A Yinzer Said Something Ridiculous (But Also Somewhat Accurate) about Philadelphia and the Flyers

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Ah yes, it’s that time of year again. The ground is hard, the grass is white… and stupid ass bloviators are bashing Philadelphia. Not surprsingly, this one is of the Yinzer variety.

Meet Dejan Kovacevic, a longtime “award-winning” columnist from the Yellow City who left his “handsomely [paying]” job at the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (there’s an oxymoron) to start DK on Pittsburgh Sports, an impressive, if not familiar looking independent website where Kovacevic charges $24 per year to read his musings… which apparently include nonsensical videos in which Dejan (is that the spicy kind?) tells all of his steel-dust-covered brethren about the time that the mean Eastern PA people threw snow balls at lovable Santa Claus. And, bonus!, the video includes a cameo from longtime Pittsburgh resident Tim Panaccio, who for some reason said that most Flyers fans – a subsection of whom Panaccio calls the “troubled” people who live in Philly – who go to games now weren’t around for the Lindros era and have a hard time appreciating it. Wait, what?

If that video (and still of Panotch) wasn’t enough to turn your stomach, here’s more from Kovacevic:

I won’t even care, as I heard in the corridors closer to midnight, that all this mayhem wrought by the Flyers, the most repugnant franchise in professional sports with all due apologies to Bill Belichick’sPatriots, was essentially orchestrated. That after a 7-4 slaughter Monday on Long Island, Claude Giroux and a few of his mates met at a local steakhouse and decided this night, this opponent would make the perfect foil for turning their season around. That they’d go out and do that thing they’ve always done, 40 years after it last worked, and raise a circus tent over the proceedings.

Well, mission accomplished in that regard. More on that later.

The word butthurt doesn’t even begin to describe what I just read.

That mindset won’t satisfy most fans. I get that. From birth, a Pittsburgh hockey fan sees red when he or she sees orange. And that only multiplies when a borderline criminal like Zac Rinaldo flagrantly charges Kris Letang from behind, as happened in the first period, and knocks Letang from the game. Johnston said doctors performed concussion tests and chose to remove him.

But they didn’t. And that mindset, like it or not, is what wins in playoffs. Not the garbage in which the Penguins have engaged far too often over the years. They aren’t that team, so they shouldn’t try to be that team. They’re a puck-possession team with exceptional skill at center and a system built to capitalize on both. Chasing the irrelevant likes of Rinaldo around the rink achieves nothing.

Well… he’s not wrong about Rinaldo. At some point the Type OBs have to come around on Rinaldo being a useless thug. Travis Hughes has. But for Kovacevic to pretend like the Flyers are solely to blame for the extracurriculars between the two teams is absurd. Do we forget Game 3, 2012?

Voila_Capture 2015-01-22_10-33-15_AM

I’m all for skewering the Flyers for their archaic ways, but if there’s one team that they actually work against – one team that gets knocked off their game by that stuff – it’s the Penguins. So while we’ll agree to disagree with Kovacevic on the fisticuffs, there’s no excusing that video… particularly the tone-deaf appearance by hardened grandpa Tim Panaccio.

*I actually really admire what this guy is doing. It’s a good-looking site– very readable and approachable. Don’t like the sort of narcissist who puts their own image and “award-winning” in the header (imagine the comments if I had my picture at the top of the site…), and not so sure about the flavor of the content… but I wish more experienced scriptuals would do this sort of thing. I’d absolutely pay $24 per year** to subscribe to, say, Tim McManus’ Eagles coverage. 

**We’re tossing around something like this for people who want to 1) bypass the surveys and 2) support what we’re doing here. Everything else would remain the same– it would just be an option.

H/T to reader Bernard

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42 Responses

    1. The whole purpose of this article was to throw out the trial balloon of the “pay for play” near the end.

      “**We’re tossing around something like this for people who want to 1) bypass the surveys and 2) support what we’re doing here. Everything else would remain the same–
      it would just be an option.”

      An option that will go over as well as the sales of the Oshie, DJacc, Sanchez shirts, which I’m sure will be given out to all subscribers as an incentive.

      1. You’d be surprised how many Oshie t-shirts we sold– including a couple to a former Flyers coach and Team USA assistant who likes to use jam.

  1. Since the 2010-2011 season 10 Flyers, and 11 Penguins have been suspended (not including this season, we’ll be 1-1 after Rinaldo). 3 of those Penguin suspensions came in ONE playoff series against, you guessed it, the no-good dirty Flyers. Those suspensions cost the suspended Flyers a total of 24 games (reg and post season) compared to the Penguins 52 games lost. The Flyers have 7 pre-season games lost thrown in as well.

    Throwing in fines since that time, 5 Flyers, and 1 Flyers coach has been fined for a total of roughly $23,250(rounded up), and 3 Penguins and 2 Penguins coaches have been fined for a total of 22.5k. The entire Flyers team was also fined for an undisclosed amount for violating CBA holiday travel rules this year.

    According to the league, there’s been little difference between the antics of the Flyers and the Penguins. The thing Penguins fans are most upset about, is they’ve watched us bloody them up on the ice for 6 straight Penguin losses.

      1. They don’t? Then what the hell was all that running at our star players shit in our most recent playoff series against each other? The Penguins tried to dish out a game, we continually prove they can’t play. Such a whiny bunch, but after watching on ROOT, I at least understand why.

        1. Look, I have no idea why the Flyers seem to have the Pens number, but that style of play isn’t working against anybody else and is not a recipe for the Flyers making the playoffs or winning a Cup.

          1. I’ve actually been saying the same thing. I don’t understand why it works so well against the Penguins. The Flyers have been soft, and generally pushed around in their own zone all year. I honestly can’t identify one other game this year where we’ve played with as much energy or brute force, but if it keeps working against the Penguins, hits like Rinaldo’s the exclusion, I don’t have a problem with a rough them up approach for those match ups. Especially since the Flyers haven’t been doing much to get me into games. It’s been a lot like scheduled depression.

          2. The Flyers need to follow the Pens’ recipe for winning a Cup.

            Spend 5-6 years in last place, have attendance sink so low that the owners threaten to move to Kansas City, and then have the NHL rig a draft so that the top prospect can be awarded to the franchise being bought by a Hall of Famer trying to save his team.

    1. I also forgot to mention that my Pens are second in the league in total penalty minutes and we also have the league leader in that category as well.

    2. Bandwagoners?…..seriously asshole?…do we really have to get into how the Penguins should be playing in Kansas City right now because you dickhead “Pens Fans” stopped going to the games? That is until Mario rigged a deal to keep the team there just as long as they got the #1….but yea when I think diehard fans…you guys come right to mind.

    1. Probably because no one cares about that team no matter if they win the tourney or make the NIT (unless you actually graduated from there). And since most of grads leave the area, only about 1,000 or so people would care from Philly.

  2. “From birth, a Pittsburgh hockey fan sees red when he or she sees orange. ”

    I assume he interviewed a some 9 year olds for this piece because no one older can claim to have given a shit about hockey from birth.

    I wanted to buy that team in ’03 and move it to my mom’s back lot in Chester but my wife wanted a new roof for the garage instead. “What the hell are you going to do with the Penguins! Where are you going to put the fans?” Now look, they sucked for so long they have a competitive NHL hockey team. Fuckin ball and chains always hold us back.

  3. How the hell do people watch the flyers anymore or just hockey in general? Way too many cheap penalties and the overall talent isn’t as good as it was 15 years ago. The rule changes have turned these guys into flopping crybaby bitches worse than the nba. The flyers are so pathetic Rinaldo is one of the best players they have, that hit shouldn’t have even been a penalty btw, let alone a ludicrous suspension. It was a good check

    1. As a lifelong fan, unfortunately there are still stepford Flyers fan I talk to everyday who will never criticize Mr. Snider or the team. I came to the realization years ago we won’t be winning a Cup until they change and understand that the game is about speed in 2015, and not acquiring slow defensemen who can clear the crease like they did in the 1970’s/80’s.

      The one good thing is it looks like Hextall is TRYING to change the team as he came from the LA Kings and saw how you build a team in the post lockout era. But he still has to deal with dinosaurs like Snider and Homer who still haven’t gotten out of the 1970’s.

  4. No doubt Rinaldo’s hit was dirty and he should be suspended, but for a Penguins fan to complain about dirty hits? Does he know that the Penguins have Steve Downie on their team right now? One of the dirtiest players in the NHL (former Flyer) who is total whack job out there whose games resembles Zac Rinaldo. And then the king of all dirty players: Matt Cooke! He was suspended 5 times for dirty hits when he played for the Penguins, and even Lemeiux couldnt defend him everytime he came up for suspension.

    I can’t argue that Rinaldo is a dirty player, but I don’t want to hear it from a Penguins fan who team has a history of players who play dirty.

  5. the stepfords term needs to be retired. It’s old and tired. Are there blind loyalists to the flyers? Yes absolutely. I’ve been accused of it to by the same person over and over which is odd. But there are blind loyalists to all teams. The Eagles are the center of the sports universe here and what have they done? Have they really changed over the years? No. We’ve had one franchise QB in the last what 30 years. The culture that you think flyers fans continuously support is no different than supporting the Eagles team that refuses to change their culture.
    Having said that, the flyers need to tank this season and get rid of the dead weight like Coburn, Schenn, Rinaldo, lecavalier, etc. they have a good young core in giroux, voracek, and Simmons that they can build around but it’s going to take a while.

    1. You can’t compare the Flyers to the Eagles or any other Philly team. The only thing that stays the same about the Eagles is the result. Their history during the Lurie era has been a work of modern art or maybe a case study in postgrad psychology.

      No other team in the city, maybe none in sports, have squandered such great financial backing and talent-in-hand through such shit-headed traditionalism as the Flyers. Whether it was embracing Russians, the trap, skill players, goaltending, speed; whatever the League has been doing recently, Snider’s response has been “Fuck that; ’75.”

      1. “No other team in the city, maybe none in sports, have squandered such great financial backing and talent-in-hand through such shit-headed traditionalism as the Flyers.”

        Dude seriously? The Eagles do not even cross your mind while typing that statement?

        1. My point exactly. And Flyers fans are the stepfords OBs whatever the hell you wanna call us. That statement by Tyrone is exactly what Flyers fans get blamed for doing

  6. So, everytime there are a couple fights in a Flyers game, that’s proof that the team is still stuck in the 70s. Got it. “THAT’S OUR CULTURE!”

    P.S. Rinaldo is a worthless pile of garbage.

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