Nothing Makes Me Happier than to See The Patriots’ Super Bowl Run Tainted by Cheating

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Some newspaper covers from around the Northeast today. Too perfect.

I was in New York yesterday filming a clip show for SNY – playing the role of the outsider – and one of the first topics that came up was Jets fans’ disdain for the Patriots and Spy Gate. Funny, I said, because as an Eagles fan who watched his team lose by three in the Super Bowl to the cheating Pats, I can sympathize. It appears that this is something over which we can bond. And then the next question was about the 2007 Mets and that’s where the harmony ended. 

Anyway, 2004 was the last time the Patriots actually won the whole thing, so should we really be surprised that that rat Belichick had to cheat his way there?* Go Screw, Boston.

*Of course, the score probably would’ve been merely 27-7 instead of 45-7 had they been using regular balls, because Andrew Luck is a tightly-wound robot who will perpetually be a poor man’s Peyton Manning who can never win the big one. The Colts had no shot at winning that game in New England. None.


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    1. I agree, has anyone ever thrown a ball that is deflated? No matter what the weather is it makes the passes wobbly. Plus, Aaron Rodgers admitted to over-inflating footballs to give him an edge. I think people are just jealous of the Pats, plain and simple, and they have to complain about something. As much as Bill B is a jackass he is a damn good coach and the success they have in a salary cap era is impressive.

    2. The Patriots are the best team ever, they deserves win SB, some people are jealous and bad loser……….its not nice……….fans from Brasil……..Go Pats.

  1. People really need to give it up already with the patriots cheating. They don’t do anything that most of not all teams do for advantages. Grow up. People are just jealous of there success. People hate Belichek because he’s not a happy go lucky smiling asshole. And Brady is a pretty boy. But they got 3 rings. Maybe will get a fourth. So people need to get over it. Weren’t the Phillies stealing signs from the bullpen? No one here cares about that though.

      1. Thanks you guys. Now I know I made valid points since the only im thing you had to rag on was grammar.

        1. no we can’t understand your point exactly because your grammar is so bad.

          You see, we use words to communicate..and wen you dont words good we cant even get wat you’re point is cause were so distracted by your crap grammar and poor sentence structure and run on sentences

  2. Hey Kyle, are you gonna address Nova getting blasted by 20 against Georgetown yesterday? I look forward to more of your insightful commentary about how we can’t objectively analyze villanova basketball but you can.

    1. College hoops only has 2 story lines this season. Can anyone stop Kentucky from going undefeated in the regular season and can anyone edge them in a tourney game. All of the other teams are interchageable from week to week.

  3. Kyle, why all the Luck hate at the end of the paragraph? Once Luck gets his version of Edgerrin James, he’ll be more effective.

  4. “Nothing Makes Me Happier than to See The Patriots’ Super Bowl Run Tainted by Cheating”

    It’s not tainted at all. New England has the best QB since Montana and have probably one of the top 5 head coaches of all time. Take the Eagles glasses off and see what the Patriots are. I’m an Eagles fan and I realize our franchise couldn’t make a pimple on the ass of the New England Patriots. Your hate for the Patriots is contrived and only present here to get page clicks.

      1. Keep drinking the kool aid. Fake Philly fan? I’ve probably been a Philly sports fan longer than you have been alive.

  5. Does anyone think that Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, or ANYONE in the Patriots organization gives a flying fuck about any part of this so-called “scandal?”

    This is nothing more than the NFL overcompensating for how poorly they handled REAL issues (like domestic violence), and trying to show that from now on they’ll be right on top of any issues, no matter how trivial.

    I’m not a Pats fan by any stretch and I think that Belichick is an arrogant douche. But nothing was going to change the fact that the Colts simply got their ass handed to them, period.

    It’s a poor musician who blames the instrument, and the Colts need to stop looking for excuses.

  6. Dear Gay Jeffy–maybe if you tried to “cheat” instead of worrying if your best offensive threat is a gang member, you would have a Super Bowl…..
    Gold standard….blow me dicklicker

  7. Puhleeze. So maybe the score would have been 35-7 instead? Brady has been great and Andrew not so Luck-ee. Colts were totally outclassed. Media hates the Pats and Belicheck and love to create controversary.

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