Today in Sixers Tanking: Nerlens Noel and MCW Seemingly Hate Each Other

"Give me that!" Photo credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports
“Give me that!” Photo credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, so let’s check in on how things are going with the Sixers and their ever-important building blocks: Joel Embiid is an immature fatty (ostensibly), and now, MCW and Nerlens Noel, who seemingly hate each other, continue to seemingly hate each other. Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Bob Cooney:

Voila_Capture 2015-01-20_10-00-02_AM

Translation: I want ball. MCW not give it to me. F this S.

Great, it’s not like we need those two guys for the future or anything……


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  1. Dear Kyle:

    I thought Jim had the exclusive on Sixers posts nobody gives 2 F’s about ?

    Have you finally jettisoned that unfunny, grammatically and wit challenged twit?

    Good for you !!

  2. Nobody cares about the Sixers, they freaking suck, have always sucked, and it is an embarrassment. I can’t believe a buddy convinced me to go to a game next months, damn I regret buying those goat-seat tickets.

  3. This young “core” is nothing more than bench players or average at best starters. And Embid has Bynum junior written all over him.

    1. I wouldn’t say “best” friends. But they will tag team an oldish white lady who had too much to drink (or so I said). But not good enough of friends to let their balls touch.

  4. Neither of them will be here. They’ll draft Okafor, trade Noel and MCW and Saric will be back early.

    They’ll still suck.


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