This is Why Hockey Players are Great

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You may remember from last month the “I’m not bud, I’m Voracek” kid– a poor man’s child’s version of that kid who was all upset about getting a Penguins jersey for Christmas. As you know, the Flyers took care of the latter kid by sending him a whole bunch of stuff and tickets, and as it turns out, they hooked up “Voracek” as well.

Email from reader Nick:

The Flyers, after catching wind, in a game which my friends and their son attended on Dec 18th, they brought a “I’m not bud, I’m Voracek” sign, Voracek spotted it during warmups and had his G/F go meet them in the stands with an autographed jersey, which in itself is amazing.

But last night after attending the Devils game, they actually got to go down in the tunnel after the game and meet the players – several of them taking pictures with “bud,” including Voracek, Raffl, Giroux, Simmonds and of course Voracek. I’ve attached a photo with Voracek and Ethan (bud) that my friend posted on Facebook for reference.

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 3.45.57 PM

It’s pretty awesome how legitimately thrilled Voracek looks to be meeting his littlest fan.

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 3.47.55 PM

This is some great work all around by the Flyers here. But again, talk to us about how you shouldn’t bring your kids to the game.

tweets via Broad Street Hockey

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5 Responses

  1. Classy move by all players involved, hats off to the Flyers for taking the time to inspire this little dude.

    Also Jim still sucks 🙁

  2. The important question out of all of this is whether or not Voracek’s girlfriend is hot.

  3. Why the fuck does the home page keep redirecting to a bogus weight-loss supplement page with Oprah on it? Its happened several times in the past few days. Its not even a pop-up, it just completely navigates away from CB.

    1. It’s probably all that h0rse p0rn you’re watching on your computer/phone that’s giving you a virus.

  4. Outstanding work by the Flyers. Class all the way.

    ” including Voracek, Raffl, Giroux, Simmonds and of course Voracek.”

    He got to meet TWO Voraceks??? Dude, if we have 2 of them, the Flyers are going to be unstoppable! 😉

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