BREAKING: Kacie McDonnell and Michael Del Zotto Hung out Last Night

Screen Shot 2015-02-07 at 9.20.24 AM

BREAKING! This is breaking!!! This is our “break the Internet,” Philly! Embrace it. Own it. Cherish it.

I have no idea what the context of this photo is, who is (if it’s Claude Giroux or the other girl in the picture), but all that’s clear is that newly single Kacie McDonnell is in a sweet, sweet embrace with noted nympho and suddenly streaking Flyers defenseman Michael Del Zotto. This is Z’s white whale and HOLY SHIT HE CAUGHT IT! Hang on, Ahab! HANG ON!

Multiple readers sent some variation of this screen cap late last night. All noted that the picture was quickly deleted, ostensibly because of the nasty feedback it was getting (unverified). I call bullshit either way. Kacie knew full-well what she was doing by posting this. She can’t breathe on the social medias without a flood of sports blogs posting about it (wake up, guys!). This was a shot across the bow of Aaron Murray (RELATIONSHIP WARS.) Del Zotto is now a world famous fiend– a hockey player by day, a dweeby Christian Grey by night. I mean, shit, Kacie posted the pic no more than six hours after arriving in Philly. This was a targeted, premeditated strike. Murray is reeling right now. Reeling! And quite frankly, so, too, is McDonnell. Del Zotto has got the ex-local babe on the line, and he’s either going to bring her in or be dragged to his metaphorical death. Need deats here, folks. Need ’em. Will pay for them.


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  1. She makes Johnny B look normal, i’m sure Michael has more hay in the bank then Aaron

  2. Zorro? He actually calls himself that? Christ. [email protected] needs to get with someone with a bit more profile than this doucher to even get Murray to notice.

    I nominate Zach Ertz as her next conquest.

  3. MDZ looks like a guy with a closet full of exotic sex toys. Probably borrows missanelli’s holiday wheel to choose which one to use.

  4. She must think its “McDonnell” history month with all the days she’s taken off

  5. K-a-y-E came running back to philly when news broke of that penetrable paramedic. She got Jelly and figured if someone was gonna take that many dicks, it might as well be her.

    Dont moderate me fuck face …..

  6. Chompers is so pathetic she makes Josh Innes seem normal. She nays and cries and goes to her stall to eat hay, demanding attention for her Arena Football QB of a fiancee dumping her after she lost a big race, or something.

    Two seconds later she’s posting photos on social media for all to see with her hooves all over some weirdo maniac hockey player. We get it. You like attention.

  7. That’s a shame. Dudes face is brutal. Typical, slightly avg hockey player with subpar face pulling in the girls. Reminds me of John Brennan

  8. +1 for an anti news personality article, but -1 for the Shades of Gray reference.

  9. Anyone noticing a trend that the Russia “shoes” r starting to not rerack or wipe down the machines at the gym.

  10. Ah yes.. Kacey MacDonnell.. One of the worthless wh*re “weather girls” who get to make 6-figures simply reading words off a teleprompter while wearing tight clothes and Pretending to know what she’s talking about; one of those worthless ‘B’s who told everyone a couple weeks ago to expect 10-14in of snow then said a big ‘Ooopsie’ when wrong because how can anyone be angry at playmate-looking dingbats who get paid a lot of $$ to do virtually nothing..

    1. Hey buddy. How are you? The other nite was great…I’m ready for another go at it.Keep it on the Dl.

  11. Smarty Jones returns to Philly to offer her loins to the lowest level pro player who is on tinder. Surprised Embid isn’t turning this bitch out, yet..

    1. He’d never get his firehose thru that grill…that’s why kylee still thinks he has a chance.

  12. H0rse t00f no talent plastic tit jock sniffing social media hore twat bag……

    Bad spelling on purpose because of stupid filters.

    That is all.

  13. This blog hasn’t had a good tit shot of that Neanderthal in far too long.

    There’s something a little disturbing about that boy.

  14. Cleat Sniffer looking for vicarious fame…guys fall for the face…..she is a Dream Killer

  15. Toothy McChompers has pic of her brother on Instagram. Anyone know: does he have Downs Syndrome?

    Good god she’s insufferable. What an attention starved narcissist. Murray must be laughing his ass off.

  16. I don’t know who that other toothy slut is, but she is in bad need of a nose job. If you’re gonna run with a fame-whore; you have to be perfect. That nose looking like a dick won’t get it done.

  17. Looks like after that pig [email protected]’s failed attempt to become the next Catherine Webb she is now trying to become the next Erin Andrews going to the nhl pool.

  18. Hexy better get on top of this situation & keep California chrome away from the team

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  20. Is it me or is she going to get some OLD RICH DOPE to get her knocked up just for her to go on one of these Bev Hills Housewifes shows. She`s a PIG and a WHORE…What a media WHORE. Will open her legs to ANY SPORTS PERSON,She might turn lesbo if she could get a Hollywood part.

    1. Translation: I HATE attractive women because none of them WANT ME. WAAAH I’m gonna go on the internet and talk shit anonymously. THAT’LL SHOW THEM.

  21. All you nayyyyyyyysayers can go eat hay at the barn.

    Stick your tooth out [email protected], they hate you because of your beautiful hooves. You kids keep horsin’ around, even with the Philly.

  22. This chick just can’t stop chasing athletes. She has no self respect. I almost hope she gets passed around like a blunt until she’s 40 before she looks in the mirror and realizes just how shallow of a bitch she really is. Really DelZotto is some very low hanging fruit too. He’d hump a fresh cinnabon if it looked at him the right way.

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