Curt Schilling Thinks He’s Not in the Hall of Fame Because He’s a Republican

Photo Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Curt Schilling is an idiot, but is he a Hall of Fame idiot? The man himself certainly thinks so, though the voters disagreed. Schilling received 215 votes in his third year on the ballot, good enough for 39.2%. It was his highest showing so far, but a long way from the 75% needed to be enshrined in the Hall.

There could be many reasons for this: Schilling’s low-ish win total, his lack of Cy Young Awards, and his attitude (it shouldn’t matter, but it does). But Schilling thinks he knows why he didn’t make it this year but John Smoltz did: Schilling is a persecuted Republican. He told WEEI’s Jerry Spar:

“I think he got in because of [Greg] Maddux and [Tom] Glavine. I think the fact that they won 14 straight pennants. I think his ‘Swiss army knife versatility,’ which somebody said yesterday, I think he got a lot of accolades for that, I think he got a lot of recognition for that. He’s a Hall of Famer. And I think the other big thing is that I think he’s a Democrat and so I know that, as a Republican, that there’s some people that really don’t like that.”

But don’t be worried, Schill, your vote total this year was the highest it’s ever been, and maybe the stance of those voters who didn’t pick you to be enshrined this year will evolve … oh … never mind.

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51 Responses

  1. Schill was inducted in the Cartoon Hall of Fame.
    His Videogame of Mooosies tortured at Gitmo won 1st prize.

    Losing everything but his recess money is his reward.

  2. It’s official – he is a fucking idiot. Yeah Curt I am sure there are no Republicans in the HOF only Democrats, Wiccans and Green Party members.

    1. Even better than that, Smoltz is a hardcore republican. I dont know where Schilling got the idea that Smoltz is a democrat,

  3. Considering that most sports writers along with most sports radio commenters are leftist scumbags I believe a Curt is correct. One of the biggest leftist democrat hacks on radio is Angelo Cataldi. Look at how much that scumbag is ranting against Curt whenever he gets a chance.

  4. This republican scoundrel has railed against global warming, calling it a hoax. How dare he besmirch my windmills and solar panels! What has this rapscallion ever accomplished in his life? Can he charge peons $10 a beer? Can he charge them $30 to park their carbon spewing 8 cylinder behemoths? Can he charge idiots a personal seat license to have the privilege of overpaying for a ticket? I will instruct my lackeys to vote for him when hell freezes over!

  5. Yeah, because America was soooooo liberal that a group of mostly middle aged white men who get to travel the country on the cheap while eating at a dizzying array prepared buffets for next to nothing, get to simply to write about a children’s game proffesionally. I’m pretty sure that baseball’s Hall of Fame was pretty overwhelmingly conservative for the first…oh 80 years! When I think of bleeding heart liberal the first guys I think of is Randy Johnson and Craig Biggio. By the way, The Truth you are an idiot. I gotta go anyway, Jeff Kent and Kevin Brown are presenting at a NAACP meeting on domestic violence.

  6. Six-time All Star, finished second in Cy Young voting three times, 11 postseason victories to the tune of a 2.23 ERA, three rings, and one WS MVP. Dick or not, the guy deserves to be in.

    1. Six-time All Star, finished second in Cy Young voting three times, 11 postseason victories to the tune of a 2.23 ERA, three rings, and one WS MVP. Dick or not, the guy in no-way deserves to be in the Hall of Fame.

      1. Forget about the fact that he was the only reason to go to a Phils game for 5 long and sad years, his postseason heroics make his selection a no-brainer.

  7. He’s incorrect in this case although he’ll probably get in if he keeps his mouth shut. That said, there are numerous awards, prizes etc that routinely never get won by Republicans for political or just liberal fanboy reasons. Example 1 is Hollywood. most outed Republican actors are shunned from roles and rarely, if ever , win awards (Republican actors, movies) . Same goes for Nobel Peace prize, which is now exposed as meaningless anyway

    1. He wasn’t first ballot worthy but he will get in. For our enjoyment, please provide a list of Republicans who should have won the Nobel Peace Prize.

      1. Well look. It’s not a political blog. It can be argued Bush Sr could have won for freeing Kuwait. Reagan for ending communism. Fact is, when folks like Carter, Arafat and Obama win it, it becomes irrelevant. Kinda like the gold glove award in baseball after abreu and palmeiro won it.

        Obama won the award literally because he was Obama.

        1. I’m sorry, but Bush, Sr.? Please. And Reagan ended communism? Please tell that to the Chinese and North Koreans. You guys gotta get off the Obama hate train. I’m not saying he should of won it but don’t tell me the award is shit because he did and a Republican hasn’t. When Independents like myself hear stuff like that it drowns out any credibility any of your arguments might have. If Republicans keep that up, they will have no shot at winning the White House in 2016 no matter who their candidate is. The 2014 winner, Malala Yousfzai, was shot in the face by the Taliban because she promoted education for women. Her award is meaningless? Fuck you.

          1. Ouch . Pretty harsh dude. Tell me to eff off because you THINK I don’t agree with your example? All class. You have no clue who I am, but I’ll tell you anyway. I’m an independent as well much like you say you are. But now I have my doubts since you seem like an intolerant douche

          2. You’re correct in that I’m intolerant of bullshit like yours and the constant ripping of Obama for anything and everything that happens in the world today.

        2. Last Republican that I can think of to win the award was Henry Kissinger for negotiating the ceasefire in Vietnam. Y’know the one that didn’t last. Can’t say he earned his Peace Prize either.

    2. Yea, just look at how big time Republican Arnold Schwarzeneggar has been barred from getting roles in Hollywood. Same as Clint Eastwood. They were both run out of Hollywood in the late 70’s for not being Democrats and could never ever make movies.

      1. Just because Casey Matthews appears on the roster as a linebacker doesn’t make him a linebacker. Such is the case with Schwarzenegger and his alleged Republican-ness.

      2. That’s the reason we never won any awards and was cancelled. God damn liberal queens in Hollywood.

    3. Well, I have seen some of those “out” Republican actors like Sylvester Stallone, Chuck Norris and Scott Baio not to mention a host of mostly forgotten TV actors – safe to say they were not going to win any award anyway. However, Clint Eastwood, who is a famous Republican, has won many awards because he is a top-notch director.

  8. He won’t get into the HOF over the “character” required to get in. Yes, voters are told the “character” of a player are part of the voting parameters. He basically screwed over many many people who believed in his video game company venture. Tax payers, politicians, a city, and even the poor employees all got screwed. Most of his employees who he relocated had to file for bankruptcy. I believe that most of the HOF voters are liberals who hate him, so that isn’t helping either. Many conservatives can’t stand him either, also doesn’t help. Basically Curt is a very unlikeable guy and won’t get into the HOF because of that.

    1. The veterans comittee will put him in though. I forgot to add that. The dude was stud pitcher, even though he was a total douche nobody can find a way to like.

  9. His bloody sock was already in the HOF, until he retrieved it so he could sell it. What he should do is keep testing the waters by having them put more of his clothes in the HOF — maybe some boxers with skid marks down the back next.

  10. Jim – hey Kyle, who would you rather bang…. Kate upton or chase utley?

    Kyle – dude seriously? I would let chase spray all over my back and then beg for more. God I love baseball.

    1. C’mon you know only Kyle is allowed to post about former and current h o r s e teethed media members on here. Remember “They have families.” But excuse me as I post about how hot Cody Asche’s girlfriend is and how big Nick Foles dick is. Because you know they don’t have families I guess.

  11. Conservatives are absolutely persecuted in this country. The only thing apparently it is not ok to be is a conservative with Christian values. But men can marry there pets. Sickening.

  12. 2 things: There is nothing older and whiter than the Republican Party. Except for the voters for the MLB hall of fame. Shill is a bigger idiot than I thought.

    Secondly, Smoltz is proudly Anti-gay and was a huge Romney donator. So… Shill is so far up his own considerably sized ass it isn’t funny.

  13. I’d vote him in based on his on the field play. Sadly, he was not chummy with the media and this is their way of getting back at him.

  14. Schilling should be in — his WAR is higher than Smoltz’ for one thing, but he was viewed as an ass (rightfully so) so he will have to wait his time….possibly veterans committee which is how J-Roll will get in if he does at all.

  15. Brilliant job, Curt. How dumb are you? All this did was give the liberal media, who you blame, more ammo to blast you and your Republican stances. Smart!

  16. He might be a douche, but Schilling was the top money pitcher of his generation. He should be in. If post season doesn’t count, there shouldn’t be a Hall Of Fame.

  17. Fuck off all you liberal Obama loving scumbags. Liberals are the reason this country is soft. You voted a socialist Muslim into office. Typically philly scumbags. Your city is a shit hole, your all ugly, and your women look like dudes.

  18. Your/you’re….all confuses me.

    I can repeat agenda. I don’t have an original thought.

    Schilling is the new Republican. Nothing ‘softer’ then white guys whining about how tough life is for them. My old party is now just an embarrassment. Nobody cries more then Republicans.

    Schilling is now the typical whiny Republican.

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