The NFL is Investigating if the Cowboys Broke the Injury Reporting Rules

Photo Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier today, it came out that Tony Romo, while dealing with a back injury, also has a broken rib. Romo himself said he’s had it for about two months, and it was never reported in the Cowboys’ injury report. The NFL does not like that. According to Pro Football Talk, “the NFL is exploring whether the Cowboys violated the rules regarding the reporting of injuries.” They looked into the same team and same player last year — then about a different back injury — and did nothing about it, so that’s probably what is going to happen this time. PFT lays out a few reasons why nothing will come out this, but the last one is the most telling:

If the public becomes aware of enough violations, the public will begin to realize that, while the rules are aimed at erasing the perception of the existence of inside information that would be available to gamblers, inside information indeed exists.

And the NFL really has to show that it at least tries to protect its biggest fan-base: The degenerate gamblers and fantasy football players who need all of the info all of the time.


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  1. Jimbo, if you’re going to ‘report’ a story, at least make sure it has a point.

    New t-shirt idea:

    ‘Jimbo Adair: His life is as pointless as his stories’

    Grey t-shirt with green letters.

    Right KYLE?

  2. Jim Adair writing a blog post for crossing broad is like watching Tommy Wiseau performing in “The Room”

    We, the audience, realize we’re witnessing a giant clusterfuck , (although at times it can be amusing ) yet the people in charge (hi kyle) can’t admit what a mistake Jim was in order to save face.

  3. Jim , the people have spoken and they think you are a giant jizz stain. You may very well be the most reviled Philadelphia media personality since that anus-gerbil-stuffed fruitcake Jerry Penacoli.

    A few tips you may want to consider-

    1. Write about true sports topics people give 2 shits about. Not this peripheral bullshit you seem so fixated on

    2. Don’t over-utilize commas and parentheses. All it does is show your ballsack-licking pretentious nature. This is a sports blog- know your audience, you fucking poof

    sweet dreams, Sword swallower

    1. What are you doing here,your specific orders were to whack that Judas Goat Pauly for betraying my father,not to belittle some hipster Connor Barwin wannabe in Jim who never met a pair of skinny jeans or tight sweat pants he didn’t like.

  4. The Cowboys have been hiding Romo’s vagina for years. Nothing is ever done about that either.

  5. Kj McDaniels last 5 games:
    8.4 rebounds
    2.4 blks
    2 assists
    1.6 steals

    Andrew Wiggins last 5 games:
    2.2 rebounds
    1.2 assists
    .8 steals
    .2 blocks

    I’m sorry but Kj is outplaying the chosen one in every category,and if he keeps it up it will be Kj McDaniels not Wiggins or Jabari Parker that will win rookie of the year.

    1. Maybe they wanted a white qb because the vast majority of super bowl winning qbs are white. That’s not being racist at all.

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