Dave Montgomery is now Phillies Chairman, Pat Gillick Remains President

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It looks like Howard Eskin was about half-right: After being away from baseball business for a while battling cancer, David Montgomery has returned to the Phillies, but to a new office. Montgomery, the former team President, now has the title of Chairman, while Bill Giles has been named Chairman Emeritus. Acting President (and former GM) Pat Gillick will remain in the role of President.

There is still no word on any change in role from John Middleton — the crux of Eskin’s report — and the Phillies’ release is below.

It is expected that in his role as Phillies Chairman, Montgomery will remain active in Philadelphia civic, business, sports, and charitable endeavors, and also will maintain his close association with Phillies fans, customers, and sponsors. He will continue to be very involved in Major League Baseball committees and projects, as well.

David Montgomery said the following: ‘I am fortunate to be healthy enough now to resume some of my previous responsibilities. I am very appreciative that Pat Gillick is willing and available to remain as the club’s President. Pat and I have become very close since he joined us in the fall of 2005. I look forward to returning to work as Phillies Chairman.’


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  1. Typical Phillies. Can never cut ties with anyone. Dallas Green, Bill Giles, Pat Gillick, Ed Wade, Charlie Manuel, Chris Wheeler, Gary Matthews… All still here. Each one will have do-nothing jobs for life.

  2. “Of course I’m still here….and will continue to fuck this franchise up even further”—RAJ

    Fuck you.

  3. Can someone explain to me why the Phillies have no interest in signing Cuban prospect Yoan Moncada?

    1. They don’t seem to be interested in paying the dollar for dollar penalty for exceeding their international spending allotment.

    2. In all seriousness, international free agency is extremely expensive and risky. For every Yasiel Puig, there are 50 Miguel Alfredos, and you’re paying them all as if they had already had three good years in the majors. In the case of the Japanese, it’s even more ridiculous when you factor in the posting fees. Remember when the Yankees paid $46M for Kei Igawa to pitch one year in the bigs and then spend the next four in their minor league system? Then there’s Masahiro Tanaka who they just spent $175M on. First year of his seven-year-deal and he’s had to undergo TJ surgery, lol.

  4. And I remain confused over the constant reshuffling of the deck. I thought Montgomery was out and Middleton was in. Anyway, same shit, different day. The Phillies will still suck this year.

  5. ….by Seals and Crofts.

    “I’m still the King of Nothing.”

    Is it me, or does Montgomery’s new job description sound similar to Howie Roseman’s?

  6. The similarities between the flyers and the phillies are weird. It’s like the eagles say “check out any time you like. But you can never keave

  7. Just think if baseball had a salary cap. Amaro would make holmgren look like a genius.

    1. Kyle is speculating a complete overhaul with a new team of Anthony Gargano and Mike Missanelli.


  8. I can’t believe you’re giving Eskin any credit at all. Weak sauce son, weak sauce. Anyone with even a half a brain could have told you that the old man battling cancer would NEED to give up the position to someone better suited to do it. This is a multibillion dollar buisiness afterall. Eskin is a POS loser for pretending he was breaking news over the obvious. Tomorrow from Eskin, BREAKING NEWS: The Phillies will be using white toilet paper during spring training, then wiping their ass with it.

  9. how come, with the like 30 reporters who cover the Phils on a daily basis, are we getting this “story” from Ken Rosenthal? Don’t any of these guys work during the off season?

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