RADIO WARS: Local Sports Talk Radio Station Seeks Qualified Full-Time Host, Literally

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This is the job listing, posted on Monday by CBS Radio, for a full-time sports talk show host with at least five years experience in a major market. It’s probably a mere formality – an equal opportunity employment requirement – but a sign nonetheless that there will soon be a new full-time host at WIP, probably in the afternoons. Make no mistake, however, it won’t be just some random guy (or gal), it’ll likely be someone from the inside or a known personality. It almost certainly won’t be former congressional candidate Garry Cobb, who’s hosting with Rob Ellis today during what has become a sort of open mic slot from 1-6.

As you know, Josh Innes, whom WIP Operations Manager Andy Bloom capital L Loveshas openly campaigned to be joined by Tony Bruno in the afternoons.

Interestingly, Greater Media and 97.5 doesn’t have a similar job opening posted, but make no mistake, they’ve been talking to Anthony Gargano about potentially hosting a morning show in place of Mike and Mike. Not carrying the national show could hurt 97.5’s ESPN affiliation – which allows them to have supposedly highly-rated segments with ESPN talent like Sal Pal, Ron Jaworski and Jayson Stark – but it might ultimately be worth it to have a local morning show that rivals WIP’s. It is believed that Gargano has a 90-day non-compete clause, so if he does make the move over to 97.5, it probably wouldn’t be until late March or early April at the earliest. No word on potential co-hosts. I NEED IT:

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100 Responses

  1. If daddy hosts a morning show that will mean he’ll have to move his early morning wee wee inspections to after school wee wee inspections.

  2. It looks like they will stick with Ellis in the afternoon instead of go with Innes. This is a perfect time for Bloom to keep Innes in the afternoon for a while to see how he does against Missanelli, but after the trainwreck that was Innes and Ellis co-hosting, he hasn’t been back on in the slot since.

  3. Maybe I will make the switch and dominate the other station.
    Makin that paper and kissin the girls.
    Haters can’t keep me down. My empire is on the rise.


    1. Me too although I am a little disappointed in the callers for not adding Cameron Diaz to the all-ugly team.

      I’m telling you Cameron Diaz and Green Bay Packers lb Aj Hawk were separated at birth.

      Damn she hella ugly!

  4. Over/Under for number of applications they receive just from this article?

    I’ll put it at 50…and take the over.

  5. I listened to about 30 minutes of Innes, Jody Mac, and a third guy (forget who) last night from 9-9:30. It was fucking brutal. No format or anything. They were totally winging it. And Innes seemed kinda pissed. Maybe because he thought he was headed somewhere with the afternoon slot and his “Bitchanelli” schtik. But to be demoted back to the late(er) afternoon, with two cohosts no less…

    1. Ya. That was HORRIBLE last night. They dont trust Inness solo anymore. And trying to get Jody Mac to talk about his prefernce on ladies pubic hair? that doesnt work here

      1. hahaha I just lol bad that Josh tried to get jody mac to tell him his prefernce on ladies pubic hair . classic

  6. I actually like the Rob Ellis G Cobb show.

    G Cobb’s all ugly team is classic and my choice for President of the 2015 G Cobb all-ugly team is Andrew Luck.

    He looks like a combination of George Muresan and Shrek.

    1. You think that’s good radio? You must have the IQ of a fucking monkey to think that shit is good radio. Ellis and Cobb are stiffs with no personality and will be gone soon enough. Anyone paired with Ellis will get no ratings because the guy is a bore to listen to.

      1. You’re an old cranky motherfucker,what’s the matter old timer your home health aide hasn’t changed your shitty depends diaper yet?

        If I didn’t know any better I would swear up and down you’re really Les Bowen in disguise.

        1. This is when everyone starts riding ray didinger’s nuts. ” I wish I could listen to Ray all day he’s so great. I’m so much smarter for liking him wahhhhh”.

    1. He was one of the few in town who could actually truly talk sports though. Too bad his dranking got the best of him.

  7. Great, so our two options in the morning are going to be listening to Rhea talk about little Clarkie or listening to Gargano talk about his kids.

    1. LOL. I was in a slumber this morning and had WIP on and Rhea kept yapping about her kid Clarkie. I’m like who the fuck cares about her kiddie problems. You could tell even Cataldi was brushing her off quick- like. No one fucking cares about your kid stop bringing his name and problems up.

      97.5 starting a morning show? Good idea

      Having Duh Cuz hosting it? Bad idea. Hire some new talent please.

      And someone at 97.5 needs to tell John Marks to stop ending his thoughts with I DONT KNOW.?

      e.g . ” Crap . I mean Jesus, this Mariota is really good. I don’t know?”

      You are right dude I dont think you do know. That should be the first lesson in Sports Talk Host 101. You never end a sentence with “I dont Know”. Oh wait did he have any broadcasting training?

      1. Don’t forget about Brace playing 2 hours of video games a day, which he admitted to. If he is playing sport games, that could help with his sporting knowledge.

  8. If they don’t clear Mike & Mike they can clear another ESPN show (it’s either Cowturd or SVP) and keep their ESPN affiliation.

    1. Relax there’s no way 97.5 the fanatic will replace the Mike and Mike show with know it all Gargano.

      However Harry Mayes and Johnny Marks and Sean Brace should watch their backs for the fake South Philly tough guy(Anthony Gargano)trying to take over one of their time slots.

  9. G. Cobb has been good today, but he’s not a long-term answer. I like most of the hosts, but I’m in the old (37) demographic that grew up with Angelo, Mac and Mac, and Eskin.

    Only clear thing seems to be that CBS ownerships is messing up the station. Seems like a lot of people here thought the Cuz family thing was a shtick, but I really liked the localness of the WIP hosts. Where else do you really have the city come together (especially white and black people!) like talking sports on WIP? I mean, there are more important things, and I have a real family and life, but there’s a real hominess to the station that’s being lost. The Mac/Didinger and Rob and Hollis weekends are probably the best parts of the station now.

      1. Because nothing says we’re living in a post-racial society more than starting a sentence with, “You’re probably black.” Stay classy.

        1. @Paul

          We’re living is a post-racial society? Really? “I like G” wrote: “Where else do you really have the city come together (especially white and black people!) like talking sports on WIP? Why inflect race bullshit into a post that has nothing do do with the topic? I didn’t bring race up, buddy. I’m sick of hearing about it. Both of you are probably liberals that love to talk about it like a badge of honor, I’m sure.

          1. Inflect: transitive verb

            : to turn from a direct line or course :

            Yes. I think I used the word correctly. “Why inflect (to turn from a direct line or course) race bullshit into a post that has nothing do do with the topic?” It’s correct. Thanks for the effort to discredit my thinking. Angry, I am not. Correct, I am.

        2. Just reading my posts again. My god, I am an idiot.

          By the way, if you speak of racial harmony, you are probably a liberal. If you bring up race I will jump all over it and keep the race conversation going, then blame you for befinning a discussion about race. I am a miserable SOB.

    1. i agree. i am in the same age group and i relish the localness of philly sports radio. i cant stand the radio here in dc which is mostly national bs mixed in with 8 minute segments on whatever dumb topic they choose.

      maybe its just because i too grew up with the wip guys but i cant stand the new breed thats all about their personalities and making a name for themselves and less about the actual topics the town cares about.

      1. So you are sick of sports talk professionals who actually do their job, and prefer shit bits like Glen’s Pizza Challenge, General Knowledge Wednesday, and fifty of Garganos goomba hangers on calling up every day with no relevant point.

        Got it.

    2. I agree with you the weekends are STRONG..Glen and Ray and Hollis and Rob are strong shows, I grew up with Angeko, Tony and Al and Mac and Mac. I truly enjoy Josh Innes and Brian Haddad, I know it may not be sexy right now but Josh, Jody and Brian`s show {Tuesday night was AWESOME!! The Jody Mac smoke break was TREMENDOUS radio and Blind Gus. I really hope WIP gives Josh the afternoon show and hopefully Brian and Jody work more together,

      1. Ah yes Josh Innes has been spotted.Give it up Josh you’re not getting the afternoon slot,so stop posting under phony names we all know it’s you.

    3. I am a few years younger, and I despise the fact that sports hosts who really don’t do their jobs cover their lack of preparation by being “homey”.

  10. I hate when you call. Just kidding.. What do you want Mike to do? Talk Flyers? Sixers? All you can do is bash them and they broadcast their games. Can only go so far. I would like to see Jim Jackson replaced. I can’t stand his style, his voice I feel like he is yelling at me the entire game. Christ My ears hurt at every SHOT. Jesus Jim change it up a bit. He truly ruins the game for me and makes it extremely difficult to watch even when the Flyers were good.

  11. Yo yo yo . Hit me up tonight I’ll be hang’n at The Blind Squirrel kickin back wit all da fine ladies of Bristol. $3 dollar Milwaukees Best Pints and jello shots are 2 for 1.

    1. Bristol huh? You will also be “chilling” with some herpes, syphillis, and AIDS. Tomorrow you will be “chilling” at the clinic with your lack of health insurance begging for a bottle of penicillin

  12. I’m listening to Jaws and Joe Decameron and Barett Brooks. THIS my friends, is 97.5’s dream team!!!! Solid. Gold. Radio.

  13. Why would 975 hire mush mouth Gargano for morning drive when he failed as an afternoon guy to his former butt boy Mikey(I beat my producer) Bitchanelli? ESPN pays over a million to have their crap run on that station and no way Greater Media walks away from that check and all of the filler ESPN programming to put on a guy who would get smaller ratings that Mike and Mike.

      1. Correct. And nobody likes Sal Pal anyways. He was a dick to the interns when he filled in on MM back in the day with Jonny Marks.

        Sal spews bullshit on the fanatic

  14. Innes likes nickel back , has a hot girl friend named silly jilly on twitter that he can’t fuck because he has no testosterone in his thumbnail dick . Go away Innes I hope you read this in the bath tub with your dog you fat sack of pussy shit .

    1. Great call, that commerical is so annyoing. But absolutely nothing is worse than Joe Cordell. That accent and tone of his voice make me immediatley hit mute. “Unless you are in Missoura or Illanoy, I’m nat licansed in your state…..”

  15. How could Andy Bloom not have a plan for Cuz’s departure. It seems like he was caught totally off guard. If you’re gonna offer a shitty deal to get rid of him at least have a plan in place. Every day a different host is getting old. Just make your mind up and give it a year.

    1. Oh, stop. What “plan”? We’re not talking about Johnny Carson, here. We’re talking about some hoagie mouth radio host you could replace, literally, with some handjob from Mt. Airy.

    2. Andy Bloom is a no nothing duchebag who is ruining WIP. Josh Inness will be his downfall because he is a no talent asshole who will bring down the station. He knows nothing about sports but a lot about penises makes me wonder.

  16. Honest question, what does it mean when Jim Jackson yells ” and he scores for a case of tastykakes” after every flyers goal? I’ve googled it and couldn’t find an answer. Kyle this should be the focus of your next post. Just do it guy

  17. Hey fatso Innes, I know you’re reading this. You are a fat egomaniac and you will scour the bowels of the internet to find out what some idiot thinks of you. Well, lookie here you fat tub of goo, you’ve found it.

    Take your Morning Zoo AM schtick and take it back to Houston. Take your fat mouth of Andy Bloom’s small pecker. LEAVE. When people listen to sports radio they want sports talk. They want informed people with relevant opinions and a sense of history. You are an obnoxious, fat, blowhard you couldn’t know less about Philly sports if he spent 100 hours with Brace and Marks.

    Just go host the morning drive in Albuquerque or Des Moines and do your frat guy loud mouth nonsense there.

    Also Brace is a dumb piece of crap.

    1. HAHAHAHAHA, every post should be closed with a shot at Brace, even if he has nothing to do with what you were posting about in the first place!

  18. Can we start a petition for the site to change it’s name to Crossing Waves? You know because all they seem to write about what anymore is what’s going on in sports radio.

    Perhaps the worst part about it is, it’s not about anything sports related. Just contract disputes and gossip about air time.

  19. too funny, jaws last nite-“we watch tape”-shut the fuck up-running commercials for “do the deal tee shirts” -shut the fuck up-inness-he might as well be a morning zoo host-dude really just shut the fuck up-gcobb,rob charry, nitwits, shut the fuck up, i can’t even comment on john and sean, a fuckin disgrace, “do you know what we do at nfl films? we watch tape, jaws-shut the fuck up-dude if you knew anything you be a gm-shut the fuck up-

  20. Relax, nitwits. Radio companies (and most companies) only post these openings online to satisfy federal EEO requirements. They aren’t looking for anyone, rather, they’ve already filled the position and again, are simply posting to make it appear as if they’ve actually made such a position open to “outsiders.”

  21. In case you missed it, Andy Bloom’s love affair with J. Innes is part of a larger plan — slowly change the nature of WIP from sports to general talk radio. Listen to Innes randomly from 6 pm – 10 …and chances are whenever you turn on the radio the topic will NOT be sports, but cartoonish jibberish, pop culture, movies, tv shows, lame attempts at comedy routines. That’s what Bloom wants, and that’s what he’s getting with Innes.

    1. Bloom would be right to do so. How many fucking times are we going to hear the same old shit with the Eagles, Marcus Mariota and Marcus Mariota? Change is needed in 4 hour sports talk and most of you people are too stupid to realize it. Same shitty callers and same shitty topics. Having Innes in there and maybe another guy will weed the loser callers away that want to talk about the same bullshit.

      1. Hey Bob its because the teams all stink outside the Eagles, its nothing more than this. These stations can’t control that, so there’s little other to discuss, esp on two stations. We’re headed into the worst time of year for sports talk, so you’ll naturally see discussions shift away from sports at times – unless you want to discuss the Flyers 4th line. It will pick up a little once baseball starts, and once the draft hits there will be better discussion all around.

      2. I read that Innes had two co-hosts now? What is up with that? They are spending a lot of time trying to fit the square peg into a round hole for someone who is not long for the station. I think Andy Bloom is definitely determined to make him work somehow.

  22. Kyle,
    Would you be interested in co-hosting with Anthony? I know you enjoy the podcasting but would you eventually like to give a WIP a shot? They already steal all your stuff anyway.. let them pay you for it

  23. As long as Brace gets sent packing back to his Manyunk bedroom and Pitcher’s Pub, I dont care who you put on the air.

  24. Can’t wait to hear my boy Cuz!!!!!! Need to find out how Little Ant and Massimo are doing. I want The Cuz and Avalon Bryan to double team me and shoot their loads into my mouth

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