Phil Jackson Is a Dummy Who Will Get Fined for Talking about D’Angelo Russell

Photo Credit: Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

In all of the looks we’ve taken at the language of tanking — specifically around Phil Jackson’s Knicks — we’ve heard Jackson call his Knicks a “failure” as he was praised for a “superior tank.” But maybe Jackson should have stopped at the failure line.

In Sam Hinkie’s post-presser interview with Mike Missanelli, Mikey Miss tried to get Hinkie to comment on specific players. In response, Hinkie told Miss that there were entire floors in New York pouring through transcripts, looking for GMs and team officials mentioning college players and levying fines. You might think he was a bit paranoid, but Jackson knows he wasn’t.

According to the basketball whisperer Adrian Wojnarowski, Jackson is likely to face a fine from the league for calling Ohio State’s D’Angelo Russell a “great-looking kid,” and a “great prospect.” It’s the latest goof is a season full of them for the Sixers’ partner-in-tank, and hopefully they get some bad lottery karma too, because I want D’Angelo Russell.

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10 Responses

  1. When the smokes finally clears:
    2. Knicks
    3. Sixers
    You guys know the nba lottery will be rigged big time for the nba’s biggest markets in New York and Los Angeles.

  2. Are you actually into the NBA this much? Or is Kyle basically just assigning you to do NBA stories because he doesn’t wish to waste his time? Given that everyone that frequents this site has seen your delightful shooting video, it’s obvious that you NEVER played the game. So again, do you really pay this much attention to basketball for it to basically be the only thing you post about?

  3. CB obviously now sucking Mikey’s balls to get pub for this site. Kyle goes on one of their shows and now looks for ways to trash WIP because the moron GM ripped him on the air.
    Notice Kyle hasn’t posted any of the alleged Missanelli emails where he makes Kyle look like a scared baby and yet Kyle lets MM pants him on radio in a blast of bloggers and he’s okay with it? Got hypocrisy? BTW, black folk don’t read dis sheet, so enough with the Sixers slurp fest too. Nerdy basement dwelling douches are the only people who care about the joke NBA.

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