Angelo Cataldi: Won’t Sam Hinkie Think of the Children?


One time just wasn’t enough. So Angelo Cataldi once again dedicated his Philly Voice column to decrying Sam Hinkie and his “plan” or “process” or whatever you want to call it. This time, he took the same point of view that weirdos do when they try to ban curse words in music and boobs on TV: Won’t anyone think of the children?

The little boy with a Michael Carter-Williams jersey will never understand why his favorite player is not a Sixer anymore. How are we supposed to explain to a child what “optionality” is?

Hand him a fucking dictionary. Or, trust that your kid is smart enough to understand this: Michael Carter-Williams was good, but he wasn’t great, and the Sixers are trying to build something great. They saw an opportunity to turn MCW — and his inflated value — into something great. They took it.

But Cataldi continues, misunderstanding even more. “Analytics is theoretical,” he says. “Real life is not.” If anything (and I am honestly so tired of defending analytics against people who just don’t get it and won’t even try), analytics are real life. They are the analysis of statistics for things that actually happened. They do not predict the future or attempt to do so. They analyze what has already happened. These “real life” things like grit and work ethic and potential are, in reality, much more theoretical. Cataldi is basically saying pay not attention to the stats behind the curtain, instead let gut instinct or emotion rule how you run a sports team.

Cataldi complains that Hinkie doesn’t know who he’ll draft this year because he “doesn’t know where he will pick in the lottery this year.” Congratulations, Angelo, you understand what a draft lottery is. Welcome to the NBA. But it all comes back to the children, right?

The father of the little boy with a Michael Carter-Williams jersey called my WIP radio show last Friday. He doesn’t understand at all what Sam Hinkie is trying to do.

“What do I tell my son?” he asked me. “What am I supposed to do now?”

What are you supposed to do now? Tell your son MCW was traded and that shit happens.


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  1. Angelo is just another sports radio blowhard we have in this city. What’s scary is that people actually believe he is being genuine and honest in his outrage or supposed love of the Philly teams. All he cares about is rustling feathers to get a segment of fan base fired up. Just remember this is the leader who sent 30 idiots to boo McNabb and the rest of the fan base has to explain it to the national media for the rest of our lives. I wish Angelo would go away, but there are too many idiots who believe his phoniness.

    1. He’s the only game in town…can’t wait for 97.5 to have a morning show. WIP always talk about the raise they just got, can’t wait to see the ratings a year from now.

      1. Yeah, but if Gargano is that other option on 97.5, I’d pick Cataldi.

        Both are frauds and both talk out their ass. But Gargano with his fake laugh, four for four business, name dropping, elitism and his buddies with their insipid nicknames like Jimmy Head, South Philly Santa, Summer Chill, Rippin’ and Tearin, Avalon Brian, Mitchie Tools, etc. etc. calling in and acting as if they are A list celebrities is just unbearable.

  2. nice, i’ve always been able to tell if an article is written by Kyle or Jim based on the tone/writing style, but thought this one was a Kyle

  3. Cataldi a hypocrite is putting it mildly. Look up “disingenuous” in the dictionary and there is Cataldi’s mug. Everyday, he laughs at what he pulls off. Bogus advertisers sell snake oil that allows Cataldi to reek in over $1.0 million a year. Turn him off and we’ll get rid of him. His act is so old. He and Eskin are over 63. Time for fresh blood.

  4. “They do not predict the future or attempt to do so.”

    Jimbo, are you implying that decision makers do not use analytics to predict future performance of players? If so, you are sorely mistaken my friend.

    1. They use analytics to TRY to predict future performance Mr. Realist. The point was that although nobody can predict accurately what the future will bring for any given player, you can always guess based off past performance. Along side of other factors such as age, body type, injury history, scouting reports, etc.. statistics are another helpful tool to use to make your decision on any given player.

      Statistics aren’t some magic crystal ball and nobody who uses them thinks so.

      1. Yes, my point exactly. Which is why I don’t understand why Jimbo said “or attempt to do so.” They do attempt to do so all the time, but, like you said, they aren’t a crystal ball.

  5. Angelo is great in the mornings. His opinions are worthless and his sports knowledge is below Jim, but he puts on a good show. It gets me through my drive.

    On the flip side, Innes/Bruno make the drive home unbearable. Today, that fossil Bruno was screaming so loud I thought he was going to have a heart attack. He’s pushing 70. Cool it. Meanwhile, Miss said “boobies” and I cringed. He’s your creepy uncle who dresses like a 25 year old Hungarian immigrant and dyes his hair like a divorced dad going through a midlife crisis. Thing is MM is well past midlife.

    Once again, I turned on music.

        1. same act for 25 years, winners and weasels, grand puba, wing bowl & eating stunts, fake laugh, fake rants, fake voice, fake philly sports fan, introducing every guest as the greatest, ogling over girls that could be his granddaughter, dirty 30 & booing mcnabb (or was it the pick), al moronganti, R H E A…have i got to the good show part yet?

          1. Yea, for sure…That cackling, over the top laugh at stupid stuff that we as listeners I assume, are to interpret as funny, and introducing EVERY local media journalist guest as the greatest, most brilliant ever, is truly cringe-worthy radio. How hasn’t anyone there not mentioned these to him yet?

    1. So you turned off innes and Bruno because Bruno was screaming but you like it when old Angelo does it all morning?

  6. You draft a guard with the 3rd pick in the draft who you think is better than MCW. But hey MCW is still on the team? Now I need to trade him shit! What value does MCW have now? Great job Hinke. You got good value! Keep it up. If Sixers get 1st pick? I see them trading it for future 1st + and still get the guard.

  7. I played in Philadelphia for seven years and never once saw anybody wear my jersey – what’s the big deal?

  8. This is funny because driving home from work i turned on (hate to admit the show is growing on me) Innes/Bruno and Bruno started with this same exact nonsense when two callers in a row had him cornered. he was proposing that the sixers just put a winning product out there(as if that can just happen overnight) or at least a team worth watching. He then bitched about the MCW trade as if the dude was the next Chris Paul, and when a guy brought up the fact that he’s hugely overrated, he then turned into Mr. think of the children by shouting what about the people who buy their kids MCW jerseys…..Dude that’s been part of the business forever. How many guys in sports are untradable???? So sam hinkie should think of the children and who buys who’s merchandise when putting together a team…..sounds logical. Although i don’t believe Bruno was even being serious, just trying to stir up debate/talk for the show…..Angelo on the other hand was most likely serious because he’s the epitome of a weasel

    1. Why in God’s name are you listening to that decrepit pair? I couldn’t stand Bruno at the Fanatic. He knows nothing of sports, rides on his coat tails as a “celebrity”, and whines like no one I’ve ever seen. Innes is a narcissistic Stern pig wannabe who mentions masturbation every hour and screams “look at me!” That he’s half intelligent (Bruno is a child) is hidden by his overt ambition which is amazingly transparent. (Its all about me=look). At least he was canny enough to start a campaign that got him noticed be cause CB took the bait.

      On the other hand, being February, if I hear Missanelli drum beat the Mariotta subject one more time, I’ll puke.

      That said, Mike is far more entertaining.

        1. I can def see how people are turned off to them, but I hated missaneli and gargano so I haven’t listened to sports talk in years.

          I was a big stern fan so I notice innes trying to do his best impression too, he isn’t stern. Stern isn’t stern anymore and hasn’t been for awhile

          1. agree on stern, its actually painful listening to his show now and comparing it to the golden years of 98-02

  9. I heard a few mins of Angelo’s show this morning and he was losing his mind because Hinkie used the word trope and he had no idea what it meant. Doesn’t this fuckin meatball write for a living anyone with a high school education knows what trope means. I wish someone would throw that slobbering fool into a pizza oven

  10. People wore MCW jerseys? Bad parenting.

    Cataldi is a perfect candidate for the John Oliver segment “how is this still a thing?”

  11. Put on 94.1 on in the yesterday morning and that blabbering idiot was talking about non-sports topics, what kind of show is that? I might as well turn on Gio in the Morning or Elvis Duran. The worst part is that Angelo is so old and out of touch, not that it seems like he ever was “in touch” in the first place, that he has no idea what he’s talking about.

  12. Angelo’s true self came out yesterday when he was actually using homeless people for one of his stunts. He sent one of his stooges out to give a homeless person $5 and then take a selfie with them to post online. He claimed he wanted to do it so other people would buy a homeless person something to eat or coffee because it was so cold out. Then he freaked out when the first homeless person took the five bucks and ran away before they got a picture. He berated the poor staff guy for not getting the picture and complained because now he had to put out another five dollars. What an f-ng phony – like he cares about the homeless. I guess that 10 bucks set his retirement fund back! What a creep.

  13. The 76ers let Kyle shoot around on their court so he’ll get on his knees every single time.

    Bottom line is if you need to purposely lose for multiple seasons just to become competitive, your sport is a joke. Why do you losers watch this shit?

  14. OMG, Angelo just needs to get a life and move on already. Good grief. I used to listen to his program every morning (out of habit I suppose), but as others have said, it is essentially unlistenable.

    What I love about the media railing against Hinkie’s plan is that nobody offers a better solution. Finding a difference making player in the draft is the only option they have. No big time free agent will ever sign here unless there is a player here whom they want to play with. Dwight Howard went to the Rockets because they already had James Harden. Lebron/Bosh to the Heat because they already had Wade. Love to the Cavs because of Lebron/Irving, etc. They’ve already tried that approach of overpaying mediocre players that aren’t difference makers by themselves (Iguodala, Brand, Young); trading for past their prime/injured players (Webber, Bynum, Richardson); and drafting serviceable role players in the 10-20 range (Holiday, Carney, Young, Turner, MCW). Vucevic was perhaps the only exception and probably their best draft pick in recent years. This particular plan either got them in the back-end of the lottery or the 7-8 seed area where they’d get bounced in the first round.

    But really if you want to blame anybody, blame the NBA…their system is so flawed it’s not even funny. The fact that teams find tanking seasons over and over again the best option in order to compete at all, tells you all you need to know. If Phil Jackson (as much as he’s won in his career) finds that losing games is the best option, then how can you fault Hinkie? At least he has Carmelo is his back pocket to try and lure some FA’s next season…but the Sixers don’t. What they do have is plenty of cap room and draft picks which in the NBA is very valuable. It actually bothered me a hell of a lot more when they were mired in mediocrity every year (see Flyers). People will complain no matter what route they take. It is what it is.

  15. Tell the little kid to talk to my son about it. He has had the following jerseys: BIRON, TALBOT, MCNABB, VICK, JACKSON, et al. That’s the way it works in pro sports.

  16. I enjoy listening to conversation on my drive to work at 5:30am M-F so I subject myself to the maddening stupidity of the WIP Morning Show. Angelo is the sports talk radio antichrist. His only goal is to stir up drama. His fake laugh is sickening. He’s a pervert as well. Their target audience must be the 60+ crowd. And omg don’t get me started on Al. Can this guy finish ONE SENTENCE? without his ADD kicking in? how many things are going to be the most incredible/amazing thing he’s ever seen? I’ve lost count at this point. WIP’s latest tag line is ‘Drama. Guaranteed’….I believe it should be ‘Drama. Manufactured’

    As far as the new Innes/Bruno show…I really enjoyed listening to Bruno on 97.5 mid days. In fact, I still do enjoy listening to him. I think Josh needs to tone it down a few notches. I mainly listen for Tony and I hope the show succeeds because I couldn’t stand that fake Anthony. My God, enough with whatever shtick he’s trying to pull. I found the Innes/Bruno show to be a breath of fresh air on the radio because they were talking about things other than the Iggles. yes, Philadelphia, there are other sports in town besides them.

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