RADIO WARS: Howard Eskin Blasts Bloggers, Calls Mike Missanelli a “Psycho”

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Before we get to the RADIO WARS portion of this post, let’s quickly call attention to comments made by Howard Eskin, who got three whole segments(!) on the Josh Innes Show last night, about bloggers and “all this nonsense”:

“In this world of social media and bloggers and all this nonsense… the world is different in our business… it’s different because you almost don’t have to be right anymore. You don’t care if you’re right. You should be right. It’s all about clicks on the website.”

Eskin was talking about the report – from his colleague Marc Farzetta on (not a blog) – that Chip Kelly would be contacted by Florida. Blogs, to my knowledge, were the specific outlets that (for once) stood with Eskin in their laughing off that particular matter:

Voila_Capture 2014-12-04_12-12-13_PM
Voila_Capture 2014-12-04_12-12-54_PM
Voila_Capture 2014-12-04_12-13-14_PM
Voila_Capture 2014-12-04_12-14-07_PM

The entire text following that last headline, courtesy of Brandon Lee Gowton of Bleeding Green Nation, was “NO.”

So I’m not sure why Howard felt that this would be the best time to criticize blogs, especially when you consider that him criticizing others for sometimes not being right and for generating clicks (or ratings) is so, so rich, creamy and soupy that it comes with a warning label for those who are lactose intolerant.

Anyway, Eskin continued and responded to a comment, brought up by known Mike Missanelli basher Josh Innes, that Missanelli apparently made yesterday when he referred to Eskin as Andy Reid’s former lapdog (not a direct quote). Here’s what Eskin had to say about that:

“Is that guy (Mike) still working? He’s been fired like four or five times at this point. He’s got to get some new material. I’ve never listened to him, I don’t even know why you’d waste your time. He is old, he’s tired, he’s a psycho. He’s been fired so many times for stupid things. He writes emails to a guy for two years and then he accuses him of being gay. I mean, all these things he does, so I don’t even bother with him.”

“Why would he even worry about me? He is so insecure that he can’t let me go. Hey Mike, just to let you know, I’m not on against you anymore. I’m not on.”

There are a few things here:

1) Mike is still working, in one of the two or three most desirable local sports talk radio time slots. Eskin knows this, presumably, because he used to be on during one of them and now isn’t, at least in part because Missanelli still is. Get all that? Some might say Missanelli… you know what? I’ll just let Mike say it:

Voila_Capture 2014-12-04_12-58-05_PM

Bum rush. Nice. Did you know LEN once had an album entitled You Can’t Stop the Bum Rush? You could, of course, throw them some shade:


2) He is so insecure that he can’t let me go. Maybe. But there is a pot and kettle in this situation, and I believe one of them just called the other black.

Voila_Capture 2014-12-04_12-52-01_PM

All this Missanelli bashing on Innes’ show, while fun and highly entertaining (I truly enjoy Innes’ ohhhh Mikey Miss caller impressions), may be becoming too much. I don’t have a dog in the fight, and I truly, deeply, dearly am thankful for the page views that come from posting the transcript of these rants, but there’s a fine line between funny and swinging up. We may be approaching it. For Mike’s part, firing back at Innes doesn’t do him much good, but refusing to acknowledge his existence might not be a better tactic either. He’s mostly in a no-win situation. A spat between Innes and Missanelli is better for Innes than it is for Missanelli at this point.

I don’t know the ratings, because local radio stations treat them like nuclear launch codes and don’t release “the numbers” regardless of what they may say. A little birdie keeps telling me that Missanelli has been number one in sports talk radio’s most coveted demo – 24-54 males – for five years, and while I don’t necessarily doubt that, I wish I could tell you with certainty if that is or isn’t the case. Hell, I’d wish I could tell you who beats who locally. So consider this my public request for someone at one of the two stations to send their obtained numbers this way– with full anonymity assured.

Anyway, Missanelli keeps taking the grammatical punches (Innes, Barkann, Eskin), but for now he’s winning the war. What would be a fun battle, though, is if Innes was ever moved to the afternoon slot on WIP and went up against Missanelli…

You can listen to Eskin on Innes’ show here.


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    1. Kyle doesn’t like to write hype pieces for the Eagles games. Apparently, 900 hundred posts about a basketball team no one watches or cares about are better than posts about a game that could determine whether we get a first round bye. Though to be fair, they did mention that in one post and that Barwin was player of the month.

  1. Eskin and Missanelli in a pissing match to see who is less of a dbag. Missanelli sucks. Eskin is impossible to listen to. Eskin was already on his way out. Missanelli had nothing to do with it.

    Eskin is an idiot. Seriously, he is dumb as a stick. Missanelli is slightly smarter but a bigger dbag.

    1. All of these guys are fucking losers. Just like grocery cashiers, Eskin and Missanelli were lucky enough to come along during a time where guys like them were paid WAY more than they are now, because the market has changed. It used to be that you had network TV, the paper, and radio as the only mediums available. Why do these guys hate “bloggers” so damn much? Because it disrupted their meal ticket. The internet has marginalized the role of local TV sports reporters, beat writers, and yes, the lowly sports radio hack. And when anyone can do it, there is bound to be less money in it.

      Also, a buddy of mine smashed the SHIT out of that chick in Len on time out at Kutztown. She was actually a lot better looking in person than she is in that video. I smelled his fingers afterwards. Mmmmm-mmm good.

  2. 1) Miasanelli is a psych.

    2) Missanelli is a failed lawyer, failed TV producer, failed magazine publisher, failed Morning Zoo shock-jock, failed rock DJ, failed writer and he failed when he attempted to go to New York. He found a niche that he didn’t fail at and stuck to it. Bravo.

    3) One of the many times Missanelli was fired was for throwing a temper tantrum in public on a remote and hitting a producer who was making $6.75 an hour.

    He is a dude in his sixties who tries to be “hip” and relevant and his show, other than when he has Barkley or Sal Pal on is unlistenable.

    1. Agree 100%. Missanelli is king of the douchebags. He’s an intolerable dickwad who has to mask his raging insecurities by acting like he’s the smartest, hippest, toughest guy in the world. Meanwhile, he’s a half-ass self-stylized authority.
      Eskin is a douche, but at least he knows he’s become a caricature of himself.

  3. Every name mentioned in this post – including the byline – should be stuffed into an oil drum with a stick of dynamite. That would address this issue just fine.

  4. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought Eskin claimed it was illegal for colleges to contact Chip, whereas bloggers did not, only saying Chip would not go if offered the chance.

      1. You’re missing the point. Howard is claiming bloggers are lazy, as evidenced by them not researching to discover it is illegal for a college to contact Chip on a head coaching position.

  5. Ask any Psychologist and they will tell you that Ass skin suffers from narcisstic personality disorder. The attitude, the fur coats, the bling, the wearing a Santa Claus suit to the chip Kelly pressed last year to give Kelly a gift. All of it screams of Howard making himself te story and drawing attention. He’s a sad human being and I wish Philly could catch onto this and ignore this clown. He’s Mike Francesa in fur.

    1. Missanelli is the same guy. Going to a Reid press conference and making it about Mike. Thinking his is the only opinion that matters. Telling us about his fancy suits he gets for free. Punching people if they don’t bow to him. Missanelli is worse. Mike has severe inferiority complexes on top of narcissism. You can take the trash out of Bristol, but it’s still trash.

  6. I’m a fan of both Mike Missanelli and Josh Innes,Howard Eskin on the other hand not so much.

    And yes people,97.5 the fanatic should’ve kept the beautiful voluptuous blonde bombshell Meredith Marakovitz,just to balance out the sausage fest they have over there at the fanatic.

    1. Have to agree with you KYLE, the radio ratings are difficult to find and impossible to understand.

      I like Josh. Completely different than the other lame, format stealing hosts in the rest of the city. Same $hit, different stations.

  7. Do ya think Eskin is just jealous that the guy he used to caddy for on the golf course (Charles Barkley) is talking to Missanelli more than him? Both of them have massive egos, but Eskin might be the biggest egomaniac ever as far as local sports personalities go.

  8. Mikey is an old man trying to remain relevant. Anyone that gets trolled as bad as he did via fucking email is clearly not capable of being a radio host in today’s world of social media. At this point I think it’s safe to assume the only people still listening to him are older people that still think 94.1 is a rock station and just never got around to changing the channel.

      1. ALL of their acts are old. I don’t know anyone under the age of 30 who still listens to sports talk radio. With all of the media (social, digital, traditional) out there, why the hell would I need to stayed glued to a radio or internet stream to hear what some FRAUD like Gargano thinks about the next weekend’s game, ALL FUCKING WEEK!

        Plus, 90% of the callers sound like they are retarded from huffing paint. Especially after 6pm, they all sound like they struggle to stop from drooling uncontrollably. I like Innes alot because unlike the rest of the hosts in this city, he challenges people like that who are used to just getting pandered by any other host, and then BUM RUSHED off of the phone.

  9. The biggest Eagles game in a few years and WIPs evening (fat) guy continually has to harass names on other stations.

    I know these “radio wars” are fun and games for us listeners but these guys are supposed to be professionals. Where is the accountability? I could easily do this job if all it was was taking shots at my competition, who destroys me in the ratings nonetheless.

    At least Missanelli, an arrogant prick as well, keeps most off it off the air with his Twitter account.

    Innes has proved NOTHING to this point except for the fact that he needs to take shots at someone else in order to try and make a name for himself. To bring on “The King” Howard Eskin, haha, that nickname always made me laugh. Nice coat dickbag.

    These “wars” are really getting old fast and WIPs programming is becoming worse and worse by the day.

    1. Someone at work told me today that Innes’ contract was picked up for another year. If this is true, this unfunny stuff will be going on and on.

  10. Would rather listen to eskin. Least he talks sports only. No social commentary from some douche who panders and thinks his is the only opinion that matters.

  11. Let the 2 go at it. It’s hysterical.
    All that as Spike ruins another radio station.

  12. The only way this tubby loser – who knows absolutely shit about sports – can keep any shred of attention from the retarded audience that listens at that hour is to be constantly chanting the names of others with taunts because no one knows or gives a fuck about who Josh Innes is.

    He personifies the term “low-info.” Seriously, this guy still tries to make the argument that Chip Kelly *might not be as good* as everyone thinks. Seriously?

    He’s a complete joke and a Howard Stern wanna-be.

      1. Oh Blind Gus you only like him because he brings you on with strippers like we time traveled back to the stern show circa 1993. And Farzetta I’m sure after he fired off that Chip Kelly tweet thought he was gonna walk into Angelo giving him a slow clap while the Cuz was high fiving him and giving him a bite of his two foot primos. I guess his pussy hurt so bad from being so wrong he didn’t come in last night while Howard basically treated him like Jody Foster on a pinball machine for an hour.

    1. ‘He personifies the term “low-info.” Seriously, this guy still tries to make the argument that Chip Kelly *might not be as good* as everyone thinks. Seriously?Why do you ”

      THE FUCK has Chip won yet? You are the reason why I don’t listen to sport talk radio for more than 10 minutes at a time. I don’t want your black hole of intelligence to drag me into stupidity with you.

      Wait, let me guess though, Angelo has you convinced that Andy Reid was Satan incarnate, right? You are a fucking tool….

  13. As a proud parent it’s so hard to find suitable radio for my children to listen to. Just the other day my son had on mike and mike. The one guy called the other guy a little nerd while the other mike called him back a big smelly jock! When did radio get so edgy?!

    1. You should listen to my dad. He is a 4 for 4 guy who loves talking about my brother and I and is a true south Philadelphian!

        1. it’s even worse when spewed by that sloppy, spit talking, waste of skin know as the cuz.

      1. Your dad likes to get his asshole eaten by Irish prostitutes with two ex-husbands and a house full of animals. You know her as “Aunt Rhea”.

  14. If Innes moves time slots it will be better than the Monday Night War between WWE and WCW…well probably not, but it will still be very entertaining.

  15. Remember when sports radio used to be good in this town. When brace and marks were producers. When Missanelli didn’t have a guy gargling his balls every day. “That’s good work outta you.” When Macknow could contain Gargano and his fake Philly accent. When Harry Mayes was just a side kick to Tony Bruno. When Baldinger didn’t talk down to you every day Bc you didn’t have a cup of coffee in the NFL like he did. Not saying I hate today’s radio but it’s pretty bad. When the suppossed #1 guy spends 3 days talking about Ferguson instead of a huge Eagles game this weekend, you know it’s bad

      1. Cataldi does the same shit though in all reality. Believe it or not, some of those commercials that WIP used to run back in the day were actually Cataldi in his real voice. Some of them still run today.

    1. I wouldn’t say he talks down to people but unlike the other clowns who think they know he studies the all 22 tape.

  16. I think Josh should have John Debella on with Eskin and they can all talk about their fantastic time slots.

    What kind of money does a guy with a 6 to who-gives-a-shit time slot make? About 23k per year? Big money and a step up from that $400 per year job in Baton Rouge! You’re goin’ places, kid!

    1. I know they don’t pay much for that slot but you think Rob E. was supporting his wife and kids on $23K. Angelo is top dog with $1 million+. Howard used to make around $800K for the afternoon drive slot. They don’t pay big money for 1-6 or 2-6 anymore. I think Ant and Rob are splitting about $400-$500K. MM is making $500K+

        1. Years ago when Big Daddy Graham signed a deal for the overnights the Daily News reported it was a six figure deal. Even with a major devaluation in what these guys make, there is no way Innes is making less than six figures in his slot now.

          Now, Marks and Brace, those two douchebags are probably making 35K for their two hours a day of minimum wage radio.

  17. Josh Innes is gunning for the fellas in the afternoon time slot to go head to head with Mike Missanelli,and hopefully WIP management won’t cave in to his sneaky underhanded shenanigans.

    1. I hope they give it to him. Why the fuck is Gargano such a sacred fucking cow. How can anyone listen to his fake Souf Filly shit and actually enjoy it? Fuck him, and his worthless stories about his “Boyz” and his fucking kids.

    1. Probably because of your chain-smoking,binge-drinking,bar-hopping lifestyle that has your voice sounding deeper than the late great Barry White.

    2. When you swallow that much of Angelo’s protein just to keep the concession, its bound to change your DNA at some point.

  18. And she knows nothing about football. Don’t know why they have her on there. Guess that’s why 94.1 s morning show gets such low ratings.

  19. There are so many hot chicks that love sports in philly. How hard is it to get someone that doesn’t look like they’ve been givin HJs in the parks casino parking garage for 5 $

  20. Why are people so against Eskin in this city? He’s way better than Missanelli. Miss provides nothing, except his own views, which most of the time are garbage. As soon as you go against his views he hangs up on you. Eskin started sports radio in this city and frankly, everything he said about Miss was spot on.

  21. Why isn’t Bruno hired yet?

    Who is going to replace Angelo?

    Mike and Ike are terrible.
    Gargano and Ellis are terrible. Why was Macnow pushed out?

    Move Innes down to the 2-6 slot and let him go at it with Miss.

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