Video: Jakub Voracek Beat the Piss out of Rob Scuderi and Then Talked about Dave Schultz

Voracek after the game:

You were like a Broad Street Bully tonight

“I saw Hammer [Dave] Schultz before the game so I wanted to show him that I got something.”


Bonus video of Pierre-Edouard Bellemare, whose father, as we’ve learned thanks to Sam Carchidi, wasn’t a Charlie Hebdo editor (phew!), beating up on Bobby Farnham after the jump.

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36 Responses

  1. Too bad the local talking heads(94wip and 97.5) will once again only be talking about how the Eagles can move up and draft Marcus Mariota.

    Say it with me people Brett Hundley(not Mariota) will be the quarterback drafted by the Eagles..

    The question is will Chip Kelly reach for him in the 1st round,or will he move up and take him in the 2nd round.

  2. 40 years!!!! And yes the fight card may favor your no class team & fans, but it has won you nothing. Nothing in 40 years of hockey baby. It has made the flyers and their fans look and sound stupid to the rest of the sports world. You suck. And the truth hurts. 40 years. 1975. Ouch!!


    1. If we can get a sore loser Pittsburg fans to go out of his way to write some stupid comment on a Flyers blog we must be doing something right! You’re just furious that you’re overrated Penguins just can’t figure out how to win against the Flyers. Oh and probably also because of the fact that you’re beloved Crybaby Crosby has been playing in Voracek’s shadow all year. We may not have won a cup in a while, but at least when we do win it, it wont be hoisted in the air by a bunch of softies. We’re in the bottom on the standings and you still can’t beat us. Shows you how pathetic Shittsburg really is!

    2. but we can always beat your soft, limp wristed team….God we own your ass….its pathetic.

      1. I’m pretty sure it’s the other way around. Letang was the one taking it from the back last night!

    3. Seriously dude when are you going to graduate?? Tired of your nonsense comments after every flyers pens games

      1. I’ll graduate as soon as you annoying penguin fans get stop posting stupid posts on here site and go weep on their own f*cking blogs.

    4. And if it were not for the WHA and its creation in the early 70’s, the Flyers would be Cupless. That league took top talent off Chicago, Montreal and esp Boston and also allowed Parent to come back after Fast Eddie traded him away in 1971.

      1. You’re kidding about the Flyers getting anything, right? The Pens were on their way out of town before they magically pulled the #1 lottery pick after the lockout to draft Crosby. If you think that wasnt the league’s bribe for Lemieux to keep the team, and keep them there- youre dreaming. What did they have, 5 consecutive top 5 picks? Did people used to even show up to the Igloo?

    5. W147-L93-T30

      Flyers record vs. Pens

      The Flyers have easily owned the Penguins over history.

  3. Huge Flyers fan but Bellemare has to take his helmet off too to fight.. That was pussy on his part leaving it on after farnham took his off and was telling him to take it off too to make it fair.

    1. Pretty sure its a penalty to remove your helmet for a fight so calling him a pussy for that is pretty stupid. Also, the goal is to hit the guys face. Making contact with a guys head or helmet is the same thing. Farnham dropped his gloves way before Bellemare so its his own fault for engaging a guy who had a visor. Either pick your targets better or make sure you don’t hit the guys visor or helmet.

      1. it is also a penalty to fight, yet he did that. I don’t mind him getting an extra 2 mins for taking off the helmet. The goal of course is to hit the face, yet in a fight, especially on skates, a lot of punching goes on without aiming. If both choose to keep helmets on fine, if one decides to take it off, the other fighter should do the same for the equal playing field.

        1. You’re an idiot, what don’t you get? It is an automatic 10min penalty if you take your Helmet off.

          It increases the time your off the ice 3 fold.

          Shut the fuck up, you don’t know hockey

        2. Sure you don’t mind him taking the extra two minutes you are just a fan who doesn’t really matter. I am sure thats the thought every player has going into a fight. “Who cares if my team is shorthanded I need to make this an equal fight so I can please Joe Schmo in the stands.” Get a clue dude. Again, Farnham is an idiot for fighting a guy with a shield if he didn’t want to do so. Don’t be an idiot and blindly drop your gloves before you know who you are fighting. He probably wouldn’t have gotten his ass kicked if he took that advice.

    2. Once Farnham took his helmet off, Bellemare probably figured the Flyers would get a two minute power play out of the fight. It was smart for Bellemare to leave his helmet on.

      That being said, Farnham never received the extra two anyway.

  4. Why is the flyers acted like faux tough guys last night, but played like little bitches Monday against the real Beasts of the East, the NY Islanders? Fear of Matt Martin? Need to be home to pull the 1970’s era garbage? Another reason? They literally got run over one day, the next they’ll all of a sudden tough guys. Seems strange. Despite their sudden bravado, they are 18 points out of 1st place, 14 behind the Pens, and 11 out of the last play off spot. Only in a season where you’re going nowhere do you get hard over a January win.

  5. Rinaldo cheap shot; suspension coming. Downie back in the house; gets cheered by the ‘faithful’ for fighting even though he plays for the Pens now. WTF? Former Flyer now Blackhawk Carcillo gets 6 game suspension for doing the only thing he has ever been skilled at. Bet half the WFC crowd went home and popped in their Slapshot video. Old Time Hockey! Flyers still going nowhere.

    1. And people think the pens are Any closer? Lose to the 25best team in the NHL, can’t score a single pp goal despite 15minutes of PP with two of the leagues best scorers against the leagues WORST PK?!

      Your team has problems, big problems.

      To get over the hump both flyers and pens need to get worse before things can get better. Flyers are just ahead of that curve

      1. Dude, you’re an idiot. Where did I say I was a Pens fan? I’m a Flyers fan who is tired of the revolving door of goons this organization brings in to play and run things. Flyers are never going to win shit if they don’t stop doing it.

        1. The only point real had was both these teams need to get worse before things get any better and it seems hextall realizes that

        2. Don’t stop doing what? Being 20th in the league in fighting majors? The only reason that scumbag Rinaldo was playing was because of injuries

          1. Yeah, you keep thinking that. Ed loves you. And don’t give me the 20th in the league BS. Look at the last God-knows-how-many full seasons. Look at the former goons in the management positions. You telling me gooning isn’t ingrained into the Flyer organization and fan base just because they are 20th after half of one season? GTFOH!

  6. Luke Schenn fucking blow’s the d in general fucking blow’s . Who gives a fuck . yawnnnnnnn

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