Dave Montgomery Says Ruben Will be Evaluated after a Very Long “Year or Two” Because the Phillies Don’t Care About You

I don't know what I'm doing!
I don’t know what I’m doing!

After this morning’s breaking news that Ruben Amaro is, in fact, an idiot, here’s some worse news: Dave Montgomery says Ruben Amaro will be evaluated at his job in a year or two. A year. Or Two. More. Of Ruben Amaro.

According to CBS3, Dave Montgomery told MLB Network Radio:

“We think we have a pretty quality guy in that role. At the same time, I have a partnership group where they are looking at this closely as well. And the reality is we have a GM that we think is effective and we have a Hall Of Fame GM in our midst as well. And if Pat [Gillick] spends an entire year or two close with Ruben [Amaro], I think he’ll have a very good idea as to how effective Ruben is and collectively a decision will be made.”

Why? Why? Why?

Why is it going to take another year or two of Ruben being babysat by Pat Gillick to figure out “how effective Ruben is”? Why have they not figured that out from the six-plus years he’s already been in that role? I mean, that’s a pretty big sample size to glean info from. Plus, if he was bad for six years, and you honestly expect him to be good now that Gillick is hanging around again, can’t just anybody fill that role? When the few fans you have left that will actually be paying to attend games have been actively calling for Ruben’s dismissal for years already, why give him two more chances? I just don’t get it.

But at least it can’t all be put on Ruben now, since it’s becoming clear the front office has the same problem he does: An inability to let go.


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  1. Monty no longer has authority on baseball decisions. That happened when he was pushed out as President and essentially given Bill Giles’ old role (head of community relations; no day-to-day input on team decisions).

    This is just Dave talking up one of his friends to the media, while putting Rube’s fate in Gillick’s hands.

    Rube’s on the hot seat.

    1. So what? Is Pat about to make that decision now? So exactly what Monty says is true. The worst GM in our history gets AT LEAST one more season to try and bury us further. With all that’s happening with Hamels and the opening of the Cuban market, a man who can’t GM his own family gets to drive this ship further into the ground. Bottom 5 organizations in all of sports! Nothing changes.

  2. We should all do what that Harrisburg radio station did. Change over to the Nationals

  3. This is why I hate Philly sports fans.. Zero appreciation for anything anyone does. Overall Ruben’s been a good GM.. Not Spectacular or Great but not Horrible either. There is not a single prospect the Phillies have traded away during Amaro’s tenure that has amounted to a real MLB player. None. Where’s Michael Taylor? Or Kyle Drabek? or any other player the Phils gave up to get Lee, Halladay, Oswalt and Pence? The minors– that’s where.

    Everyone conveniently forgets that the Ryan Howard deal was looked upon as a discount compared to impending free agency for Pujols and Prince Fielder. No one could have foreseen Howard getting so seriously injured on that last play of 2011. As for contracts like those to Lee and Halladay, that’s why they’re called risk/reward deals.. When it works, the GM looks like a genius and when the player(s) get injured, it can set a team back a bit..

    So sick and tired of these malcontent fans and their revisionist history. Amaro gets credit for the 2009 team making it back to the Series… It wasn’t this nonsense where he sat on his hands and watched Gillick’s team out there for 162 games. Same with the 102 victory season.. Amaro deserves credit for adding the pieces to make that the winningest team in Phils’ history!

    Now as to the over-esteemed Pat Gillick.. People conveniently forget he was the one that brought in malcontent Adam Eaton and terrible Freddie Garcia and mediocre Geoff Jenkins.. It was Gillick who wrongly gave up on the team in 2007 and went into July deadline as a seller… Two months later, the team is in the playoffs.. And history has shown when Gillick leaves a team, they don’t recover for many years..

    Lastly, the core of the Phillies success was drafted by the man everyone in Philly loved to Sh*t on even more than Ruben — Ed Wade. He drafted Rollins, Utley, Howard, Myers and I believe even Hamels..

    So fans, media and sports blog sites should just shut the hell up and give Amaro respect that he deserves, and stop this ‘what have you done for me this second?’ crap..

    1. Please don’t rewrite history. Not many people lauded the Howard deal as some sort of discount. Most people questioned awarding a contract almost two seasons before it even needed to be addressed. I can easily give you links to a dozen columns deriding the contract. The most famous was the Keith Law ESPN piece. He devoted an entire column to all the signs of Howard already being in decline at the time the deal was announced. You are the one trotting out the revisionist history.

    2. although it is debatable, i will give you the howard signing. but, since 2011 (102-60), they have been on the decline: 2012 (81-81), 2013 (73-89), 2014 (73-89). and now we are looking at 2-3 years of rebuilding. yeah, RAJ is doing a great job.

    3. Finally, a voice of reason! I am also not a huge Amaro supporter, but to completely ignore the fact that the Phils were the best team in baseball for a good 5 year stretch is ridiculous. Some of those deals that are hurting them now were made with the intent of getting another ring. Remember whaen a washed up Pedro was our SP for two WS games against the Yanks? So he goes out and gets Lee, Halladay, and Oswalt. It is not RA’s fault that they couldn’t score a f’n run against the Cards, or that Halladay gave up two HR to Cody f’n Ross, or that Lee blew a 4 run lead, etc etc. The Phils could have won 3 WS in 5 years. At some point, you are going to have to pay for that, and now we are. You can’t just get rid of everyone for nothing. If no one wants to pony up for a player of Hamels stature, then let him pitch, and maybe not boo him after one bad start.

      1. What move did Ruben make that you or I couldn’t have made with money or prospects? Was any advance or analytical thinking involved in these moves? Outside of swooping in and acquiring Lee the first time (which he then gave back), can you name one move that was impressive or would have impressed another GM? You realize he is a laughing stock in baseball, right?

        1. Your arguments are mostly compelling except for:

          Criticizing Gillick. Yeah, he signed Eaton, Jenkins and traded for Garcia, but he also found Jayson Werth in a trash heap which is probably one of the best reclamation projects in the history of the franchise. A former first round pick everyone thought was done, comes in and becomes a 3-5 WAR player. Not to mention the under the radar moves he made like trading for Moyer, Blanton and Eyre.

          Amaro has improved as a GM since starting but his first five seasons as a GM were abysmal. His scouting department has developed no position prospects over the last five years, and the farm system is just starting to look promising. Agree that Wade gets killed by Philadelphians when he was most responsible for the team’s success.

          1. How in the world has he improved?? The first improved move I saw was signing Billingsley this week. You can’t possibly be referencing the Ben Revere trade. The man hasn’t made a good move in 4 years. Every contract he has given has been too much money, too many years, and included ridiculous options that no other team would give and he has no plan for the future. THIS is the man we want leading the rebuild?

        2. He’s the one that hamstrung the team by signing a big piece of fucking monkey shit to a ridiculous unneeded contract.
          Fuck off.

      2. How can you say not hitting vs the cards wasn’t Amaro’s fault? After winning a world series with offense he decided to go for pitching in a hitters ballpark and it backfired. Getting caught with binoculars probably didn’t help either, but he let the offense rot, unless you think a 40-year old Ibanez was a good solution.

    4. I think you have things backwards here Ace. What exactly did Rube get back for Cliff Lee to Seattle and Pence to San Fran? Yes a big pile of shit.

      Once Phillies top prospect Mr Carlos Carrasco had a damn fine year in Cleveland last season. Think you forgot about him. Sure it took a few extra years but he seems to have turned a corner in his career. Expect an even better season this year.

      Jon Singleton has showed a ton of power in Houston. His avg and obp were down last year but should keep rising. Travis D’arnaud is a solid catcher if he stays healthy. Of course it’s a big if. I think it would be hilarious if he destroyed the Phillies for many years while catching for the Mets.

      Jarred Cosart also seems like he can stick as a 4th or 5th starter.

      Have superstars been traded? Hell no but I’m sure fans would have liked to see Carrasco and Cosart in their rotation over Harang and Billingsley.

      In conclusion…. STFU

      1. Singleton struck out 37% of the times he came to the plate. Ryan Howard – in his worst season as a pro – struck out 29% of the time last year.

        1. I guess the trade wasn’t so bad after all since Singleton strikes out a lot. Forget about Cossart who has already been moved for more pieces, Zied who already has time in the majors and of course the clerical error fiasco. Doesn’t matter that ALL FOUR already have legit mlb time under their belts. It was a good move to trade for Pence and then dump him for nothing as he has gone on to be an integral part of multiple world series titles…..

    5. and I still can’t believe there is a person on this planet who would ever use the words good and Amaro in the same sentence. Have you been asleep the past half decade? This man gutted and ruined our baseball team FOR YEARS after being handed the keys to a top-of-the-line car. He had a wide open check book and a farm system (whether they have turned out or not isn’t the issue…the issue is they had value when he dealt them) and has managed to sink the franchise into the depths of the awful Don Carmen 80’s and the unwatchable Ricky Otero 90’s. And he did it in no time at all.

  4. Phillies and Amaro have become irrelevant not overnight but over the past 3 seasons. Combination of key injuries and disastrous management under the helm of Amaro.

    The alarming part is that they took a flame thrower to the product just as the lucrative new TV Deal approached. Thats the scary part giving a glimpse just how dysfunctional the management is.

    You were staring at a $5B -$7 B TV deal and you destroyed the product to the point where attendance dropped 50 % and your TV audience dropped 66%.

  5. “As long I have his c_o-ck all the way down my throat, I ain’t goin’ nowhere.”–RAJ

  6. Mark my words Phillies fans,Cole Hamels will be pitching for my Los Angeles Dodgers by the beginning of August.


  7. The problems with the Phils go back to before Amaro became GM. The Phils suck because they have not drafted a single player worth squat in all of the years after Rollins, Howard, Utley and Hamels. Not a one. None of their prospects that were traded away has ever amounted to squat and there aren’t many (any?) in the farm system now that are anywhere near what those 4 guys were. You can’t build a winner through free agency only. Whomever has been running their scouting department for the last dozen years or so is guy who has scripted the current shitshow.

    1. JP Crawford could be them one day but agree the farm system needs to be rebuilt.

      1. I hope you are right about Crawford because I’m already dreading having to watch Freddie Galvis play shortstop for any extended period of time.

    2. this is a big reason why they are in the mess they are in. they haven’t produced a quality every day position player since Ruiz. They haven’t produced a quality starter since Hamels. They have this obsession with athletic projects in the draft and it hasn’t worked out in years, other than for 6 weeks in 2013 with Brown. At least last year they drafted more college players that may be ready to eventually contribute to this team before 2025.

      From top to bottom this organization is a disgrace. They are starting the rebuild almost two years late. As long as its the good old boys club running things, it will never change. I just pray John Middleton gets fed up enough to clean house after they lose 100 games this year.

  8. Once Josh has his way with me, I’m available for the Philly’s GM job. My resume includes backup 2nd base at Penn State, over 30 league starting pitcher, player/manager of softball team that played Skinny Joey’s team, and sports talk show host.

  9. Lol at anyone who supports ruben. Anyone can throw money at guys. The entire franchise is depleted. Letting arbuckle go was this teams biggest mistake. Him and wade built our good years. Wades back now and look, our drafts have been

    Take a look at KC where arbuckle went. Young studs.

    Ruben couldnt run a lemonade stand successfully.

  10. dave montgomery is a senile old fool…phillies fans that support him cause he was/is sick are morons….rube the boob is beyond horrible….other phillies owners must be on medication or passed out from counting their money…anyone that gives these a-holes a penny is a friggin idiot..

  11. Its the weirdest company in the world. The ownership group and the management team are an absolute secret. They will not talk about who owns the club and who actually runs the team. I think Amaro will end up spending 50 years with the Phillies. He will retire as chairman of the Board in 2040.

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