RADIOBLOGWARS: It Looks like We’ve Gone to the Mattresses

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This would prove to be a source of much contention 

Tony Bruno and Josh Innes had me on their show today to basically have a debate about my previous post– that CBS Philly and WIP running with reports about Dez Bryant from Terez Owens is reckless at best. All fair, all part of this silly little February game. But the conversation quickly turned to our RADIO WARS coverage, which often focuses on Josh and the recent turmoil at WIP. You might imagine how things devolved from there. The audio is here.

Innes pressed me on my continuous reporting that he’s operations manager Andy Bloom’s “boy.” Which he is, according to the numerous people I’ve spoken to over the last year. Bloom, whose career is still a thing partly because he played a role in bringing Howard Stern to the Philly airwaves some time ago (many people have told me, separately, that he seems to think Innes is his next Stern), has put his eggs in Josh’s basket. That’s not a slight to Innes, or even Bloom, but it’s reality, or at least the best version of reality that anyone can possibly report.

Then Bloom, whom I’ve never had a conversation with in my life prior to today, saw an opportunity for classic, 90s shock jock radio sitting on a tee and jumped in the studio, calling me a “fraud” and a “first-rate a-hole” and accusing me of F-ing over people’s lives. Like a big, gravelly-voiced baby, Bloom explained how he had a problem with our (almost entirely accurate) coverage of the changes at his station. He may not have liked it*, and I get that, but that’s his problem. And I can’t help it if a good number of his employees, ex-employees and competitors think he’s a joke.

*Even if we basically served as an extension of WIP’s PR department with all of our posts about the new Afternoon show, including the one about his stupid-ass idea to give Innes a fake suspension– also accurate, by the way.

I pressed him for an example on the F-ing over people’s lives thing, because I was generally perplexed by that one, but Bloom, bravely, walked out of the studio after encouraging me to call him in his office. Which I did.

Typically, out of respect, I’d extend the professional courtesy of keeping a private conversation off-the-record, even if no such terms were discussed or even implied. But, when you call me an asshole on live radio without even attempting to explain the statement, you lose my respect.

Bloom, who’s the sort of prick who would have a Twitter handle like (@MediaMogulBloom) with an avatar of himself standing at the podium in the White House press room, explained, in no uncertain terms, that most of his ire stems from the fact that Rob Ellis found out about his demotion from me, on this site, and not from him. “That’s not my fucking problem,” I replied.

I like Rob, and genuinely feel bad that he found out he was being demoted on this site. But when basically everyone who works for WIP knows that you’re out of a job, one would assume (in this case incorrectly) that the boss had the decency to notify you as well. Alas. I also found it delightful that Bloom had the gonads (which weren’t present in the studio, apparently) to read me the riot act about integrity and doing the right thing, when he’s the guy who put Ellis through hell on Earth by making him co-host with the guy who everyone knew was about to take his job, and who let Innes go on the air day after day and bury Gargano, whom Bloom supposedly has or had some great respect for. Fucking hypocritical bullshit. GET ME THOSE SWEET SOUNDS:


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    1. Hi, Im Andy Bloom and I have put together the worst radio show in the history of radio. Anybody have some fresh flake? Sniffffffffffff.

      1. Haha. That last post is funny because I used to hear the on air guys talk about Bloom that way all the time. He worked about two hours a day and always looked disheveled like he WAS doing lines….

    2. Fuck you josh innis.. why is a blogger not allowed to like ant Gargano more than you and never even share that… you cried and bitch like a bitch.. you are the worst radio host I’ve ever heard you lost 10 fold n. that interview with kyle . Fuck you. Fuck Andy. Love cuzzo Andy you fucking clown s

    1. The comments are more interesting than most of the posts. So, no, don’t moderate the comments, Kyle.

      1. You need to actually get a grip about being in Philly. You rag on Mike M, not here sticking up for him but you sound very out of your league. Not to mention they staged your Philly debate last year. Honestly, do you really think you stood out & won…. You even complained to Glen Macnow that you weren’t getting enough time to speak. Face it, you don’t relate to our town & sadly you’re not genuine enough to hold much interest long term. Poor Rob Ellis, getting demoted for you.. Not a fan of him but I sure figured out that one fast. Your boss sounded like an ass today & most in the business related that to me. I love sports & listen to wip & 97.5. Bottom line is I could do your job & people would love me. See, I’m in the radio business.

    2. I know I sounded stupid today. Notice tony wasn’t really talking, just let me dig my own grave. But really, you write about “radio wars” because you know people will comment on it. It kinda bugs me. My girlfriend reads this stuff. Try to be nice. These commenters comment under the cloak of anonymity and that’s just wrong; like a guy sitting behind a microphone who can hang up on people. I’m with bitchanelli on this one. Kyle you’re an ingrate, not a journalist. Sincerely, Josh “one time in Baton Rouge” Innes. P.S. I used to work in Houston, and my moms a chiefs fan and my dads my dad and I don’t have a car. Did you hear me? I don’t have a car . Oh and I never smoked weed before

      1. Josh you are a joke. How can Kyle manage the comments. Do you read blogs? He’s not responsible for views and opinions of other people. Have you read YouTube comments lately? Ppl are generally uncensored on the Internet. Dumbass.

      2. I don’t mind you Josh, and Tony is my boy. But I wish you would just stop the whole “Bitchanelli” stuff. That kind of stuff isn’t respected in Philadelphia. You’re not gonna get our attention and rally us behind you because your calling a pretty damn good drive time radio host “Bitchanelli” in this David vs. Goliath scenario. Your show has potential but just market yourself to your audience a little bit better then you are.

        People already rag you all the time for not being from here. The next thing that would piss me off more than someone not from here trying to act like they know this city would be someone coming into this drive time slot and using the time acting like an 8th grader on the recess yard saying curse words to each other.

        Just lay off the whole hate of Mike and focus on your own show and you’ll have an easier time assimilating in this city. Godspeed brotha.

      3. wow josh comments aren’t on national airways get a fucking clue, hope some fat black dude is tapping your girl

    3. innnes you suck, comments aren’t moderated because their not on national airways, your callers are… figure out your shit and get a clue

    4. Hi, my name Is Josh Ennis. I have the nerve to rip other people even though Im only 30 years old and I have man tits. And just imagine what my girlfriend looks like and how desperate she has to be with a fat ass boyfriend with man tits like me!! Get out of Philly you douche.

  1. I have emailed Andy Bloom recently on my unhappiness with the direction of WIP, and after hearing him today, I think I got my answer why I listen less and less these days.

    The guy sounded like an unprofessional idiot talking to Kyle and its a window into how he runs WIP these days.

  2. Andy Bloom can fuck right off with that ambush and run. What a pathetic loser.

    You’ve clearly gotten to them all Kyle and they’re reacting like an animal in a corner so well done. Fills the sports void.

    1. If your name is the subtlest of Happy Gilmore references, I must commend you, sir…mostly because I’m jealous that I didn’t think of it first.

  3. I think Kyle should shut down the comment boards. Bunch of non funny wannabe comedians ripping radio hosts is childish & not funny

    1. Because they’re just awful aren’t they?? I try to go on the internets and am just assaulted by the cb comment section. They are forced upon us all. My hand is as if by coercive magic compelled to click into them. If kyle doesn’t shut them down who will save us? And think of the children. This must be stopped! Sound ridiculous? Exactly. Grow up idiots. You don’t have to read them.

  4. This is the best thing to happen to me since silly jilly (comment has been blocked ) . But kyle owned the whole Wip entity and it was awesome. Josh and Andy both looked like the biggest bitches in the world . Poor Tony he can’t wait for Josh to get incinerated so he can do a no shit talk for ratings radio show . #RADIOBLOGWARS

  5. Bloom came off as a first rate asshole and clearly shows the problem with corporate america. it takes a corporate douchebag to have a problem with your posts on rob Ellis and not take into account he failed to inform his employee beforehand. Fuck andy bloom

    1. It’s embarrassing that such a great sports city is filled with arrogant, egotistical pricks that are more concerned with puffing out their chests than they are about decent sports coverage. It’s not just Bloom and WIP. The Daily News and 97.5 are just as bad. I don’t even watch CSN outside of Flyers games anymore because of the generic BS they put out. This city deserves so much better.

      1. I’m flattered that someone has stolen my handle. I feel like I’m finally on the big boy stage now on the Crossing Broad comments section. My life will now be filled with joy and happiness.

        In other words, since I’ve boycotted WIP since they “promoted” Innes, I feel like I may have missed out on a good segment. But, I’d rather read about it here on this website than break my own boycott.

  6. Hey Josh, while you are here reading the comments can you give one example of a radio station losing a lawsuit for something a caller said?

    1. Exactly. It’s 2015, everyone has a fucking opinion and a platform to voice it on, Live in the now Innes. No one fucking likes you, go back to whatever fucking hole you crawled out of.

  7. You never hear skippy & lippy bitch about the comments. They know it’s all part of the radio game

  8. WTF was with Bloom showing up, ranting like a 3 year old, and bolting from the studio? Loser

  9. Is there any chance this is a house of cards scenario where Kyle just manipulates wip and the afternoon show until he’s the host? Hahaha

  10. By the way Bloom, if tour trying to appeal to the under 60 demographic for the first time you might not want to trash a very popular blog with that non geriatric demo

    1. Also, if you are going to steal my handle, try not to embarrass me with your spelling and grammatical errors. And, by no means would I ever refer to this website as “popular”.

      This is what happens when they take the starters (me) out of the game and put in the bench players (you).

      1. Seriously. There’s like 50 regular commenters on here; it’s not that hard to create an original handle.

        1. 50?? I think you are giving this website way too much credit. I’m thinking around 13-15 regulars coming on here to comment.

  11. Innes is a clown and so is Bloom. You did a fine job standing up to two blowhards. Bloom came across like a complete jackass. Innes pressing you on moderating comments was one of the stupidest things I have ever heard on radio. Comments sections on any website are filled with nonsense, whether it is, or I have no respect for those two. I found it interesting that Bruno was silent through the whole thing.

    1. Only reason I come to this site is for the comment section. I read the headline & scroll straight down to the comments

  12. Hey Josh! This is my real name! I had it legally changed! Fuck you, you fat piece of SH*T! Commenters ruled! Don’t buckle, Kyle!

  13. Bloom acted like an asshole because it comes naturally to him. However this was all a work designed to create buzz which they hope will result in people tuning in to check out what is happening. Kyle was a dupe.

    1. Too bad there’s more of us who see WIP continues to be a complete joke and I know I’m wise to not listen at all.

  14. I’m lost! I like Kyle but I work for 94.1 and Innes is trashing him I don’t know what to say. Talk about feeling awkward I’ve never heard Tony lost for words.

  15. BabbaBooey! Right, Josh?? Am I doin’ it right? Someone grab the Jackie puppet!

    The King Of All Baton Rouge Radio will be back in Louisiana within two years. Cream rises to the top and wet farts drip down to the right sock. Josh is that right sock.

  16. The worst thing is Bloom acts like he’s some fucking king maker because him and Ken Stevens got Stern syndicated to Philly. What a fuckin chance this guy took he got a show that was number 1 in DC and then number 1 in NY to simulcast on his shit station. And now he’s a fuck sleeve to a third mic from Houston. Jesus that fake suspension but was as hacky as it gets, I can’t wait for the boss is on vacation so we locked the studio and get to play what we want weekend.

  17. I listened to the entire segment, this is good theater in the Philadelphia sports abyss . I give Kyle credit for going on and showing class, and some humility, despite Andy Bloom’s hit and run.

    I give Josh some credit for trying to engage you, and not avoiding the topic. He knows the “Radio Wars” helps him. His gripe about being referred to as Andy’s boy is a little weak. His other main point that you try to get clicks. No fucking shit. Just like he tries to get tweets, retweets, favorites, likes, and listeners. I don’t see his other point that you favor Gargano over him.

    Pretty pathetic attempt by Andy Bloom to divert blame to Crossing Broad and away from himself for the debacle that WIP has become over the last 2 years.

    I give Tony Bruno credit for staying on the sideline, and letting it play out. It might be the longest Tony has gone without talking.

    Thanks for reading Josh.

  18. Bloom is way past his prime, and doesn’t know how to program a radio station anymore. He’s lost his touch, and his mind.

    And I think someone named Tim Sabean might want to have a say about Bloom taking all the credit for bringing Stern to WYSP.

    I didn’t hear all of the audio Kyle, but I trust the contents of your post. Good job taking these assholes to school.

  19. I commend Kyle for acting professional through most of the interview. He got called out and stood up like a man and called in (which I’m sure he gladly did-to generate hits on the site). The conversation between Innes & Kyle was actually good radio. Both made valid points, in my opinion. Bloom’s rant was absurd, but I find it bit ridiculous that so many people are appalled by it. People thrive off the drama that occurred during that segment and it was/is evident on here, Twitter, and the remaining hour or so of Innes & Bruno show. I think it’s safe to say, that since CB started posting the RADIOWARS pieces, more people have tuned in (to both stations) and logged into the site to stay updated on this fiasco. At the end of the day it is a win-win for both sides. It seemed like Bruno wanted no part in that interview, btw.

    I propose a round table discussion involving Kyle, Innes, Missanelli, Marcus Hayes, and whomever else. Nothing could go wrong, right?

    1. Your round table would be a 1,000 times better than tomorrow’s “Great Eagles Debate of 2015”

      They could simulcast it on CSN, WIP and 97.5

  20. Probably wasn’t the best idea on big Josh’s part bashing this sites commenters

  21. I dont think this will result in higher ratings for innes…he wouldnt succeed in the afternoons even if he had robin quivers as co host….most people only heard this because of Kyle’s tweets and or the crossing broad link…i’d like to listen to innes from 10-2am…he is not a total dick just better at nights where their isnt as much riding on his performance

  22. I am sorry Kyle for acting like a first rate douchebag. I was on my period. hey since you read the comments Josh, go get me my tampons, aisle 2

  23. Not sure if that fake tough guy Andy Bloom realizes what a bad decision that was. He sounded like an idiot and didn’t even have the balls to allow you to defend yourself. He probably doesn’t even realize that a lot of people wouldn’t even know who he was until you brought him up in your radiowars pieces. I am 30 and been listening forever and didn’t even know the guys name until a month ago.

  24. Was a faithful listener of wip till innes got the afternoon slot. Bloom left mid conversation. Loser….

  25. I normally hate Kyle, but his recent penchant for calling out these egotistical talk radio slobs is making him grow on me like fat grows on Innes. Keep up the good work and I might actually consider reading the articles before heading straight to the comments.

  26. Innes is awful. I’ve been a huge Tony Bruno fan for years now and I can’t even stand listening to his show now because of that tool. Wish Tony was flying solo for the afternoon show, Innes is not a philly guy, and not a good for for the
    Philly fan. 97.5 here I come.

  27. It was pathetic how Innes needed Bloom to come in and rescue his ass. Definitely not a Philly guy.

  28. Hi! I’m not actually Kyle! This is what a real comment from Kyle looks like.

    Innes must not read any of Bob’s comments, since his (and gay Bob’s, and the other fake Bobs’) love for him knows no bounds. Innes and Bloom really sounded like assholes tho. Wish Bloom would’ve finished that convo on air. How is it your fault he didn’t have the decency or professional courtesy to talk to Ellis before news of his firing became widespread public knowledge?

    I also enjoy how MM and the other radio hosts say Kyle and other blogs do no real news reporting whatsoever, then run with stories they get exclusively from said blogs. Then they even have a producer yell at Kyle for reporting actual news (Ellis’ firing). Old media thinks that they’re the gold standard. Even though a story is broken on new media hours before old (be it through twitter or blogs); and 9/10 times old media is just reporting from what they heard from new. (Or in the case of sports reporting, from a scripted press conference or release that can be streamed live.)

    But tell me again (MM) how they’re the best and deserve everyone’s respect…

    1. I am not a fan of Josh, the dick I suck is my boyfriend’s..

      But josh, since I know you are reading, must list your number below and maybe we can meet up ; )

      seriously though josh, I need this

    2. hahaha really Kyle? If they can’t tell the difference between my new handle and your real comment handle then they clearly aren’t fans of the site (I’m guessing you did that since you’re assuming the staff at WIP are reading all of these comments?) Plus why would you ever refer to yourself in the third person?

  29. Today I lost respect for Bloom! I feel Innes was like a little kid trying to set you up . You held your ground and I believe you came out on top! Good job Kyle!
    This show will not work.
    I am just waiting for the Innes – Bruno fued.
    Innes is like like a little snot nose smart aleck that never had any friends! Getting sick of him pretty quick!

  30. Kyle – I don’t know why you continue to spar with these jitbags on the radio. Actually, I do know why…so it gives you and your blog more exposure.

    But as you grow older and more mature yourself, you’ll realize, with some introspection, that you’re doing it because of your own latent insecurity about your product.

    Here’s a little helpful advice. Just say “no” to these radio frauds going forward, and to paraphrase Sam Hinkie, “trust your own product.” Stay off the radio.

    You have a refreshing sense of self-disparagement that these ego blowhards can’t appreciate. You can laugh at yourself. But when you go on these shows, you lower yourself by association to who they are.

  31. Ennis attacking you for the comments of readers on the website and not the content was ridiculous.
    Bloom acted like a complete buffoon.

    Welcome to the terrible ratings afternoon “morning zookeepers” show and early 1990s shock jock playbook.

    Ennis and Bloom are the exact radio idiots Howard Stern rips on still today.

    1. Just was scrolling through the comments with Andy and wanted to let you know it’s spelled innes….carry on

  32. Just listened to the segment – The joke of it was Innes – who I like and think is doing an exceptional job of making a WIP remotely relevant to a younger audience – obviously picked his “angle” when they planned out the segment. Comments?!?!? for freaking real? That is absurd. I mean it is the stupidest criticism of a blog that I have ever heard. “Your comments aren’t monitored” WHAT? He also decided to take this contentious position with Kyle as well, which was just completely idiotic. Then Bloom. . . ugh . . yeah thanks for brining Stern to Philly – those were good times – but he obviously doesn’t get where media has matured to since 1987. I go to crossing broad every single day sometimes two three times a day if you are posting that frequently. . . you know the only time I’ve ever gone to WIPs site – today – to hear the segment. If Bloom had any clue at all he’d capitalize on his boy and leverage crossingbroad to his advantage – make their daily podcasts easier to access – not threaten Innes when some stupid twitter thing blows up putting him off twitter for months. Oh and by the way the comments crack me up some times sort of like a stern’s wack pack cracked me up. Like the abuse of Jim is funny as well as some of the other running bits. (although you playing the air violin gives me douche chills)

      1. the feeling one gets when observing someone doing something so incredibly douchey that it gives you the chills of embarrassment for them.

          1. …especially because the “violin” that he’s playing along with in the GoT song is actually a cello.

  33. I wish we had more true philly radio hosts instead of Loser hosts from other cities just here for the money

  34. Have you considered that “boy” means something different to somebody from the south i.e. Josh, than somebody from philly? (Think racially)

    1. People make me laugh. That was great radio and great publicity for this site as well.

      I dont think Innes was outof line it is just that Josh and Kyle were not on thesame semantic page. What does “his boy” mean exactly?

      Anyway, that show is far more entertaing than listening to Mike doing his self loathing act or the late Cuz trying to speak something resembling the English language.

    2. What? What in hell does that have to do with anything? Josh is white. There was no raciLissue. BOY is a term of affection in most cases for white southerners. Blacks north and south have zome problem with it, right or wrong.

      1. “Boy” in the south = slave connotations

        “Boy” from Kyle’s mouth, most likely means prized pig or “homeboy”

  35. Everytime innes says “my girlfriend” you take a shot. Guarentee you’ll be hammered by the end of the show

  36. All of you, since these radio wars posts began, have sat around like a bunch of women on this site and bitched, moaned and complained on how bad Innes and Bloom have been, at the same time trying to talk like a bunch of tough guys. I get it now. You people are nothing more than a bunch of puss-ies that group-think on this website like the housewives in the audience of a taping of The View do. Instead of turning off WIP, you people listen to Innes everyday, I’m sure. Probably the same loser mentality as the typical Eagles’ fan that watches a Cowboys/Redskins game just to hope that the Cowboys lose and not because they have any real interest in the game.

    This is classic battered women’s syndrome. Your teams get beaten down every year and you keep coming back for more because you like the pain. Same for these radio wars. Continue bitching about Innes and Bloom. You help them by doing so because you are listening to them.

    1. but yet you’re doing the very same exact thing bitching and complaining you fucking hypocrite. take a cialis and shut the fuck up

    2. Well, Bob I don’t listen to Innes at all. I did initially but he wore thin fast with his juvenile 80s schtick. However, I do read comments on Kyle’s board and this post just confirmed my first impression of him – a thin skinned bully who goes whining to his boss because people were mean to him – forget he does the same thing on air to other people. He is a big baby and a gigantic asshole! I am glad to have Rob back at night but he was really given the shaft for this weaselly punk.

  37. People make me laugh. That was great radio and great publicity for this site as well.

    I dont think Innes was outof line it is just that Josh and Kyle were not on thesame semantic page. What does “his boy” mean exactly?

    Anyway, that show is far more entertaing than listening to Mike doing his self loathing act or the late Cuz trying to speak something resembling the English language.

    1. Ahhhhhhhhhh! Dats WONDERFUL Rhea. Why dont you stop by to see me and we’ll pick up Bob means Jobs and go get A PRIMOS HOAGIE

  38. Since #RADIOWARS I have become a local celebrity. Thanks to all the other gay hookers for not holding this against me . I know a lot of dicks prefer my mouth with the added fame . My mouth can only take so much since I have to save room for Josh innes’s turtle head . Once again thank you for thr added dicks . #incinerateinnes

    1. Innes is very talented. He has a unique perspective on sports. He doesn’t kiss the ass of the typical ingrate Philly’s fan and doesn’t take many calls, as most radio show callers are dumb as a rock. Innes also is very knowledgeable in music. Good entertaining show. As far as Bruno goes, he serves his purpose as a guy that fills Josh into the local Philly information that Josh would be lacking because he’s only been here for a little over a year now. Bruno is a good sidekick for Innes.

    2. To be fair, I’ve probably only heard 2hrs total of their show, but it’s a basic 90’s zany talk show with sound bites and incessant yelling. There’s nothing new or innovative about anything they are doing, there’s no fresh perspective, it’s just schlocky radio garbage. And now they’ve added their very own Tom Chiasano.

      1. Missing the boat Larry. Took me a while but innes won me over. Been listening to sports talk as a kid and I never laugh as much as when Bruno and Innes are on.

  39. Innes sucks! I tried to give him a shot but I cant do it. I was a loyal WIP listener until now. Innes needs to give some respect to Gargano and all the listeners. Since day one this guy has been confrontational. He continues to take jabs at Gargano. Instead of doing that, why not prove your worth and just do your show! You sounded like a little bitch today and so did your boss. Your shock jock style is outdated. Good luck on the job search. Hopefully sooner than later.

    1. In the cyber age anyone has the capability of hosting a radio show( exhibit A – I give you Dippy + Lippy) . You have the world at your finger tips, its really not a tough gig.

      What it comes down to for a successful show and following is your voice , delivery, and your inner mojo , who you are. Josh doesnt have the greatest voice- high octave, delivery is flush with anxiety and his mojo sucks. Dude will end up in the nuthouse if he takes-to- heart every ounce of criticism . So sensitive.

    2. Why is everyone all of a sudden sorry for Gargano, the guy sucked he was too much and he mad me hate Rob Ellis.All he talked about was lil ant and how he’s from south philly the guy is from New Jersey you idiots and also he drilled over every guest he had on the show no matter if it was a coach or player he’s a fraud and I’m glad that fat promos fuck is gone

  40. Bob you can buy me out so I won’t tell the world about the dicks you have blown and I will retire the dick lick jokes forever …for one famous Bob dick lick ..fair trade ?

    1. I tried to, but I couldn’t find it. Even NASA doesn’t have an electron microscope that powerful to find your small dick.

  41. …really changes my perspective of Innes. I was rooting for a fresh face and show that catered to a younger demo than 50+, but Josh set Kyle up, and that’s not cool. I have always liked Bruno and glad he didn’t get caught in the weeds. Bloom and Josh embarrassed themselves, and while I’ve been patiently waiting for Bruno to get back on the air, I am going to have a hard time listening to the show now. Bruno has to be frustrated by this, I’d assume, he’s always come off as a real professional. And if Bloom didn’t handle his business properly, and partake in this whole hiring/firing mess at WIP, then there wouldn’t have been this huge issue Bloom is reaping what he sewed due to his lack of professionalism and handling his business…… Disappointing stuff from WIP… #saveTony

  42. I would love to say something negative about andy and how kyle now has a firm grasp of 97.5 and wip’s nut sacks. but i feel like Bloom is the type of dude who would read thru these comments, find mine, and try to take me, a hardworking inner city school teacher, to court. Long Live Crossing Broad.

    Next Up: Rob Ellis takes Barkann’s spot, Kyle is the first to report it. Barkann is still Bloom’s “boy”.

    1. Ha seriously. “ellis is my boy.” certainly didn’t seem that way on ellis’s return to 6pm time slot. i think he said something like “stay classy WIP”.

  43. It’s 2015 and people are talking about sports radio. Keep acting like Andy Bloom is clueless, but you were all listening/visiting his site and helping pay his salary.

    Great radio, this will do wonders for both the show and I just hope you keep calling in Kyle.

  44. This was just tremendous. So much to analyze.

    First off, I give Kyle a ton of crap. And it’s deserved. He’s a douchebag. The only thing I can get him on is not ever talking to Bloom. That’s not good. He’s not a journalist, I don’t expect him to be one, but never have a conversation with Bloom before today is really weak. Even if it was OTR, just to touch base and have a relationship with him. Let him respond to what your sources say. You don’t have to not run what they say, but you should offer Bloom a chance to respond.

    Anyway, with that said, FUCK Andy Bloom in his ego filled asshole. Get the fuck over yourself. Look at yourself in the mirror. YOU are running this radio station into the ground. YOU crowned Innes even though an enormous amount of people hate him. YOU sat by and watch that asshole Missanelli destroy you in the ratings. YOU disrespected Rob Ellis in 10000 different ways. It’s not on Kyle to check to make sure he was told about his demotion. That’s your job as a boss and a human, YOU failed. FUCK YOU.

    Innes is a turd. I know he will read this and I’m sure his stupid fucking girlfriend will too. Guess what toots? Myself, and tons of others, fucking hate your fat fuck of a boyfriend. He sucks. His voice is grating. His knowledge of Philadelphia sports is insultingly low. I have listened to him plenty. I dislike him greatly. I am expressing it in an open forum. GET OVER IT. I would say it to his face. This isn’t internet balls. I cannot wait until he leaves this town, which I’m sure will be any day due to his enormous ego and thin skin.

    Lastly, I will protect all my fellow commenters here. We have us a community.Have you seen the shit posted on On ANY message board? On the Fox News facebook page? And you complain about inaccurate or wrong information being spewed in the comment section??? What the fuck is the matter with you, Innes.

    Here’s an idea. Submit to an AMA on this site. Let’s get it all out there. Fat fucking piece of shit.

    1. I went straight to replying to you because I didn’t read ANY of that post.

      LOL, no one is reading that shit

  45. Shutting the comment section down will destroy this site. Only reason I come here is for the comments. Just have to ban that bob loser

  46. First and foremost, let me say that I’ve always been a WIP guy. Never been huge on the morning show with Angelo, but it’s still good for a laugh every once in awhile. I’ve always had the utmost respect for guys like Gargano, Macnow, Ellis, Mike & Ike, etc. They always treat everyone with respect, and do their best to have an informative, fun talk show. However, the complete lack of professionalism by Innes is disgraceful. As much as I dislike Mikey Mis, I think it’s a complete joke that this fat ass goes on the air, and does nothing but bash “bitchinelli”(who he’s most likely never met) and his own coworkers for the majority of his airtime. It makes at least a little more sense that Innes is allowed to act this way after seeing how WIP’s Ops Manager, Andy Bloom, acted like a 7 year old (being generous with the age) on the air with Kyle today. Complete lack of respect from management on down to the host of the show. I’d love to see this bozo’s rating without Tony Bruno’s help. My guess is they would be horrible. I’d be shocked if Innes is still around this time next year.

    1. –I’d love to see this bozo’s rating without Tony Bruno’s help.–

      Tony is supposed to be the listener bait until the ratings are good enough for Josh to fly solo. Bruno is not a natural in a second banana role though and his following is expecting the Tony Bruno they’re accustomed to hearing. He’s a canny old pro, he’ll come out of this just fine.

      1. I never said Bruno wouldn’t come out of it well. I was saying that Innes would struggle in ratings if it wasn’t for Bruno bringing in so many listeners.

  47. So, what you are saying in this article is that Andy Bloom is pissed at you for doing what he wants his hosts to do. Break news. Would he tell a host not to go on air with a trade because a player was not notified yet? Guck no. It happened before on a Sixers trade and they revel in the fact.
    Do they give the people they rip hour after hour a chance to call in and defend themselves? Another no.
    He is admonishing you for doing what he pays people to do, break stories.

  48. Hey guys…. Can we get back to talking 24/7 about how I’m trying to get Mariota in the upcoming draft?

    1. ” I’ll tell you what we can talk about!” .. ( takes chip Kelly and power bombs him through a table.)

  49. The only bad thing about all this, nobody bad mouths Sean Brace or my hubby no more. Do you realize how much Jon kisses ass at 97.5. Even I thinks they should have kept Bruno at the station. And now I’m married to this gringo!

  50. What a shit head that Andy Bloom sounds like. I was waiting for him to challenge you to a steel cage match.

  51. I come here because the comments are Goddamn hilarious. Trolling Kyle and ragging on Jim create some of the funniest comments. My favorite was the person that said “do you think Jim and Kyle ejaculate in each other’s face ‘just to see what it feels like?'”

    The comments section has more sports knowledge than most of the shit spewed on the radio.

  52. Heeeeey Everyyyyybody!!! I’ll be back on the radio soon! It’s no secret that I will be hosting a new morning show on 97.5. I have lots of things planned and a great crew of cohosts! I will be joined by Massimo, my good pal Bob Marino, Snookie Greg and Coach Chill. I can’t wait to talk about violations, Seinfeld, and great white basketball players. Sound familiar? Well get ready it’ll be here soon! I have about 1 more month of braiding Spags’ crack hair while eating Primo Hoagies out of Billy King’s ass.

      1. Hopefully Karate Mark, Avalon Brian, Pete the Crab, Taint Sweat Ted, and Ass Jam Jerry will also be part of the new show

  53. Kyle, my REAL name is Jesse Hutchinson. I’m a long time listener of WIP and I’ve been reading the blog for about 2 years…this is my first comment. I heard both of your radio interviews recently on the Fanatic and WIP. They’re scared….they don’t respect you because a young guy took initiative, went to the internet and became a worthy news source that rivals billion dollar media companies while you sit in your boxers. Stand by your stories, you do a great job, I check the site daily as my first source for Philly sports stories. Nothing against Innes as a guy, but I didn’t like his show at night and I don’t really like it in the day either. I really miss the Cuz/Ellis show. Andy Bloom sounded like a douche canoe today. Keep up the great work broseph, I’d love to hear your take on the Marshawn Lynch movie trailer based on his life.

  54. Lets all laugh at the fact that philadelphias supposed leader in sports talk admitted on air they read the comments of this site. That is beyond pathetic. Wip you are a joke. Good for you Kyle. I don’t think the Legion of Bloom, Andy and josh realized by shit talking us they have now alienated themselves from the 18 – 30 demographic.

    1. “Andy and josh realized by shit talking us they have now alienated themselves from the 18 – 30 demographic.”

      WIP has been in the sports radio business for over 25 years and will be on for another 25 years. You and every commenter on this site and on twitter are meaningless. Your opinions, including mine, mean nothing. Only radio ratings matter, the actual masses that listen to either WIP or The Fanatic. Advertising caters to people that have real money to spend, not some loser on twitter or a blog expresses fake outrage.

      The self-importance of you crossing broad youngsters commenting is hilarious. Go back on twitter and tweet about the Kardashians.

      1. Josh, your response makes zero sense. You say that radio ratings is all that matters which is true. But do you realize that the majority of younger radio listeners of WIP & 97.5 (18-30) also visit crossingbroad & other philly sports blogs? How is shit talking the commentators on this site and this demographic good for their future? WIP is already skewed towards older listeners. Alienating the younger listeners will not help now or in the future. Don’t assume that since they’ve been around for 25 years that they’ll be around for another 25 years, especially when all of the old heads who love Angelo start dying off. Who will be your audience in 25 years then?

        1. Do you have any idea how radio ratings actually work?

          I highly doubt anybody that reads this site is filling out their notebook.

  55. Join me in the Living Room this Sunday at ShopRite. We’ll be talkin’ bout MY BOY, Wilt “Dipper” Chamberlain and Lewis “Black Magic” Lloyd!

  56. You have to hand it to Innes: he actually shit-talked his way into drive-time.

    You don’t blame that con man, you blame the idiot. That would be Andy Bloom in this case.

    I personally like Innes’s shit. His night show was probably the only radio program I’ve ever looked forward to (though the two-clown act with Bruno is unlistenable). But Innes is not what Wopadelphia wants from its sports radio, definitely not during drive time, and extra definitely not during Eagles season. It wants some greasy pretend-city deh-go or pol-ack to keep rehashing the day’s big story while occasionally hearkening back to TO or Buddy Ryan.

    Bloom should have held Innes back to eventually replace Angelo. Angelo is actually a dirty fuck and pretends to be stupid, but otherwise they’re basically the same guy separated by 80 years or so. You’d think making Innes the heir apparent to the morning zoo would have been obvious. Now the whole fucking lot of them are probably going to get shitcanned when they get crushed by MM.

  57. The only real fraud is Josh Innes. Bruno is just a baby sitter on this program. Its a damn shame. They are disgusted about comments because some “WIP insider” aired their plans. Hilarious a program director went on air because a blog hurt his feelings. Wow.

  58. Josh Innes and Andy Bloom like to engage in coitus with baby goats. If you don’t delete this comment within five seconds, that clearly means you’re clearly endorsing this statement by a random internet commenter.

  59. All this fuss about Innes, Bruno, Mike Miss. and even Gargano. 97.5 and 94.1 are both missing the boat. Imagine a show of me Jolly and my counterpart Joe Decammera. Like nails on a chalk board… Our high pitch screeches and pointless rants will send you all running for cover under this blog. We are an untapped resource on this battlefield of radiowars!!!

  60. Just heard the audio….blooms call in was one of the most childish unprofessional things i ever heard especially for an executive such as himself. Anybody with a clue knew somebody high up at WIP was innes ‘boy’…we didn’t need sources to tell us that. You can tell in blooms voice he is someone who is scared and has lost total control of the station and what direction to take it. Bruno n innes both whom i like is quite possibly some of the most awkward radio out there. Maybe they just need some more time to gel and actual sports to talk about but im not betting on it..

  61. Andy Blooms needs to take the big fat mop (aka Innes) out of his butt. Those 2 are ruining WIP.

  62. I hate these comments. I swear, I am done with this website until they delete these comments or allow you to log in so no one can steal MY HANDLE





  64. I happen to catch the show today for the first time. I had never heard of this blog or listened to the afternoon show. The only thing that Innes succeeded in doing was directing me to this blog to check out what he was screaming about and to turn me off to the point where I will make it a point to not even hit the 94.1 button on my radio in the afternoon. Kyle, I don’t know anything you have done or written but based solely on what I heard today, you were eloquent, classy and in total control, which made me believe you. I will bookmark your blog. Best of luck to you and by the way, Bruno came across as the a-hole, not you.

    1. Bruno came across as the a-hole. Please go back and re-listen. And definitely think before you comment.

  65. Hey fat f-ck Innes, you know where comments are moderated? China and north Korea. So go live there you big douche. Most people on here would say to your fat f-cking face exactly what they type here, me included. And that goes for that hair dying mental case little mikey too. If you can’t handle the heat get out if the kitchen you disgusting pig. Oh, and Andy J. Bloom, 1991 called and wants it’s “cutting edge” style of radio back. Go die already….

  66. Glad Tony chimed in with his lame jokes…classic Bruno. They both suck. Can we just get rid of WIP once and for all? Everything they do is horrible. The morning show is tired. Mike and Ike are insufferable. And Innes and Bruno are the odd couple where they both try way too damn hard. But it all makes sense after hearing their douche nozzle of a boss ambush Kyle today. Seriously they all suck ass.

  67. Most of the commentators on this site are absolute douche bags, You are no better than WIP 2-6. Majority of you know jack shit about sports and probably much fatter than Innes. What a collection of “ill” shirt wearing dopes that scream shoot on the PP during Flyers games. Maybe if Kyle would have gotten the chance to suck off Jeff Carter those many years ago in Sea Isle he wouldn’t be so worried about “radio wars”. BTW I love when Kyle RT’s fan photos and they all look like they have downs.

  68. lmao crossing broad dude was stuttering and couldn’t hold his own. All hail josh innes. Gargano is a dumbass who isn’t even from south philly.

  69. holy good god its amazing that josh innes is so butthurt over a comment section of a website. bloom is so butthurt over kyle calling innis “his boy”. its like elementary school.

    grow up.

    i truly believe if mike missanelli and this “radio wars” was non-existent, innes would have zero substance.

    as big of a douche that missanelli is, he’s at least stayed the course and has ignored innes and his bs.

  70. Innes is just another asshat that can’t take criticism. Part of the larger move to destroy anonymity on the web because of the free speech it provides.

  71. After listening to this audio I am truly amazed that Andy Bloom actually has a job on a major radio station for a major american city. We’re doomed as a nation.

  72. everyone in here sucks, Kyle, commenters, Josh, gay Andy, etc.

    You can all go fuck yourselves 🙂

  73. Have you noticed when Innes talks about the recent Phillies playoff failures, he’ll go ” they lost in the world series in 09, league championship in 10 and to the St. Louis Cardinals in 11, in that classic 1-0 game 5. We get it fat boy you are a Cardinals fan! So who are you to comment about our teams! ! You suck a fatty

  74. Kyle,

    I’ve worked in radio in various capacities for 4 years since graduating from Temple. I have no particular allegiance to you, Crossing Broad, Josh Innes, Gargano, WIP employees past/present etc. Bottom line is I love all things Philadelphia and all things Philadelphia Sports. That being said, Andy Bloom’s “attack” on you is quite possibly the most cowardly display I’ve ever seen or heard…To come on air, unexpectedly, fire heinous shots, and abruptly fade into the night so his opponent (YOU) is unable to mount a defense whatsoever… That’s equivalent to a CHUMP who sneaks up, throws a haymaker, and runs for the hills when the shit really hits the fan. Don’t sweat it, he’s a half assed Telephone Tough Guy.


  75. This message board is good for laughs but most of the posts are the same few people trying to be funny. Most of the time the readers are laughing at you, not with you….just so you know. Typical low intelligence losers.

    Radio in Philly – josh tries too hard. Even with that, he is different than the same crap we usually get. If you want boring radio, turn on 97.5 and listen to Mike. Sadly, you won’t. You will keep listening to Josh and coming on here and pretending you aren’t listening. Josh has gotten WIP the attention they wanted. They are winning. They are using dopes like most of you to gain more listeners, even if those listeners come on here and pretend they aren’t listening. Get it?

    1. No need to listen to any of it. And any juicy stuff gets picked up by the blogs and posted to soundcloud or youtube, etc.

      Shifty paradigm.

  76. This brings back memories, like when I learned the phrase, “extremis malis extrema remedia” while attending La Salle College Prep High. Or when I used to listen to WIP (background noise, mostly) before Mr. Bloom’s hiring of his annoying boy toy.

    I appreciate Kyle’s chronicling WIP’s death throes.

  77. Hey guys, Josh is starting a class action lawsuit against blogs for his hurt feelings. If you’d like to join the class action please call Saul Goodman.

  78. Philadelphia sports radio has become a complete circus act….. I can’t say this stuff isn’t entertaining but I’m amazed that both stations give CB this much attention.( no offense to Kyle with that comment I love this blog) Bloom is a complete clown blaming the Ellis situation on this website… If you are reading way to deflect blame you fucking jerk off get a clue…. I was pro Innes but beginning to tire of how he constantly needs to talk about himself to boost his own ego…. Tony isn’t there to provide therapy …. we get it your fat and ugly and like shitty music and are manically depressed…. Lose some weight and get in some meds….. Mikey miss is an egotistical cock vein….. Wtf!!??? Viva la #radiowars!!!!!!!

  79. Kyle you scoundrel! You’ve fooled the ignoramus’s. The uneducated fools don’t even have a clue that you Andy and Josh are in cahoots. If I was educated in Philadelphia public schools I’d probably believe that Bloom, a gentleman who never speaks on air, is going to call you a foul name while broadcasting.
    This is just rich! Well done young man. Perhaps when your website fails you’d consider working for me.
    PS……. Because of an increase in the price of salt I’m forced to charge $5.00 for a soft pretzel this year, and don’t forget to wash it down with a $ 10.00 beer.

    “Jeeves! it’s 5:30 am, where’s my tomato juice”!

  80. I love that you finally got called out Kyle you pompous nova coward. you sit behind your computer all day and trash people who actually write their own material.

    Down with the copy and paste king and the even bigger losers that back him

  81. Kyle, I’m a fan of you after this. This was a complete ambush and very cowardly by WIP and all those involved on the call.

    You are real quick on your feet and well-spoken, I respect that.

  82. Also I’m going back to 97.5 the fanatic. Sure I had gripes with Jon + Sean as well as Mike but after hearing this audio, I take it that 94.1 is full of unprofessional whiners and crybabies. I gave Tony and the other guy a shot cause I love Tony but I can’t respect that station in the slightest after this.

    Yes I have a ton of complaints about 97.5 but they never spend 10 minutes complaining about the comments section and nasty things have been said about them. That was just really unprofessional and shows how scared/fraudulent/thin skinned that station is!

    1. if anything they embrace the comments section here. they love reading the stuff you whackjobs come up with.

    2. You know, you don’t have to listen to either of them. There are other radio stations out there, plus tons of sports specific podcasts you can download. That’s what I started doing after WIP started getting so desperate for ratings that they promoted Josh and I haven’t looked back.

  83. It’s a good thing Andy did not call me his boy. BTW, did you know Wilt was the first black guy to live on Cobb’s Creek Parkway.

    1. I talked with Kyle last night. We are going to hook you guys up with tsome free t-shirts. You guise deserve a lot of credit for RadioWors.

      We are goign to compare ISP addrsses and the e-mails you submitted. You have a choice of 3 shirts.

      1. The Wolfe of Borad Street
      B. TJ Oshie Olympic Shirt.
      #. Pick Up the Shield
      4. Sidney Crosby shirt that we released the day after the Flyers got knocked out of the playoffs.

      Please e-mail us and tell us which shirt you want.

  84. if andy bloom had any real balls or power, he would have replaced cataldi and the morning team with josh.

    1. ….thereby hastening the demise of WIP.

      Do you really think that Josh Innes has the clout to bring advertising dollars to the AM drive slot? He’s not even CLOSE to being “established” here yet.

      In radio, it’s not about personalities. It’s about selling air time, and Innes has a long way to go before he proves he can generate huge advertising $$$ in the most coveted day part in the business.

      Just because Josh is “young” does not automatically mean he is the answer to everything, especially with the demographic of WIP’s core audience.

      1. bs…cataldi proved for 25 years you can suck and still get ratings because there is no local sports alternative. also, no one under 40 listens to cataldi.

  85. So this guy thinks he special for wanting to bring stern to philly…. The show that broke records in DC and NY, doesn’t take much talent to look at that and say it would work in philly. I hope stern gets word of this so he can blast this guy for trying to take credit for his work. Oh yea , great job Josh Innes for talking shit about the philly sports fans… That outa help you out a lot U fat fuck outsider…. Go back to the Midwest.

  86. I’ve been listening to WIP for awhile now and have been reading CB since it started. Josh and bloom made you look so good.. It’s amazing how they’re like the same person. I was trying to figure out why Wip is going to hell, and after hearing bloom I understand why. He sounded so upset and they both sounded actually pissed. By doing that, they legitimized you even more and gave you some power knowing that they read this and are scared. And have no control over the station. You handled things perfectly, basically sitting back and allowing them to dig their own holes. Keep up the good work! It’s amazing that the people who normally hate you in the comments is agreeing with you. Worst interview I’ve ever heard.

  87. Kyle, when your done playing with your computer in the basement can you come up and clean your room. Love, Mom

  88. This is why WIP was on AM only for so long. Talk radio sucks for the most part. Talk radio in Philly (sports talk) got a big shot in the arm due the Phillies being, well good. Now that they suck people are getting tired of hearing the same old schtick from the Geezers at WIP. If it wasn’t bad enough to be reminded daily we have to hear that blow hard Cataldi scream nonsense. As good as the Eagles were these idiots want to dismantle the team, and give away all of their draft picks for one guy. Dumb. They cry about Chip not talking to them even though they know it’s all BS anyway. Then we have to hear fucktards who can barely form complete sentences call in. I want music back on 94.1. Now.

    1. From my living room, did I ever tell the one about how me and Hal Le… took Wilt and Guy Rogers to the cleaners during our pickup game at 22nd and Lehigh?

  89. Estoy tan cansado de Innes. Lo odiaba al principio, y luego se convirtió en un gran fan. Él y Andy Bloom realmente puso un huevo de anoche. No puedes golpea miércoles conocimiento general y cómo gritaban missanelli sobre Kyle y luego básicamente hace lo mismo. GUAUU.

  90. I hope everybody enjoyed my hilarious routine on the WIP Morning show today.

    Sorry I had to cut it “SHORT”!

    Get it? I said, “short”. I hope you like 2 minute long routines of a guy just saying, “Short”. It’s hysterical.

  91. Casual observer here. Just listened to that audio and I have lost what tiny little bit of respect I might have had for this outsider Josh Innis and that guy Bloom, guessing he’s some rich guy in charge over there is a complete asshole! How can you jump on the air and talk over and insult someone while making accusations and then just bail???

    No wonder Bruno sat quietly to disassociate himself from that pathetic display of bravado. And Im sorry to say Tony whatever magic you had really seems to be dissipating. It was great for a while with Harry but even on that show you really slipped talking over him too much and giving non well thought out opinions. I really can’t listen anymore to either station.

  92. I’ll listen to sports radio at work during the day. I had never listened to Innes when he was doing 6-10, but I’ve seen all of the comments on here & Twitter about him being a Shock Jock and now I know why.

    If anybody thinks that Innes & Bloom didn’t plan that, they are clueless. Innes clearly has a guilty conscience with getting so upset about you calling him Bloom’s “boy” and saying that you, personally, were trying to make him out to be the villain for Gargano leaving.

    And if Innes claims to be in favor of “new media”, he clearly knows that nobody takes the comments section seriously. He was grasping at straws and it made him look very weak.

    I had never heard Andy Bloom speak in my life and he just happened to come in during that segment. Give me a break. Not to mention, what he did was the equivalent of a sucker punch. He snuck up behind you, got his shot in and ran away like a b****

    So, Josh & Andy, since I know you’re reading this, that was complete and utter bulls*** and you can now put me in the category of people who hopes Innes fails and is gone from Philly sooner rather than later.

  93. Andy Bloom doesn’t realize HOW MANY PEOPLE here at WIP hate him and hate Josh. If I had to put a % behind it I would say about 90% of the people here at WIP want to leave and are sending their resumes to The Fanatic. I have to admit that I EVEN sent my resume to them. This place is about to blow up from all the negativity. What Bloom did on the air yesterday with Kyle was a complete embarrassment to every single person here at WIP. Bloom went into his office and gave himself a hug for a job well done. What a joke he is. Hey Fanatic, are you hiring?

    1. when we finally go local 24/7 – it’s coming, boys, yah! – i’m sure we could find you a nice spot running the board overnight for 8.75 an hour. don’t push for that extra quarter, though.

      1. The Fanatic (And WIP) essentially pay in peanuts for all of the part time workers behind the scenes. Good luck growing a savings account on that bullshit salary. Hell, this is why Brace does all of those appearances off the air. Gotta bring in the green somehow!

    2. Oh…you gotta love anonymous whiners from radio stations.

      What an entitled baby you are.

      Oh management is changing things….I better go anonymously write on a blog that we don’t like change. Oh, they brought a guy in from out of town…we don’t like him. Wah, wah, wah.

        1. Do I claim to be an “insider” and AM I claiming to be airing anyone’s dirty laundry like this crybaby who may or may not be a WIP employee (Glen MacNow)?

          There’s a bit of a difference.

  94. Aren’t Bruno and Kyle business partners on some podcast thing or something? Nice of him to come to your defense

  95. Josh Innes, while occasionally funny and witty, lacks in the sports knowledge department and is a drama queen. Controversy has literally followed him around, from what I can tell, throughout his entire career. He burns bridges and doesn’t care who he hurts – he will do what it takes to reach the top (or his perceived top). All you have to do is google Josh Innes controversy and you will have your fill.

    Youtube Josh Innes to see him in a hospital bed, seeking attention.

    Listen to the audio of Josh Innes and Frank Caliendo

    Read the stories about Joe Wilson and Josh Innes

    Read the stories about Rich Lord (his former co-host) and Josh Innes

    Read the stories about Josh Innes tearing apart blogs who “don’t like him” like Texanschick and others.

    Listen to Josh when he and Tony disagree on a particular topic and Tony owns him on it. Josh becomes all quiet and you can almost hear how much of a petulant little child he can be when he is made to look bad or incorrect. He cannot handle being wrong, he insults callers and he picks on people in general for physical attributes they have no control over. He’ll just hang up on people if they aren’t interesting or controversial enough to suit his needs.

    I listen to the show because of this, so I am not helping the situation. It’s compelling because we love drama. Added to the fact that I absolutely cannot stand Mike Missanelli, you have the perfect storm.

    I wouldn’t say I miss Anthony Gargano at all, but I do miss his sports acumen, his seemingly insider knowledge, and the way he ran his show. Some of it was cliche, and Josh clearly wants to get completely away from what Anthony did… But as Kyle mentioned, this was a seismic shift in the type of show we have and unless you are living under a rock you could see it coming from a mile away.

    We went from (in my opinion) a sports show with actual sports knowledge, to a show with some sports opinions and a lot of drama and trash. That’s what we have now. And Josh seems to get offended when people call it what it is. I am not sure why he gets so defensive, but he does. Maybe it’s an insecurity thing.

    He comes across as bipolar from day to day. You never know what you’ll get next.

    And I think that’s why he’s very popular and will continue to be so.

    I wish he would just pick what he wants to do and own it. This picking fights with everyone in the city may make great radio in some people’s opinion, but it’s not what I really want to listen to. If it continues, I will most likely move on.

    1. Gargano’s “insider knowledge”.

      Yeah, like the time he reported Steve Spagnoulo “Spags” was going to be the new Eagles defensive coordinator. Or, the time he said “Spags” was going to be Andy Reid’s replacement. Or, the prediction that the Phillies were going to bring in the Giants head of scouting to become their new GM after they fired Amaro this past off-season.

      What great insider knowledge this man has.

        1. Oh God, forgot all about that garbage.

          Gargano is an absolute fraud.

          His “insider knowledge” became white noise after awhile.

        2. Link? Regardless, Anthony would usually make it clear when things were just talk and when things might actually happen. What has Josh and/or Tony ever said on the radio that has even had a shred of “insider” knowledge?

          Tony may have some inner connections – he’s been in the game a long time, but Josh has none, other than ND Kalu. And he tries so hard to prove that he belongs, without offering substantive reasons. Other than the time he did play by play for a triple A hockey team.

          1. Oh, so a source for a story lied and then was called out for it and the story was retracted? That’s never happened before. Anthony’s a fraud, clearly.

            That story also had a lot to do with sports.

          2. The gargano philly mag story didnt get scrutinized enough, because avalon brian, marlin from west philly, his buddy boo and the rest of the mindless sheep who helped get that hoagie stuffing slob the job to begin with ,jammed the lines that week and reassured the cuz that he was still the man and made him out to be the victim

          3. The Philly mag article didn’t have anything to do with sports but was a glaring example of the fantasy world Garagano lives in.

            Just like all his sources that say Larry Fitzgerald was going to be an Eagle in 2009 and Muhsin Muhammad was going to be an Eagle in 2005 and of course his boy “Spags” and all the different times Gargano just knew that he was going to be the DC or the head coach of the Eagles…..

    2. I agree with everything Bill has said! After hearing Bloom and Innes go at it like two school age kids, I’m done with WIP! So done with hearing Innes drama day in and day out! Can hardly hear Tony! Buh bye!

  96. you guys are mean. i demand that Kyle or his man slave Jim delete all the mean comments about me.

      1. Usually he has the clip embedded on his site.

        I guess when he is made to look like an ass he doesn’t go through that trouble he just links to the radio station’s site.

        Got it.

          1. Just noting Kyle kept this link smaller rather than embedding it. Probably because he stammered and stuttered his way through the call and looked foolish (so did Bloom, so did Innes).

            Having to read the article means I’d have to read what Kyle Scott wrote.

          2. Oh, so you’re just a troll. Got it. What’s ironic is, your clicks to troll keep Kyle in business. That’s hilarious right there.

            I’d love to see how you do when you get ambushed while showing your chops by backing yourself up and being a man on live radio. I thought Kyle did quite well under the circumstances.

            But I’m not a troll.

  97. Guys!! What is the latest on Marcus????? Enough of RADIOWARS. You’re leaving everyone in suspense.

  98. tony bruno is like daniel bryan – broken down but still entertaining. missing a spark that he once had.

    josh innes is roman reigns – the handpicked chosen one that the majority of the audience either hates or is totally apathetic towards.

    miss robin is chyna – ’nuff said.

    1. Josh is Eric bischoff, continuously talking about his competition Mike Miss. Mike Miss is Vince McMahon, smart enough to not comment or fall to the same level as innes. Jason myretutus is Gerald brisco.

  99. Get ready kids for my great programming masterpiece….the Great Eagles Debate. My boy Joshy should be all loud, obnoxious and “controversial”. Edge of your seat radio. I should know. I’m the guy who knew bringing the #1 show in DC and NYC would work in Philly. That’s me…the mogul….the visionary….end of discussion.

  100. BEST THING that could happen to Josh Innes’ show! Now he can be interesting. Of course we are all being played.

    1) Josh Innes is no Mikey Miss.
    2) Andy Bloom is a coward to berate you and leave!
    3) I thought I was tired of the Cuz, until I heard Innes. Train wreck.
    4) ONLY reason I listen is 97.5 will not tune in where I am at work.
    5) I have actually shut radio OFF and listened to silence instead.

    NOW I will listen just to see what he says about Kyle. To see if Andy comes out of his cave and comments. Ugh! Thanks???

  101. From my living room in the Shoprite in Williamstown, did I ever tell you that all the great players out of Philly learned the game from me. And I am not Bloom’s boy

  102. Kyle handled himself well on the radio last night and Andy should be flat out embarrassed. This is a great blog site and I forward along/share often. Josh fills the air with his opinions but a blogger can’t? Unreal. You are far from a fraud, Kyle. Any and Josh are lashing out because they are hearing it all the time. Maybe they should stop lashing out ask why.

    In full disclosure, I am a huge Gargano fan and was completely agitated with Bloom when he left. I sent him a long, bitch-like email complaining. To his credit, Andy replied (several times) and opened up a nice dialog with me. I appreciated it. During the thread, I mentioned that Innes was a mistake ..I think this got his attention more than anything else. He explained how he was responsible for bringing Stern to Phila. Admittedly, I was impressed. I thought to myself maybe I’ll give him another shot. I did.

    I will admit, Josh is funny and I “get him”. It’s fresh. However, he can not seem to get past any criticism and I can’t listen to him rant about the haters anymore. Seriosly, dude? Rub some dirt on it. It’s uncomfortable. I guarantee if he would stop responding to every comment, the criticisms would slowly end. Sadly, he’s a narcissist and he can’t let it go. What I don’t think he understands is, when he lashes out at a hater, he is condescending to all listeners (as he represents himself as the outsider). I wish him the best but want him out of our beloved town.

    I only listen to sports radio in my car. I fight with my wife and daughter about it. In such a great sports city with such awesome sports fans, WHY CAN’T WE GET GOOD RADIO! Sorry to sound like a broken record but I muss Gargano, Glen and Rob. Hell, I miss .. (gulp) Eskin!

    Mr. Bloom – Just because you are beating 97.5 doesn’t make it good radio! Fix this please!!

    1. I think the problem is that Josh uses the haters to boost himself. If he stopped bringing them up, we might all see that there’s really nothing left.

      If the haters stopped giving him material, he would just self loathe, which is even worse.

      He cannot help himself. He loves the attention and he loves drama. Just look at his career.

  103. I’m glad you are reading this….. Your show is terrible and you are a bully. You can not leave Philly fast enough!

  104. Fuck Andy Bloom…that stunt he pulled yesterday has officially made me switch to 97.5…Would love to see the ratings and laugh at the failed Innes/Bruno experiment. To try and compare Innes to Howard Stern is silly and honestly Stern rules, Innes is a joke. I feel sorry for Bruno, who BTW seems tired of Innes’ act. I would LOVE to see Gargano and Mikey Miss team up to crush these losers!

  105. Ok yea, Innes, sucks, Bloom is a hit and run wimp (what is crossing broad then?), Bruno is stale/boring shtick, Missenelli is old, angry and out of touch with whatever the fuck this site claims he is (sigh)- yet all of you morons listen to them everyday and Kyle reports on them. Seems to me that Kyle, and all of you are getting played here, and are on WIP’s/97.5’s tip more than you want to admit. You have become the bit.

    Don’t sweat these guys, they have your cage rattled Kyle and airing it here makes you look like the amateur hour Missenelli claims you are. Stop proving these guys right and move on homey. You are falling right into what Bloom wants, and I’m not sure if you even realize it.

  106. Hey, remember when people really thought we were taking over WCW?

    And some people just never realized the whole thing was a work?

  107. Hey Andy Bloom, from all of us here at WIP that fear for our jobs, YOU ARE A HUGE DOUCHE. Josh, we all pretty much feel the exact same way about you too. Tony, you’re an idiot for wanting to come here and work. You’re such a cool dude…and you’re career will be over after working with these 2 DOUCHE BAGS.

    1. Are you on the company WIFI?

      If you are, you might want to switch over to 3g or whatever.

      Maybe brush up on PA’s at-will employment laws.

  108. ME ME ME!!! Somebody cares what I think!! I’m such a relevant blogger!!

    Kyle your mom must be proud.

  109. I am/was a loyal WIP listener for 25 years. It has gotten so bad in the past few months that I’ve actually been listening to 660 out of NY this week, ugh. Josh “Poor Man’s Stern” Innes is obviously culprit #1-A, that guy has been unlistenable since he started.

  110. Look people, the bottom line is this:

    Rob Ellis and Gargano were not matching Miss’s ratings. Rob Ellis is a smart sports guy, but he’s not good at keeping a radio audience. Bloom obviously sees this as he obviously has to, and decides to make a change. WIP has been looking for the next big thing to match/beat Missanelli for years, but ALSO for Angelo’s potential replacement. In the world of radio, a boring smart guy like Rob Ellis doesn’t drive ratings. Guys with an edge like Eskin, Cataldi Miss and now Innes are what get ratings.

    So they took Macnow away from Gargano so that Gargano could fulfill his contract and added Ellis. Gargano was probably offered a new deal, but at a lower salary and probably was told he was being moved to a different timeslot. It STILL didn’t work. So, like any business leader Bloom made a move. It’s business. Doesn’t matter what industry you’re in. Your job is to make a profit/bring in ratings. If you don’t then a change is made.

    Give Innes a chance in this city. He’s entertaining, but also knows sports. And he’s cohosting with a great sports guy in Bruno. These guys are WAY better than Missanelli.

    And no, I don’t work for WIP.

  111. There was a guy I knew. Smart guy and a true visionary by the name of Kyle Scott. Now, Kyle has a big mouth and sometimes says a lot of stupid things, but this guy had a vision years ago in building a website that will be the prominent source of sports info in the years to come. So when I heard this guy named Bloom, a member of my own race, ambushed him yesterday and called him a lot of awful names and embarrassed him…….I did nothing. Why. It was business and not personal. Gentlemen, this is the business we have chosen.

  112. The bottom line is that if I want comedy I’ll listen to Stern. If I want knowledge of Philly sports or all sports for that matter I’ll listen to Rob Ellis. He puts Innes to shame with sports knowledge. And last I heard WIP was sports talk. Because of this stupid nonsense I now listen to 97.5 between 1-4. There is a place for Ellis but he surely is not Blooms boy.

  113. Hopefully he will end up like the P i g V o m i t guy in the Howard Stern movie Private Parts. Muttering to himself on the streets of Philadelphia.

  114. KYLE- keep up the good work you obviously struck a nerve of truth with Andy. I did the only thing that really matters to them, stopped listening. Josh is a fraud, creepy, out of control drunk. He will self destruct…

  115. I know you are reading this…post the fucking radio wars ratings if you want page hits and comments like you got here.

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