Seahawks’ Website Misspells “Santa Claus” When Claiming Eagles Fans Booed Him Last Year

The Seahawks beat the Eagles last week. We all know this. But that allows the people who work for the Seahawks social media team, marketing department, etc. to gloat about it a little bit. That’s fine. It happens. But while trying to be cute, the they displayed a staggering lack of proofreading or fact checking (and we say that as experts on the subject):

It isn’t a surprise that Eagles fans get loud, even during a loss. This is the same team that booed Santa Clause last year. The @Eagles brand handle tallied 42,686 mentions on Twitter this Sunday, outperforming @seahawks mentions by over 13,000.@Eagles mentions even eclipsed mentions of the game hashtag #SEAvsPHI.

We’re over here trying to own the whole “booing Santa” thing so we don’t get all fired up every time it’s mentioned, but it doesn’t work when whatever that mess above gets put out there. Everyone else can stop reading here, but for those people who work for, here are two brief lessons:

1. It’s Santa Claus: The name Santa Claus is an Americanization of “Sancte Claus,” which is Dutch for Saint Nicholas or some garbage like that. I am not getting into the etymology of a fictional fat guy right now.

2. The infamous booing of Santa Claus: It happened not last year, but nearly FORTY SIX years ago:

“The infamous “booing Santa Claus” episode took place at old Franklin Field (then the home field of the NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles franchise) on 15 December 1968, as the Eagles squared off against the Minnesota Vikings in their final game of the season … What prompted the Philadelphia fans to treat Santa Claus so inhospitably that day remains a subject of contention. Some, such as Jim Gallagher, the Eagles’ public relations director at the time, claimed the bad behavior was prompted by Santa’s pathetic physical appearance … others opine that Santa was just a stand-in for the real (and out-of-reach) targets of the Philadelphia fans’ frustration, the ownership and coaching that had transformed a championship football franchise into one of the league’s worst teams (and that the booing was initially directed at the Eagles players as they headed for the locker room at halftime).”

There you go guys, was it really all that hard?


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  1. We were obviously talking about the Tim Allen movie, heard this was a huge screening of the film filled with eagles fans booing the entirety of the film

  2. Your post about proofreading wasn’t proofread…”But while trying to be cute, THE they displayed”…staggering. I’m an Eagles fan, but just thought I’d call you out.

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