Audio: Mike Missanelli and I Debate the Media’s Whining over the Eagles

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Mike Missanelli had me on his show today to debate the whole Eagles not talking to the media thing. He took issue with this post (in which I basically called Reuben Frank a whiner) because he feels it’s the Eagles’ duty to communicate with fans.

Here’s the audio:

Courtesy of 97.5 The Fanatic

I have no issue with any of Mike’s points, even the misguided stuff about bloggers feeling the need to chop down mainstream reporters because we’re “jealous.” It’s his opinion. I think he’s wrong, but it’s his opinion. Reporters do deserve scrutiny, especially the ones who do little more than lazily transcribe press conferences and write vanilla stories based on canned quotes (which I’m not accusing Frank of, by the way). And while some bloggers absolutely would kill for some of those big boy jobs, or have used blogging to get into the mainstream, that’s not everyone. It’s not me. I’m as interested in the running a business thing as I am the writing about sports thing, and I’d take doing this – for many reasons – over being a beat writer or newspaper columnist 100 out of 100 times. That’s not to disrespect other bloggers or reporters– it’s just not me. So I think he’s generalizing when he says bloggers bash mainstream reporters out of jealousy. Often, when we bash them, it’s because they suck.

As for the Eagles not talking thing– I agree they should have to answer questions at some point. But bitching that they’re not doing it now, when we’re more than half a year away from football season (GAHHH!), is stupid. If older reporters put half the effort into actual reporting – like some of the newer-school guys – that they do into complaining about the curious absence of low-hanging fruit in the form of succinct soundbites, and used their access to cultivate some sources, God knows what we’d learn about the Eagles’ front office situation. Certainly, it would be stuff we won’t get from any press conference.

These are all points I could’ve made if the guest’s audio didn’t duck under the host’s and I was able to finish a goddamn thought with Mike.


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        1. suffice to say Kyle is a professional and refused to publish the email because he likes Didinger, as I do. That and I have an aversion to litigation and confidentiality statutes. Stu Bykofsky also advised me against publishing it. Didinger knows all things Football.

  1. So Mikey Miss and Reuben “TRIPLE CHINS” Frank have their old man skid marked stained tighty whities in a bunch because Chip Kelly won’t talk to them good for Chip.

    Seriously what is there to gain on Chip’s part by talking to these washed up has been media members like the above mentioned when they’ll just twist his words and vilify him in the first place?

    And props to you Kyle for standing your ground against miserable Missanelli who is known for trying to bully any and everybody he comes across.

    1. Hey motherfucker, no one, and I mean NO ONE has more chins than me. Get that shit through your fucking head.

    1. If this is true, its a god damn shame. She’s a very attractive 27 year old with a solid career in a top 5 media market and she’s wasting her youth on this washed up biter has been???

    2. No shit duuude maybe that’s how he got the inside information details on how Aaron Murray broke up with smarty jones

    3. Really? Caitlin Roth holds up with Mike Miss? Shit she has low standards, and must love wrinkled old balls.

  2. Missanelli didn’t shut up and made no sense. He contradicts himself before completing the sentence/point he was trying to make. He made no sense, and when he would catch himself losing steam on a point, he would accuse “blogger types” of being envious of reporters.

    MM is stuck in the past, media/newsreporting has transformed since Missanelli came into the business. He is losing steam quickly.

    Also no I don’t give a F about hearing the eagles hold daily press conferences regarding inner office politics. The questions will get asked when their scheduled media events take place. Its just more sportstalk/sports reporting fodder/overkill during a slow time of the year in this city.

  3. I want to knock mike miss the fuck out Murray from Mayfair style for hanging up on me today for talking Brooklyn Dodgers.

    Go dodgers4Life!!

  4. Lost whatever little respect i had for missanelli. Believe me it wasnt much. He completely turned the interview into a bashing of bloggers after Kyle shut him down with the poll question remark how none of the fans care. He is a bitter old man who has nothing in his life besides the Eagles. He knows nothing about any of the other teams anymore. He did in the past but he has become so one dimensional these past few years. Missanelli claims the fans want reporters like Reuben Frank to ask the Eagles questions. But doesnt seem to understand that no one cares about the inner workings of a front office. We care about winning. That is it. The jealousy in Mikes voice throughout the interview was unbelievable. He is just mad that way more people come to this site every day than ever read his shitty writing. Go ahead Mike keep writing your shitty Penn St articles. Im sure the 15 people that read them will love them

  5. Like the site Kyle, and listen to Mike Miss, but this “battle” was weak and seemed staged. Like you didn’t really care (no one does) but they asked you to defend the other side. The topic also isn’t one the riles up passion for most people (should coaches talk to the media?!?, who cares). Hope he brings you on with something of value to debate.

    1. bro are you serious I heard it live and Mike was dead serious and was kind of a jerk to Kyle it was absolutely not stage and I felt Kyle handled himself extremely well unanswered poignantly and purposefully I have never been one to sit here and praise him for his ability to copy news stories make t shirts and get Philly going with insightful commenters but I have a lot more respect for him after hearing could live today and I think you’re a jerk off

  6. Mikey miss talkin bout snarkiness. Such a douche bag. Obviously looks down his nose at Kyle. I hate mike Missanelli . Whose jealous ? Mikes jealous. Such a snob . Mikes out of touch, he’s out of time. He turned into exactly what he railed against eskin for. And He’s getting a taste of his own medicine . “Trouble making gossip mongering?” How’s that different from what mainstream media does. Mike can’t handle the reality. “Hey Martinez get me a water and get sal pal on the phone you hockey geek.” InnesBruno

    1. Are you saying Mike Miss is a hypocrite? (answer, of course he is). He claims to be a progressive hipster and is quick to latch on to the latest trends (alt music, WTF?!, the dude is like 90, my condolences to his embarrassed daughter) but cant deal with the Kyle’s of the world who now run the sports media (think First Take). Say one thing, do another, the Mike Miss anthem.

  7. Caitlin Roth has the smallest tits on tv. Dawn Timmeney and Shirleen Allicot have the nicest tits, both have large c cups. Who agrees?

  8. The station has become a mess over the last couple weeks. Mike has been a terror. Yelling at interns for no reason throwing child-like tantrums at the dumbest things.

    I don’t think it has anything to do with Innes/Bruno. Word around the office is that the whole heart issue that happened a couple months ago has come back up and Mike might have to step away from the mic. You gotta remember he’s 63 years old.

    Anybody have any questions I can try to answer what you want…

    1. Is there ANY news or hope for sean brace being removed from the work week or entirely?

      Any news you could share would be appreciated. I just can’t take it any longer.

  9. Hahaha MM got owned. Ill tell u why this clown looks down his nose at bloggers. Back im the day when media was primarily print, for every 1000 job applicants with a degree, internship, and multiple other resume items, there were like 20 jobs. Most of the time the people who were given those precious few opportunites was 50% of the time because they had a family member or close friend in the business (not counting that against them). So opportunites were rare. “Old school” guys like MM arent used to any competition once they secured their place. Most professionals dont mind, and view it as an opportunity to grow. But MM shows how truly insecure and bitter he is with that call today. Thank god for the new afternoon show on WIP

  10. CrossingBroad has become a dull, uninformative snooze fest of a site. The more popular it has become, the worse its gotten. I tapped out a couple years ago & only ocaisonally take a glance when bored. STOP WITH THE FUCKING SURVEYS!!! DOES ANYONE ACTUALLY ANSWER THOSE THINGS. Kyle u gave me the biggest douche chills reading about Glenn Macnows “Beer Podcast”. That sounds ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE! Macnow is fucking awful, he’s a complete geek. Yeah man lets talk to the guy’s guys out there about sitting back like real Men & knocking back a few beers. DID YOU REALLY SAY CRACK OPEN A BEER WHILE YOU LISTEN?!? YUK…. That sounds like a horrible idea. I’d rather die a slow self induced death in a fiery fucking inferno. I think Glen would blow Ray Didinger while he fondles his old, geriatric, wrinkly fucking nut sack. Kyle give it up you’ve become a fucking dolt & ur blog absolutely fucking blows. Plus you’re not even from Philadelphia. Ur a typical subarbian who wishes they grew up in South Philly

    1. Yo south Philly . The only people who care about south Philly or like south Philly are from south Philly. We all know how much youse guys love yourselves but nobody else gives a fuck. Go mow your backyard with scissors ya 2 streeter. Self obsessed closed minded . And pick up your dog shit on the sidewalks scumbags

      1. i bet that clown probably cried himself to sleep when gargano got the boot. Who gives a shit where Kyle is from, this blog is the only good thing about philly sports right now besides the sixers dance team.

    2. Little mikey probably had an intern write this comment. Just like they (him and 97.5) do about Innes in every post. I know this for a fact.

      Also, little mikey, we know your old and gray. Stop trying to cover it up. Pull a bob barker and just embrace it already you [email protected]

  11. Anybody else note the timing that MM attacked Kyle only after an admitted business partnership with Bruno? Why do I sense that’s no coincidence? His vindictive agenda comes out in a big way. Unfortunately, MM reminds me more and more of Eskin every day: a bitter, aging man who talks over anyone with an informed opinion that counters his own, and was interesting to listen to but is increasingly out of touch. I listened to him for years, but continue to be more and more disinterested in anything he has to say.

  12. No one wants to be from South Philly. The suburbs exist because everyone wanted to get away from all the single celled mouth breathers in the city.

  13. MM is an absolute disgrace. This hair dying fossil is a bore to listen to and a joke at that. He knows nothing, Like a commenter above said he has become Eskin: an aging has been talking over people to win arguments.

    I saw the recent ratings and it’s not like he’s dominating WIP. Innes/Bruno is a catastrophe but it won’t be long before someone beats him. He’s a 63 year old man and he’s sill throwing hissy fits and temper tantrums. The bad guy cannot win.

  14. You should’ve asked him how it felt to be called out as the clown fool that he is on national radio a few months ago by Levin. You should’ve also asked him how he’s managed to keep one job for so long

  15. I’m I’mpressed Kyle. U did a very good job on mike miss and your q and a was also very good. U should do more of that stuff. I gained a lot of respect for you today.

    On a side note. Your gay and have a tiny penis.

  16. God MM is such a turd. This whole not talking to the media thing is only relevant TO THE MEDIA! They need to write stories if he talks or doesn’t and I’m sure it’s a lot easier to write when he talk. But Kyle is completely right, we all know what the message is… Nothing. They won’t say a damn thing. So glad I stopped listening to MM when Bruno came back. Last time I tuned in between a commercial he was still crying about Marshawn not talking to the media two weeks after the superbowl. Dude should hang it up and go listen to “alt” all day, f’in douche

  17. I can’t stand the Philly sports media because they are cowards. They have this reputation as tough and demanding, but they’re paper tigers. They never really push athletes or coaches to answer questions or use their columns to call out the real jerks because they’re so afraid that the team will limit their access or their newspaper or TV station will suspend/fire them.

    Let’s take that walrus Andy Reid.. A couple years ago his drug addicted loser son Garret dies and the tub of goo only takes two days off to mourn.. Two!!! Had to come back and coach a completely meaningless exhibition game.. And No One in the media had the Guts to ask him why he wasn’t taking a longer period to mourn or to publicly criticize the decision. How much can you love your son when you only need 48hrs to mourn.., Takes longer to fight a common cold!!

    The Philly media were gutless cowards on that and pretty much all issues involving these terrible teams.. um.. I mean private corporations that pretend to be part of the city. No one ever advocates people boycott attending the games or buying merchandise– the only things these people care about.. Instead they vent and complain, then ask softball questions respectfully and get annoyed when someone actually may speak candid like Papelbohn.

    When the media grow a spine, then people may respect them

  18. To actually talk about sports. Did he make you answer questions about Patrick Swayze and Arcade Fire before he let you on the air.

  19. Mike has been “over” for a long time. An old guy embarrassingly trying to be young, but at the same time can’t get out of the past. I don’t care if Kelly ever talks to the media. Hell, the last time Mike went to The NovaCare Center he made an entire news conference about him while Andy Reid punked him. Get over yourself Mike, you are over. You are a fake tough guy and damn near 70. Your show sucks.

  20. I listened to this live and I was so annoyed. It was clear Missannelli brought you on just because he thought he could rip you, which he tried to do.

    Missannelli has become more and more like Eskin ever since Eskin left. You either agree with his opinion or he says you’re wrong

    Nothing annoys me more than when radio hosts lower the volume of the caller so they can talk over you.

    And is it just me, or is Mike a little hypocritical by calling you out for saying someone was a ‘whiner’ when he literally has a segment called “Whiner of the Week”?

    Another poor attempt by Missannelli to be hard. Maybe he’s pissed at you about teaming up with Bruno, maybe he’s pissed about Radio Wars, maybe he’s pissed about you ripping his BFF Sal Pal. I don’t know, but I lost a lot of respect for him after this.

  21. “i find it insulting to fans…apparently most fans don’t care.” -mike missanelli


  22. Missanelli was a total @sshole in this segment. He had Kyle on just to bitch and moan about bloggers, and came off as a total douchebag. Plus lowering the volume of the caller so you can talk over them is bush league.

  23. Great job Kyle, you stayed calm and collected. You are right btw, no one cares if the eagles talk now. That dude is a douche and I think you set him off with your Chip Kelly comment. Good job man.

  24. Kyle kind of started to touch on it before Mikey Miss lowered his call audio in the mix and raised his own mic audio so he could just talk over everything Kyle was trying to say, which is why you never do call-in interviews with anyone who has an axe to grind with you, because they all do that shit; but he really could have had Mike on the ropes if he had further pushed his point that Mike’s definition of “mainstream media” doesn’t exist anymore.

    The internet is mainstream media. The papers are relics from a different era. Mike wanted to complain about blogs being idiots who don’t do their own reporting, but other than his spots on Gargano’s show, I think the Liberty Ballers blog is one of the only local outlets to talk to get a legitimate interview with Hinkie since Hinkie took over.

    And Kyle’s right, people hate the media because they’re lazy and want athletes & front office guys to write their stories for them and then grind axes in public like Eskin and Bob Ford are doing right now.

    That’s why I like this Sixers situation so much, because it’s really blown the lids off of how petty certain guys are, and also how lazy some of the reporters are because there’s been 5-6 really good Sixers articles written in the past two years by national outlets. And they got done, because the writers did the work and decided if Hinkie won’t talk on the record, they’ll talk to everyone and anyone who knows him, not just bitch about how he won’t give them quotes.

  25. Wonder if Kyle will now finally have the balls to release the Mikey Miss e-mails proving what a overly sensitive, jealous douche nozzle he truly is. BFD. You have the only show on a crap station with ratings and everyone has to bow to your greatness. You suck and Philly sucks, so congrats on the winning exacta!

  26. Hey, Klye. You should have started every sentence with “listen”. ” listen, I get your point”. 90% of the mike miss callers do. He would have better to deal with if you had.

  27. I’d like to think the Eagles are too busy to talk to the media right now. Evaluating the draft, free agents etc… has got to be a daunting task regardless of how you’re staffed. the whole thing sounds like the media bitching about the Eagles making them work.

  28. This station is on life support at this point. Their “clean up hitter,” MM is completely over-the-hill and out of touch with this city’s fans. Since the majority of the city that voted on the poll’s he and Kyle referenced clearly indicates that we really don’t give a flying fuck about “fuck my titties rube” getting his media byte daily so he has something to waste the space of the paper (and most other “mainstream media writers”) with- MM decides to verbally attack us?!?!? saying that we are all unintelligent, unadvised sports fans? Who the fuck are you Mikey Mis!?!?!? you wanna play daddy go hang with your kid! we don’t need to be told what you think we need to hear! Wake up to the year 2015- As much as we all like to bash kyle and Jim, with regularity i might add, they are keeping these “mainstream Media” types in check. The “mainstream media” likes to hide behind the fans acting as if they are our advocate-its bull shit- if chip were to talk today we would get no more than the frustrating bland comments that would mimic a hockey injury update (which is also worthless)- Go lick marcus hayes’ ass MM!

  29. that is the question.

    also, mike missanelli is the biggest scumbag. Id rather snuggle with jolovitz or roob than even listen to that guy talk

  30. Mikey Miss was at the KP Mall buying female Addidas body stocking.

    He must be getting ready for his Bruce Jenner interview.

  31. Missanelli comes across as an old world reporter, who is lost in the NOW. Wake up. Mike..Hear Kyle Scott. Your ears are closed. CrossingBroad is where it’s at, snarky or no.

  32. I call a violation on myself! I sound like Jerry-fucking-Seinfeld when I’m on my period and am a latent uh, whatever I tweeted about that got me suspended that one time.

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