Don Tollefson Goes with the Nixon Defense and May Subpoena Howie Roseman to Take the Stand

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Rough start to 2015 for lame duck millionaire Howie Roseman, who was pushed out of his job by an unofficial Chip, and now, might be forced to testify on behalf of Don Tollefson, the disgraced former sportscaster who’s acting as his own lawyer in a hilarious waste of public facilities.

“I’d rather be waterboarded,” Tom Fox, the father of slain officer Brad Fox, whose memorial fund was defrauded by Tollefson, told NBC 10. “This is a waste of time, it’s a waste of taxpayer money, and he’s just making a mockery of the courts.”

Oh it can’t be that bad… can it?

Hayden Mitman, The Intelligencer:

With four days of testimony stacked against him, ex-Philadelphia broadcaster Don Tollefson took the witness stand Monday afternoon to defend himself against fraud and theft charges.

But first the 62-year-old local celebrity told a Bucks County jury about his admiration for baseball Hall of Famer Willie Mays.

That’s when county Judge Rea Boylan stepped in.

“While Willie Mays is a beloved figure, this isn’t about Willie Mays,” instructed Boylan in what would be one of many attempts to redirect Tollefson when he veered off topic.

Acting as his own lawyer, Tollefson then transported jurors back to his childhood. He covered his schooling, growing up in San Francisco, sports-reporting for his college radio station and covering the 1974 kidnapping of Patty Hearst while working for The Associated Press.

Boylan stopped him again.

A Tollefson victim who has been present at most of the court proceedings told me that Tollefson’s list of witnesses in some instances included only first names and last initials. When the judge pressed Tollie for surnames, he said he only knew the witnesses in a capacity that didn’t allow him to know their last names. He brought up Adolf Hitler and Riley Cooper in his opening argument. He made mention of Pat Tillman to someone from the Wounded Warriors project.

The judge has repeatedly had to excuse the jury to brief Tollefson on the rules of her court. I’m told Tollefson showed up to one of the proceedings with broken eyeglasses. And as you can see, his collars are consistently massive.

“I’m a bad businessman, not a crook,” NBC 10 quoted Tollefson as saying.

And all of that is just the appetizer to this final bit: Tollefson plans to call Roseman to the stand:

The former Philadelphia sportscaster is already facing hurdles as he mounts his defense, which is expected to start Monday. Tollefson, who is representing himself, told a Bucks County Court judge on Friday that he could not afford the nearly $90 he will need to subpoena 25 of his witnesses.

Those witnesses, who apparently have not agreed to willingly testify, include Howie Roseman, executive vice president of the Eagles.

Several commenters on that article have pledged $5 each to contribute to that $90 cost to subpoena witnesses. I hereby pledge the full $90 if that will expedite things.

The Eagles had previously sent Tollefson a cease and desist letter demanding he stop using their logo on flyers and that he stop saying he was “fired” by the team.

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13 Responses

  1. Kyle, is there any chance you can get Joe Conklin’s bit where he did his Tollefson impression, complete with details on a beef and beer at “St. Phillip the Deciever”? I think that would add to the “awesome”ness on this story about a “gooood guy!”

  2. Tollie should ask howie on the stand why in the fuck did he waste a 1st rd pick on that loser stiff Marcus Smith

    1. For the last time dumbass that was Chip’s pick not Howies.

      When are you Chip Kelly ass kissers going to realize he’s the one who has final on the roster,not Howie Roseman.

  3. That verse is talking about not being judgemental; there’s nothing judgemental about holding someone responsible for their actions, especially when there’s a track record of fraudulent activities involving charities.

  4. Fuck that scumbag piece of shit!!! It’s bad enough to be a theif, but to steal using charity is the lowest! I hope that dumb fuck hangs himself from the highest tree around!

  5. I bought a soiled pair of Sarah Baikers panties from him on an online auction , and I’m pretty sure they were worn by that Old baby killer Leslie Gudelle

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