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BREAKING! This is breaking!!! This is our “break the Internet,” Philly! Embrace it. Own it. Cherish it.

I have no idea what the context of this photo is, who is (if it’s Claude Giroux or the other girl in the picture), but all that’s clear is that newly single Kacie McDonnell is in a sweet, sweet embrace with noted nympho and suddenly streaking Flyers defenseman Michael Del Zotto. This is Z’s white whale and HOLY SHIT HE CAUGHT IT! Hang on, Ahab! HANG ON!

Multiple readers sent some variation of this screen cap late last night. All noted that the picture was quickly deleted, ostensibly because of the nasty feedback it was getting (unverified). I call bullshit either way. Kacie knew full-well what she was doing by posting this. She can’t breathe on the social medias without a flood of sports blogs posting about it (wake up, guys!). This was a shot across the bow of Aaron Murray (RELATIONSHIP WARS.) Del Zotto is now a world famous fiend– a hockey player by day, a dweeby Christian Grey by night. I mean, shit, Kacie posted the pic no more than six hours after arriving in Philly. This was a targeted, premeditated strike. Murray is reeling right now. Reeling! And quite frankly, so, too, is McDonnell. Del Zotto has got the ex-local babe on the line, and he’s either going to bring her in or be dragged to his metaphorical death. Need deats here, folks. Need ’em. Will pay for them.