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Some newspaper covers from around the Northeast today. Too perfect.

I was in New York yesterday filming a clip show for SNY – playing the role of the outsider – and one of the first topics that came up was Jets fans’ disdain for the Patriots and Spy Gate. Funny, I said, because as an Eagles fan who watched his team lose by three in the Super Bowl to the cheating Pats, I can sympathize. It appears that this is something over which we can bond. And then the next question was about the 2007 Mets and that’s where the harmony ended. 

Anyway, 2004 was the last time the Patriots actually won the whole thing, so should we really be surprised that that rat Belichick had to cheat his way there?* Go Screw, Boston.

*Of course, the score probably would’ve been merely 27-7 instead of 45-7 had they been using regular balls, because Andrew Luck is a tightly-wound robot who will perpetually be a poor man’s Peyton Manning who can never win the big one. The Colts had no shot at winning that game in New England. None.