but I would drive into a tree if I had to listen to one or both of them carry a morning show when I’m trying to jump start my day.

  29. Hysterical and 100% correct. Missanelli’s schtick is old and Gargano and Ellis are awful. Their entire show is 60+ year old guys retelling stories of how they went to this game and that game and how they met Darren Daulton at a bar once in the 90’s and had a beer with him.

    Innes is a breathe of fresh air.

  30. Every style of sports talk radio format has already been done. Innes is just going for the Howard Stern angle that the Morning Show (and probably hundreds others nationwide) copied 15+ years ago. We all know the same tricks they use over and over and over again to get people to call in (Wow McNabb said an innocuous thing on TV – let’s talk about McNabb again for 2 hours).

    As someone who only listens occasionally, I just prefer to listen to more analytical stuff (I know – barking up the wrong tree) and at least have it come from people who grew up around here so I at least feel like they really do care about the success of the local teams on some level and aren’t just pumping up ratings to collect a paycheck.

    It’s actually kind of remarkable in 2014 that broadcast radio for talk or music is even still a thing. Don’t all you drivers have mp3/CD players in your cars at this point. And podcasts are the future anyway which unfortunately will decimate another industry’s jobs like what craigslist and the internet did for newspapers and iTunes did for the music industry.

  31. Loud mouth tough guy gonna call everyone out. Instead of worrying about what Mike MIss is doing maybe he should worry about his own sorry ass bits. Listened to him for the first week. Hopefully they put an end to his grandmom calling in. Dude is like Stern for the brain dead. Unfunny. This Innes character screams out-of-town rich kid trying to get attention. Aside from talking tough and ripping others his content blows and his sports knowledge is mediocre at best.

  32. Tell you one thing, i would slurp Innes’s long dingaling, he is one fine piece of meat if u know what i mean, I’m dead serious..

  33. So…..

    Kyle took his dog out to take a shit, but didn’t bring a bag to pick it up…. Violation, Brah

    Everyone on Philly sports talk radio sucks….but some suck more than others:

    Gargano is not only unlistenable…..he has never been listenable.

    Missanelli may be old and tired, but he ran asshat Eskin off radio, so I am OK with that.

    Innes sucks. Just plain sucks.

    When the comments about Natalie get out of hand…as I am sure they will….will the “she is 22 and has a family” rule…which she actually does…..kick in???

  34. My daddy says that if I don’t play football, he’ll oil me up and make me eat his italian sausage.

    1. Ive heard daddy beating mommy after she got off the phone with some place named “Child Protective Services”.

      1. You have a stupid fuckin name. If you get daddy taken away from me then we wont be able to play nightcrawlers any more! I love daddy and he loves me!

        1. Mommy says daddy is a fat slob who needs to keep his greasy dego fingers off me and my brother. I think its because daddy and ant wrestle on the bottom bunk at night past ants bed time.

          1. Daddy did something weird to me last night and told me that we were like two legos snapping together.

  35. Spike Eskin is bitter because Missanelli kicked his daddys ass in the ratings and got the burger king booted off the air. That’s what this is really all about.

  36. Never understood when people harp on someone being older. Not everyone gets fat, not everyone is ugly, not everyone is poor….but everyone gets older. So eventually someone could be using the same crap on you. As for this, I don’t listen to any local sports talk. It’s awful. All bandwagon idiots.

  37. Innes is a joke. Its obvious what WIP is doing by putting Farzetta on updates with him at night. They want to do exactly was 97.5 is doing with Brace and Marks. Hoping to bring in a young demographic that thinks they are cool. Farzetta is fine but Innes makes is so obvious that he is trying to be shock jock that its just annoying. Innes looks like how he sounds, fat and obnoxious. Ill take Missanelli bitching over shit that deserves to be bitched at over fat Innes making comments about other hosts any day. The fact that this has gotten so much attention just on this site is showing that it is somewhat working but I will not be listening to his show any time soon.

  38. I didn’t like Innes at all when he first started, but I have warmed up to him.

    I also like Mikey Miss and Ant and Rob, so maybe I just like any radio that is discussing Philly sports. I am not into radio wars though, so I hope Innes knocks it off.

  39. Bigger problem with sports talk radio is all the douchelords that call in. Much rather listen to ESPN without the callers. Gargano’s are the worst. Mutual ballwashing between the Cuz and Avalon Brian makes me want to gag. I’m willing to bet its one of his boys from South Philly who’s never left Shunk Street. Murray from Mayfair? Chuck from Lansdowne. Total idiot parade with those toads.

  40. Just to rub Josh Innes nose in it Martinez is doing Family Feud on the radio today. The idiot listeners on 97.5 are going along with this drivel.

  41. He’s right, he would kick his ass over time. I could listen to him immitate Muushanelli Porca Miseria all day. That’s hilarious. Haha

  42. Anthony Gargano isn’t even from South Philly. He grew up in South Jersey and his grandparents lived in Philly. He’s a fraud and has never lived in the state of Pennsylvania.

  43. Yo You Yo . Be sure to hit me up tonight at Pitchers Pub where I’ll be hanging with all the hotties. And stop dogging my boy Nicky Foles, Sanchez aint all that.

    1. I dont know Sean. I mean crap this Sanchez played really good. I mean I dont know.

  44. I have listened to him off and on since he got here. He is easy to sum up in three words – insecure, talentless and self-loathing. I have never listened to Mike Missanelli so I can’t compare. I just know I don’t listen to this sad sack anymore.

  45. No matter who is on what station people are always going to bitch and moan about it…. From Sean Brace to Old Man Cataldi there will NEVER be a person that we all think is great.

    What sucks is there is not one person between both stations currently that the majority (not everyone) can say is even remotely good. Now that is what is sad about the state of sports talk radio in this town.

    We all think everyone sucks and hopefully that changes sometime soon although I really don’t see that coming.

  46. This dudes an idiot…..
    Just look at the ratings. And mike is not grandfathered in here. This dude needs to do his homework or actually be in this city for longer than ten seconds. Mike worked for his station before going to NYC and being on the air up there. Yeah…. Mike must have no talent. Right, I guess the ratings would reflect that. Oh wait, that’s right, Mike is number one by a land slide.

  47. Gotta love a 60 yr old calling out violations and pretending to be cool. I agree with Josh. And The Cuz and Rob E suck in the afternoons.

  48. Josh sure does talk a big game in that 6 to who-gives-a-shit timeslot.

    Josh, if your show was any good, and if anyone gave a crap about your schtick, you’d have replaced Gargano and his terrible show by now.

    Money talks. You yell. And Gargano is still yucking it up in the timeslot that you think you deserve. You think you’re better than Missanelli, but you can’t even squeeze out the Cuz! Haha.

    Get all that bluster out of your system now because, before you know it, the Phillies will be back in action and you’ll be relegated to part time radio host again.

    1. Just like your boy Nick Kayal who’s suck ass show is Philadelphia sports talk radio’s version of the d’league(TURRIBLE TURRIBLE TURRIBLE).

  49. Missanelli has the best show on radio. Not sure what everyone else is listening to. This site is filled with curmudgeons. There is a reason Missanelli is #1 in the ratings. People like his show. Innes could not compete with Missanelli.

  50. Innes show annoys me like none other. Bait the audience with inflamatory nonsense. Cry and complain about fans who don’t get you. I dont get IT! Gotta love his self sympathy deal when he whines that he could get fired. Innes relates to puss that relate to puss.

  51. “Josh sucks. Huh huh. Fatso, neck beard. Huh huh.”

    – Unoriginal, Moron Philly Sport Troll

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