Phillies Place 2nd in Pre-Season (uniform) Power Rankings

all Phillies uniforms
The second best… uniforms in 2015!

Not all pundits are down on the Phillies this season.  First, FOX Sports said they just might have a chance (remember that when they win 10 of 11 in mid-August… before finishing September 4-a whole lot). Now, ESPN’s and‘s Paul Lukas unveiled his 2015 MLB uniform power rankings, putting the Phillies in the rarefied air of second place, right behind the St. Louis Cardinals who were last year’s top-ranked team…er, uniform. Moving up from last year’s number four finish wasn’t easy. It required the A’s to replace the solid yellow “A’s” on their road hat with a white “A’s” with yellow stroke and plummet five (five!) spots and the Cubs to drop from their #2 spot by committing the ever rare “subtraction by addition” error with a questionably necessary new grey jersey (somewhat of a trend, with the Dodgers also doing that) but pairing it with unquestionably unnecessary alternate pants. As you can tell, uniform ranking is a science, people. Elsewhere in the list, there are no real surprises, though you’ll find some teams with “classic” designs such as the White Sox, Twins, and Astros are placed lower than you might expect if you consider “classic” to be a synonym for “good.”

As for the Phillies #2 placement, I get it, but I’m not sure I agree. Top ten, definitely. Top three, maybe not. They have a similar issue as to what the White Sox face. They chose to go for a classic design in the early 90s and (eventually) had success with it. Sure, it’s a 21st century sports business accomplishment that the Phillies still don’t have a red alternate for the regular season (batting practice jerseys worn in spring training don’t count), and the equally classic cream/no pin stripe day game uniform was a shot in the arm their uniforms needed in 2008, but then we had a World (F’ing) Championship to talk about instead of uniforms. Do they need to be changed or updated? Well, no, not for for the sake of change. They don’t have that “90s smell” that the Eagles put on every week, but is what seems like timelessness a reason to stay the course? No one is saying a full re-design is necessary. How about dropping the pinstripes from the home whites (great up close, useless from any type of distance)? What about an alternate jersey with the current “P” logo on the chest instead of “Phillies?” Hmm… that sounds familiar. What about a throwback to the 70s and 80s maroon/”burgundy” design but with regular appearances on the schedule?  What about a regularly-scheduled forgotten throwback? There’s lots of history to draw from, but their current uniform stakes a claim for huge chunks of time: 1950-1969 and 1992-2015+. Effectively, they’ve worn this same uniform for more than 40 years of their history! That sounds Yankee-esque. We’re not the Yankees, darn it. And that’s reason enough for a change. Argue below.

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33 Responses

  1. I would like to see the 1935 uniform have a comeback in some way shape or form. Way classic and forgotten. Or how about a throwback day for the two years when they were called the Blue Jays?

    1. They were never called the Blue Jays it was an alternative nickname but the uniforms still read “Phillies”.
      That’s why the Phillies are the oldest one name one city franchise in professional sports.

    1. Ummmmmmm. I think it would be difficult to get 12 letters on the front of a jersey. Are you always this stupid or are you just playing the role today?

      1. It does fit if they were to change the font.

        Like RT said, it works for San Francisco. So he’s not exactly wrong.

    2. Hey Realist, you have to take your socks off to count to 12?… Dan Fuller that link is interesting, thank you… but San Francisco is just as long, and they pull it off

      1. Good comeback, stupid. You were just humiliated by Dan Fuller.

        I’d like you to think about that for a few minutes and then get back to us. Mmmmmkay?

  2. Drop the pinstripes? That is the stupidest idea I have ever heard. C’mon Dan you goof. Maybe kyle should drop you.

  3. Sorry it took me so long to post; I had to assist Dan Fuller in flossing the dingle berry’s out of his molars. The most interesting things that happened in Philly sports, in order today:
    1) Josh Innes played with himself while Rob Ellis added some variation of “it’s interesting” in his opening monologue for the 39th time.
    2) Kimmo Timonen got traded to the Blackhawks for blood thinner’s and Mike Richards’ dildo collection.
    3) Ish Smith.
    4) Kyle picked at me today while contemplating ways to poison Marcus Hayes bean burrito.

  4. Top three uniforms in the mlb.
    1) LA dodgers
    2)Baltimore orioles
    3)Chicago cubs or Texas Rangers

    honorable mention ~ ny mets
    Montreal expos (best past jerseys)
    Jeff lurie Is a fvcking idiot I never liked the midnight green ass paper jerseys from the get-go
    They are ugly, bland and lame; Just like lurie.
    Money grubbing lurie should know better if You change the uniforms it devalues a franchise.
    PS. Lurie’s eagles will never win a super bowl take that to the grave.
    Honestly no philadelphia teams will win anything in the next 20 years. Thanks lurie & roseman

    1. Wow. Nobody got past your pathetic jersey listing. Anyway you sound like that clown Tyler who doesn’t know shit about baseball. He obviously never even played tee-ball. Would love to cross paths with that tool in NE Philly

  5. Great unis———as long a one of them isn’t worn by a big piece of fucking monkey shit KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK machine.
    Fuck off Rube.

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