RADIO WARS: Rob Ellis Responds to Rumors of His Afternoon Demise


Rob Ellis is Switzerland. He’s caught in the middle, he isn’t taking sides, and he’s just looking out for Rob Ellis. At least, that’s the best analogy I’ve got because in the only world history class I took in college I sat next to a 6’9″  guy and spent most of my time imagining what his day was like. It must’ve been so cool. Anyway…

Ellis is co-hosting with Josh Innes today from 1PM to 6PM, and he knows many listeners would rather it be Tony Bruno. Even Josh would prefer it to be Tony Bruno. Ellis is aware, and he sent out a couple of tweets saying as much:

“For those asking, I’m back on the airwaves 1-6 w Josh. I’m well aware of all the talk, tweeting, what’s been written of late. I’ve never been one to need a kick in the ass. Just served to throw fuel on fire. Good to know who’s with me and who’s not. Excited for show.”

So what has been tweeted of late? Mostly this and this. There’s also a pretty equal display of “Josh and Tony would crush bitchinelli” and “No matter who you work with, Mikey Miss is the king.” And poor Ellis is barely mentioned. RADIO WARS is at a fever pitch right now, but unfortunately for Ellis, he seems to be caught in the crossfire. Bang it:


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    1. Sweden actually does have a long standing policy of neutrality, but it is rarely actually practiced. Sweden’s claims of neutrality during World War II has long be debated.

      So yea, he probably does mean Switzerland, which is famous for being neutral.

  1. Nice example of what kind of education being distracted by a 6’9″ dude and fantasizing about his 13″ ding dong gets you.

  2. Rob Ellis sees the writing on the wall. He has become stale like his counterpart Gargano and must go as well. Ellis was good at night going solo but isn’t made for the afternoon gig. Innes and Bruno have the “it” quality for both sports and entertainment, whereas Ellis is best just talking about sports and nothing else.

    1. Oh no. A sports guy talking about sports on sports radio. We can’t have that!

      1. Yeah. God forbid we would have to listen to 5 hrs. straight of Nick Foles-Chip Kelly-Howie Roseman-Tom Gamble without some entertainment mixed in. Innes is the only guy on that station to talk about shit other than the same 4 shitty Eagles topics and nothing else.

    1. I agree. This is most likely what will happen. Barkann isn’t meant for radio. He never improved in the last 2-3 years he’s been on. He yells too much and his hyperbole is over the top. TV personality only.

  3. Rob made his own bed by becoming Gargano’s boy, instead of being himself. That said, I don’t get the Bruno love at all. His constant yelling, catch phrases, and stupid sound board is morning zoo type of garbage. If Rob goes at Innes it’ll be a helluva lot more interesting than anything hid did with the human meatball.

    1. It would make epic radio if Innes and Ellis do a smack-down on each other ala Missanelli and WIP back in the day. My money in on Innes. He’s like 6’5″ and 300+ lbs.

  4. Ellis is a good #2, as he worked well with Gargano being the dominant personality on their show. Innes is just another loudmouth in the industry who is more worried about starting a controversy then talking sports. I’ll admit I am probably a minority opinion when it comes to sports talk radio because I don’t need to hear schtick to enjoy a show. Just give me 2 guys talking sports like my friends and I do at a bar. I can’t listen to people like Angelo, Eskin and Missanelli cause all they want to do with stir the pot, and sadly it works with most listeners. I would rather listen to Didinger then any of those bozo’s. But then again, I’m probably the minority.

    1. can’t argue with you…but “old school” sports radio is too bland for the 21st century. Can get more (and often better) info from Twitter and Podcasts where you don’t have to deal with 15 minutes of commercials every hour.

      I personally need something entertaining to keep me around, and not just some guys reiterating what i saw on twitter yesterday or asking if Nick Foles is the real deal once again. Between other stations, ipods, pandora, podcasts…….the industry is hurting.

      1. I agree that you can’t have some monotone guy talking sports all day, but there is a happy median. The problem is guys like Missanelli, Angelo, Eskin are all purposely stirring the pot because it sadly works and gets people all fired up. I can imagine Angelo’s show this morning: Christie is a fat pig who is a Cowboys Fan, and the Cowboys stole the game because of the refs bad call. And it will go on and on with the callers bitching about the same things, and Angelo plays right up to them on it.

        Atleast with Gargano/Ellis, you didn’t get schtick and they were giving their honest views on sports. I listened to Innes/Bruno last week and its the same crap as most of the guys on radio. Trust me, most of friends and co-workers eat that stuff up as they love Angelo in the morning, so I guess I’m the dinosaur, and I’m only 42 years old!

  5. Rob will be okay,I’m pretty sure in his lifetime he’s worked around a 6’3″ 360lb tub of goo with manboobs who smells like rotten eggs and hot garbage who thinks he’s the next Howard Stern.

    I do however recommend plenty of febreze because God knows what kind of horrible smells that will be emanating from the fat and flabby body of one Josh Innes.

    1. Why do you care how fat he is its radio you don’t have to look at him? Maybe your gay man and you like his fat sweaty body touching yours. Dude if that’s the case just say it we all know your thinking it

      1. Sorry Josh I know how sensitive you are about your weight.

        And thanks mr manboobs for giving me the courage to finally admit that I’m a male lesbian.

        Now go and prepare for your Howard Stern skit,because we all know how much the old toothless geezers love your shock jock routine.

  6. loved ellis in the 6-10 slot. he was insightful, entertaining, and opinionated. however, once he paired up gargano, i began to despise him. there was no creative or original thought coming from him at all. he pandered to everything gargano said. that said, what’s the point of having a co-host if the co-host agrees with everything the other one says. so, i think a pairing with innes might be good as they are an odd couple.

  7. Ellis has good knowledge, but is just too boring for radio. You need entertainment and he just isn’t entertaining.

  8. The best move, is to put Innes and Bruno in the afternoons, and put Rob in the Mike/Ike slot and fire those losers. That would be a win.

  9. Ahahahahaha, Jimbo doesn’t know the difference between Sweden and Switzerland. I like how you tried to change it without anybody noticing. Maybe if you didn’t spend all of your history class checking out dudes, you would learn a thing or two.

    1. 6’9 guy here. Yeah the mo used to check me out during history class. I was busy learning about when US grant besieged Robert E Lee at Petersburg and this skeefozo is trying to smell my fingers.

  10. I’d honestley like to see Mark Farzetta and Innes do a show in the afternoon slot.Gargano show was like trying to watch the Phillies playing a 1-0 game with no hits I wanna fall asleep .He also bogged down Ellis with the same ol same ol.Ellis was good at nights and Ike Reese needs to leave the politics at home .Way to many leftist remarks.I wanna see Macnow.Idk my opinions everyone elses differs.

  11. #1 Ricky Ricardo-I hate Lucy
    #2 Brian “Sludge” Haddad-Now I know how he got his nickname
    #3 Joe Giglio-Just a Gigolo
    #4 Josh Innes-Someone needs to do a courtesy flush.

    1. The real deal would be to put Peter Solomon on with Sonny Hill on the 10-1 slot.
      I can’t imagine they would be any less entertaining then Ike and Mike.

    2. You forgot John Johnson (yeah I think that is his name). He runs off at the mouth like he just drank 3 gallons of coffee and got huffy over someone who didn’t like a movie he did. He was filling in last week because it seems all the regulars were on vacation.

    3. Is this move for Innes permanent? If it is, there is a God. I had to stop listening to the 6-10 timeslot because of this loser and if they put him on in the afternoon I don’t care – I am at work, only listen to 2 hours of the morning show and in the evening. I used to like Rob Ellis at that time. Maybe he will come back!

      1. If you listen to 2 hours of that fucking train-wreck of the morning show, everyday, you must be mildly retarded.

  12. It’s clear to anyone that listened to today’s show that Innes and Ellis don’t work well together and have a disdain for one another. I expected as much when I heard about the pairing. Bottom line is Innes will make WIP go forward in 2015. He should be made the face of the station immediately and cut ties with the dead wood that has become stale after several years on the station. Jesus H., after over a decade of the same shit from Gargano, there are people that still want to hear his same crap? Guess what? After every few years, change is needed in sports talk. Same with Ellis. Smart guy with no personality. He needs to go to another time slot, maybe 2:00AM to 5:00AM. Enough of the status quo. Change it up.

    1. I agree with you. I like Cuz but man it was time.
      Here is my opinion on the line up

      Morning Show – Sucks but it place for 3 more years. At least their smart enough to mix in some guests from time to time to change it up a bit.

      Mike & Ike – Not to sound like a downer but this show sucks. Ike is 100% in the players corner ( I get it but he needs to come closer to center) and Mike needs to hang it up.

      Mid-Day – I would like to see Bruno and Innes for a year or so to change it up. Innes is new to the area and not afraid to take a stand, Tony is a chiseled veteran who knows Philly better than most. I think it would work.

      I like Eskin in very small doses so his Saturday show is good. It’s interesting when he subs for the morning show.

      Macnow & Ray are good on the weekends.

      Big Daddy – Who cares no one listens.

      Sonny Hill – Perfect on Sundays after Peter Solomon.

  13. Big Daddy is the best they have on WIP. No one ever fills in for him and fills his shoes. That is a hard timeslot to fill keeping people awake at night. He is hilarious.

    Who the hell is Peter Solomon?

    1. The fuck are you talking about? WIP does not feel like paying for some syndicated overnight show, so they let Big Daddy come in overnight to dick around with his music with his washed up buddies, and plug his comedy which only appeals to locals. And who gives a fuck, no one listening overnight is someone that advertisers want to reach anyway.
      I will bet that they don’t pay him more than minimum wage for doing that show, its a win-win for both sides.

      1. Big Daddy is a lot more knowledgeable on sports than people give him credit for.

  14. 97.5 played it all wrong. They have nothing in the morning drive with Mike &Mike. So you slide Brace and Marks to 10 to 12, you still have nothing, but at least you are lining up an afternoon that could win. You go Mayes and Bruno from 12 to 2, the numbers indicate Mike Miss kills from 2 to 6. Then you have a six hour block that the “Moobs” Dr can have his silly-ass spots. Who writes this stuff, by the way? Please tell me that no professional copywriter comes up with this dreck. Sure, I remember it- and that’s part/all of the goal. But when I remember it, it just pisses me off.

  15. It’s amazing that we have so many different opinions on these radio host. The fact is that Philadelphia is what the 5th largest market in the country and this is all we can come up with in radio and local TV? This city needs a massive upgrade so here we go.

    Rule # 1: Why have 2 host on together. Sometimes it works but Most times it doesn’t. Our hatred/dislike for one host almost always out weighs the other. In return we turn it off.

    #2: Five hours for a radio show is just too long/dumb.
    #3: Don’t hire people/athletes who need on the job training. 10 years of Via Sickahemma and he is still bad at it. Seems like a nice enough guy. Try listening to the Today Show crossover with Matt Lauer it’s painful to this day. AH, AH, Ah Via please enough already.
    #4: It’s Sports/Entertainment radio. Callers stop bitching about not enough sports talk. Your going to need entertainment this year more than ever.

    The Morning Team: Angelo like or hate/tired of him. Deserves the respect of 25+ years on same station/time slot. Try it yourselves and see how difficult that can be. I find it pretty impressive. That said I turn it off when I hear John from NE and Shirley the annoying Eagles fan. Rhea needs to talk about her latest husband or Ex Husband. You couldn’t wait to tell us about your Husbands now over a year no mention what so ever. What’s the big secret? Just come out of the closet already and tell us your a lesbian. The Man thing doesn’t seem to be working for you.

    Mike&Ike: Bad from the start. Both good guys. Where is the entertainment? Ike was a special team/average linebacker from Ohio. Very little local knowledge and the worst radio voice ever. Q-tips anyone?

    Rob Ellis: Not entertaining and a true Bore. Not impressed that you know the Eagles Offensive line from 1986.

    Josh Innes: The program director should be fired today. To put Innes and Howard Stern in same sentence is an insult to America. I won’t make fun of his Chris Christie weight but did you see his dog? Both little yippers who need to be kicked outside and forgotten.

    Big Daddy Graham: If anyone else can pull overnight ratings and entertainment I have not seen it. Bravo BDG That gig can not be easy so anyone who does not like it try it yourself and give the man the respect he deserves.

    Harry Mayes: I only put up with you w/Bruno. My dislike is more than my like of Baldy so I switch to Presston and Steve at that time. Your knowledge in sports and not very entertaining brings me to that decision.

    Jon and Sean: How can I put this? Just go AWAY! Sean it’s very clear according to most comment sections that no one like you. It is for good reason. Rather than rip you a new asshole I rather just say Get lost loser!

    Host that are OK/Good: Glenn Macnow, Jody McDonald, Mike Missanelli, Brian Dawkins, B Westbrook, J Trotter.

    People who never need to be on radio again: Hollis (creepy)Thomas hehehe, GCobb, Innes, Ellis, Brace, Mayes and Ike Reese.

    Gargano can be annoying with his shtick but host a show by himself could be good.

    Bruno is Bruno. love him or tired of him he is a pro’s pro.

    The bottom line is The Radio stations Program directors are doing a worse job than Rubin Amaro Jr. and should be called out on it. We need an upgrade in talent and it’s up to you to provide it. NOW GET TO WORK OR GET OUT!

    1. Good observations by Mr Program Director. People expecting local sports radio to find “new talent” obviously have not listened to sports radio in other cities. Philly is a huge sports market and the pool of talent is now being turned over to young guys who will work for free to be on radio or old guys who either have juice to get ratings or are just hanging on for ego reasons.
      Horrible sports cities like Miami, LA, Phoenix have 3 and 4 stations and it’s beyond dismal to fill all of those slots with virtually no local grown talent, so they put on anybody who thinks they know sports and hope to compete.
      Using WFAN in NY is a bad example to make comparisons. Mike Francessa is a slug who only succeeds because of longevity and pomposity. Does he know NY sports? yes, but so do 50-thousand other people working in sewers around NY. Give him credit for his success, but he sounds like a guy off the street (aka Gargano in Philly)
      It’s obvious many on this board are failed radio people, current hosts/producers/board ops who are either jealous, have an agenda or need to appease their egos by knocking others.
      The failure of 610 with syndicated CBS network “talent” shows Philly doesn’t want to hear about the Jets or other failed teams around the country. 97.5 relies on 10 hours a day of syndication to keep the rest of their marginal talent off the air and reduce overhead while getting paid by ESPN to run their programming.
      To those who think guys like Rob Ellis and Jody Mac are what we need more of; you don’t understand stations are in the business to make money, not placate the die hard sports geeks who only want hard core, no entertainment sports tripe. Jody is solid, but has never had a show with ratings success. Ellis could never carry any time slot or sell ads, unless this was a 1 station town. I view these silly posts for amusement, but it’s clearly good to spew venom and lame attempts at humor. Those are actually the best reads on these “radio wars” threads. Carry on my wayward sons.

    2. Are u serious!! so called sports director,I agree on a small sample of what u had to say but did u just say b dawkins,j trotter and b westbrook are good radio guys u are funny they bring nothin to the table besides what they think of the eagles game that particular week also u can take gargano and stick him up ur primos ass he is a phony and hes finished no matter if hes alone or not,barckann was a mistake I still like angelo idc what anyone thinks,rob ellis needs to go back to nights I used to like him but he lost respect from me when gargano made him hes bitch im cool with innes in the afternoon slot bcuz hes a breathe of fresh air hes different and not afraid to speak his mind,I also wand glen macnow to come back and do the 10-1 slot missaneli is a good host but I want innes to make him his bitch,what can I say about jon and sean that hasnt been said aalready sean brace is a idiot that I want to hit with my car dont care about harry mayes or the idiot he works with and last but not least phil allen should never gain access to a studio again that old short bald head bitch.By the way im a 31 yeah old afro american sports fan from west philly who happens to love every major sport including hockey

  16. WIP should get an award for how often their hosts misuse words and butcher the English language. What kind of nitwit says “eXpresso” instead of the actual word “espresso”?

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