Steve Keeley Shopping Shirtless at Bottom Dollar Is, Well, Something

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I don’t even want to know what Steve Keeley does in his free time, but if this picture is any indication, it’s something delightfully ridiculous that may or may not belong in a Stanley Kubrick film starring Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman and a mysterious sailor. Maybe Steve is the sailor?! Whatever. Because when Steve is working, he’s a top five, maybe top three, local reporter. Don’t let the orange glow and big hair fool you, Steve’s awesome. If he can’t be stopped by a snow plow


… he’s certainly not gonna be stopped by the pesky little issue of not having at shirt at the ready before his trip to Bottom Dollar during the middle of a Nor’easter.

H/T to (@KamalaBurger)

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31 Responses

  1. Very nice! Two Taylor Swift posts in one morning!

    When you want to give up on this “sports” blog we have a position for you.

  2. Oh, Leave Steve Keeley alone. Maybe he was trying to pick up woman ( Not married?) and there’s nothing private anymore. We know TOO MUCH ABOUT PEOPLE and not respecting their privacy.

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