BREAKING: MCW, K.J. McDaniels Traded

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More on this when we get up off the floor.


UPDATE: Or K.J. McDaniels was traded? We’ll have more as this all happens.

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The Sixers will reportedly also acquire the Lakers’ first round pick THIS YEAR, protected 1-5. WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING. All I know is K.J. McDaniels and Michael Carter-Williams’ Sixers careers are likely over.


UPDATE 2: Just picks for MCW, it seems:

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 3.15.26 PM

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 3.18.05 PM


UPDATE 3: Analysis:

Voila_Capture 2015-02-19_03-19-40_PM
Voila_Capture 2015-02-19_03-21-14_PM


UPDATE 4: Howard Eskin cannot compute:

Voila_Capture 2015-02-19_03-22-36_PM


UPDATE 5: Joel-Hans hath no idea:

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Over the jump for more updates.

UPDATE 6: MCW thankful:

Voila_Capture 2015-02-19_03-29-15_PM


UPDATE 7: Reset: As far as we know, K.J. McDaniels goes to Houston for Isaiah Canaan and a future second round pick. MCW goes to Milwaukee in multi-team deal for Lakers first round pick, which is protected if it falls within the top five this year or top three in 2016 or 2017. Either way, we’re gonna need a bigger flowchart:

Voila_Capture 2015-02-19_03-24-35_PMVoila_Capture 2015-02-19_03-24-42_PM


UPDATE 8: Good Morning America just tweeted the Sixers. What world is this?

Voila_Capture 2015-02-19_03-32-23_PM


UPDATE 9: Never forget:

Voila_Capture 2015-02-19_03-35-42_PM



UPDATE 10: Thoughts:

Kyle: K.J. has impressed, but he negotiated a one-year deal so he could get out of this hell hole more quickly. Between that, and the Tweets from his mom, he probably wasn’t going to sign here again. So moving him is the best option. MCW? Eh. His value may only go down moving forward, and you never got the sense the Sixers were married to him (except for, you know, that poster). It sounds like the Sixers would rather take their chances in the draft instead of with the reigning Rookie of the Year. That… takes balls.



Voila_Capture 2015-02-19_03-45-52_PM


UPDATE 12: Thoughts:

Jim: I’m a little stunned, to be honest. I expected Sam Hinkie to go off, a little bit, but not quite like this. The K.J. deal seems like “he’s got value now so let’s do it” since they likely thought he wouldn’t re-sign (or would be offered a lot elsewhere). MCW has been available for a long time — even going back to the last draft — and Hinkie was able to get a potential 7-10 pick this year (or 4-10 next year) for a guy they obviously didn’t believe in.


UPDATE 13: Succinct summary:

Voila_Capture 2015-02-19_03-49-50_PM

UPDATE 14: Sounds about right.

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 4.00.46 PM

And the MCW three-team deal is officially official. We’ll have an updated flow chart as soon as we learn more about the K.J. McDaniels deal.

UPDATE 15: Embiid is on board.

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 4.04.49 PM

UPDATE 16: So, here’s what it looks like, simplified.


  • Michael Carter-Williams
  • K.J. McDaniels


  • Isaiah Canaan
  • The Lakers’ 2015 first round pick
    • Protected 1-5 in ’15, 1-3 in ’16 and ’17, and unprotected in ’18 (via John Gonzalez)
  • Denver’s 2015 second round pick (from Houston)
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68 Responses

  1. Pardon the Interruption, but I am CONFUSED.

    Wasn’t the point of tanking to build-up the young talent for this youth movement that will one day (3-5 years) dominate the NBA?

    I really don’t understand why they would trade away MCW, Nerlens, etc when the whole point was to stack up these young guys by tanking and bringing in more top notch youth?

    1. Equally confused. Not sure what’s going on here. Just when I was starting to think good thoughts about the near future with this young talent, Hinkie deals one of the pieces away? Does this mean we have to extend the Tank for more years?

      1. Yes. This is so Hinkie can tank year after year without ever being accountable for failing to put a competitive team on the court. It will be a decade before ownership finds out he’s a total fraud.

    2. Michael Carter Williams is 368th in NBA FG%

      Michael Carter Williams is 289th in NBA 3PT FG% (Only 376 NBA players have attempted more than 1 3pt shot.

      1. MCW was asked to do things on this team that are not in his game. He is not a shooting guard; he is a point guard. He was good at distributing and protecting. I actually think the trade has more to do with inability to stay healthy than anything.

    3. You “fans” are too dumb to understand. The winner is decided by who has the most draft picks at the end of the day. Right? Let us smart guys figure this stuff out. Go get a bud and cheesesteak, shut up.

  2. What – they were playing too well?

    Please tell me they didn’t just trade MCW.

    This is the first trade (if true) that Hinkie has made that I am not OK with. Makes no sense. That kid was a building block.

    1. Ehh, I’m good with it. MCW was a turnover machine. They need someone who can distribute the ball. Point Guard is the deepest position in the NBA right now, and for now Isaiah Thomas and (when healthy) Tony Wroten will be fine. They’ll have 2 lottery picks this year. Embiid and Noel will both be healthy next year. Breathe. Relax. This team is going to suck for a while.

      1. Ummm it’s already been awhile that’s the problem. We sucked up a 27 win season five years ago and got Turner and it’s been stuck there ever since in “rebuild”.

        What more of a steal in the second round will get then KJ?

        The Sixers found a way to make money and not have put even a fair product on the floor. Good for them but I’m out.

        1. Look. Got it. They’ve sucked for a while. Are you guys too young to remember that AMAZING team in ’94 that had Clarence Weatherspoon, Dana Barros, Shawn Bradley and Jeff Malone? The Sixers as a franchise work in spurts. You get a few great years, and then a BUNCH of insufferable ones.

          People forget about the Clarence “Baby Barkley” Weatherspoon years because they were busy being “Bulls Fans” and then came back to root for the Sixers when Iverson came along. Hinkie’s plan will work. Analytics work in every type of business. It will work here.

          1. Analytics works well in baseball because it’s a sport involving strategy. It has its uses in basketball, but it can’t be relied on fully because basketball is more of a sport of instinct. Something which analytics cannot measure.

  3. I dont understand this one. At some point you have to build. Cant just keep hitting the reset button. Trading MCW is resetting. Unless theyre building towards signing some big time free agents, this move is a move that sets this rebuild back another year

  4. MCW was at his trade value peak, the alleged rumors of him not getting along with Noel. This was bound to happen. This move should tell you that it’s most likely not Okafur they’re targeting, since they have Noel and Embiid, it’s probably Mouldnay

  5. I wonder if KJ is still gonna be at the Sports Vault on Sunday March 8th?

    Not sure I understand what’s going on but clearly they didn’t like MCW very much.

  6. I hope the Sixers never stop tanking. Tanks are one of modern warfare’s most effective killing machines.

  7. MCW is terribly overrated. Sell-high move by Hinkie. The old radio heads will cry about how they traded the 2013-2014 Rookie of the Year when it was a weak class.

    1. But Hinkie picked him right? So what is the point of getting more picks if Hinkie can’t pick guys that can play? Is it a case of ‘If I get more picks, I’m bound to hit on one sooner or later’?
      Effin crazy!

      1. Hinkie fell into him at 10 (or 12, whatever it was). He was best available. You can def improve in the draft at that spot. It was a good pick in 2013 and a good move today. Hinkie gets credit for both in my opinion.

  8. MCW will never be an All Star, ever. Good move.

    Lakers are like 4 games out of the 6th worst record, so we need them to start winning.

      1. no shit retard. but id rather have them start with the 6th worst odds to win. so if they don’t get a top-3 pick they’re sitting at #6 still.

  9. This is like Hinkie is hitting the reset button really early on in a level that you know you have to play perfectly in order to beat the boss. Just keep hitting reset until everything works out perfectly.

  10. Eventually in a rebuild, you stop selling everybody and build around young stars. Our brilliant GM, however, only knows how to sell players for draft picks. You can’t keep hitting the reset button if you want a build to work. I’m sorry, but I’m not sure if I trust Hinkie’s ability to carry out a rebuild

  11. Anyone who thinks that Hinkie is doing the right thing is a fucking moron. This franchise has now been set back even further. The NBA is a star driven league and this team has none. No free agent will come here. This organization is breeding a culture of losing. And, you morons that think Noel will be a star start thinking of Dalembert because that’s what he will be at best. Embiid is a joke. The guy played a half a season of college ball and didn’t start until the 10th game of the season. He already has had a broken back and a broken foot. Not a good sign for a big man. Plus, the way the NBA is set up you can not strip the team down like you can in baseball. Plus, all you supporters of analytics are again idiots. It works in baseball because baseball is a game of strategy. Basketball is a game of instinct where the analytics isn’t a huge part of the actual game play.

    1. former sixers season ticket holder who has not watched a nba game in 3 years. the nba product is garbage. i would rather watch reruns of pawn stars than the sixers. how about that nc/duke game last night and the lasalle/vcu game last week?

    2. Couldn’t disagree more. The Sixers now have 4 first round picks. One of which will surely be used to improve from where you were yesterday at PG with MCW (especially if you get Mudiay). If they draft well this year, and continue to acquire young talent, they set themselves up to be a prime time landing spot for free agents after the 2016 season (Chris Paul, Durant, Melo…). Now all the sudden you’re sitting on a Miami Heat 2.0 situation. Looks like the Sixers have nothing but options. And all the options look pretty, pretty, pretty good.

      1. First of all Durant is not coming here. He will either sign with OKC or with Washington. Carmelo is an out of shape player who is in the start of his decline and why the hell would Chris Paul come here? There is nothing that his has or will have that will draw free agents. The college game is great, but the stars are few and far between. This plan is not going to work. Look at how the NBA is set up. No contracts are more than 4 years for a free agent switching teams and 5 for resigning with a current team.
        The reason the Sixers were looking good the past few weeks is they have players who are fighting for jobs for this year and beyond. Teams like the Knicks and Lakers all have players who know they have a job and the guarantee of millions. No sense in trying when you have that guarantee. The only good thing about the Sixers is their coach and its a shame he has to coach this mess.

        1. You’re right, they totally should’ve kept signing mediocre free agents, barely making the 8th seed, and losing in the first round. That’s a WAY better plan.

          How can you say the plan isn’t working, when you don’t know what Hinkie’s plan actually is; and it is probably still in a stage of infancy? Wait and see what he does with the picks, if he uses them to trade for talent, and if he can acquire top tier free-agents before you say “this isn’t working.”

          Unless you really are pining for the days of mediocrity and first-round losses…then I have no idea what to tell you because you’re probably borderline mentally disabled…

          1. Thanks for the kind words, Mike. You’re a stand up jerk-off. What you’re not understanding is that all Hinkie is doing is planning for the future, but he is not building anything. Plus, as I have said before with the way the league is set up you can’t build a team over X numbers as you can in baseball. Contracts are maxed out at 4 or 5 years. Guys want to win. By pinning your hopes on kids that are high school juniors as part of your plan is asinine. I have no problem with them trading MCW, but at least get a player back. I’m glad I dropped my season ticket plan a few years ago. This will now be three years in a row that fans waste their money on this product. So, Mike, it’s great that you believe in this, and if you want I have a great investment property at 22nd and West Moreland that has the potential to be good in 10 years. If you’re interested let me know. Otherwise, brush up on how the current NBA is run these days.

  12. Mixed feelings on this. MCW wasn’t great, whoever they get with that Lakers pick has a good chance of being better than him, and PGs are easy to find in today’s NBA.

    KJ probably wasn’t going to re-sign.

    But this sets them back at least one more year. Maybe they’ll be good in 2018.

    1. How so? You just said KJ wasn’t going to resign, so they sold him at his peak value for them and got something instead of absolutely nothing. And you’re saying MCW is easily replaced. So how was any of this a setback?

  13. I guess I can’t say the phrase “I give Sam Hinkie coc:k respect for this trade.”, but other more offensive words are allowed. Unreal.

  14. MCW for a protected 15 or higher, meh… MCW for a protected 1-5 in a heartbeat. Hinke either has his eye on a college stud coming out 15-17 or compiling picks to guarantee a top 3 pick since the lottery is fixed and all…. cause you know Cleveland

  15. Hinke will not be outdone. Clearly tired of the spotlight stealing tank machines like the Knicks, Lakers and T-Wolves and sick hearing that of hearing this “playing too well” malarky, Hinke just grabbed the Etch-A-Sketch and shook the shit out of it. Melo can go down injured, Kobe can be reborn and the T-Wolves can trade for the crypt keeper but start winning a few games here at the wrong time and we drop the reigning ROY and come out with some good picks on the other side. Stay the course, Hinke! Stay the course.

  16. The flowchart is like Frankenstein after the lightning bolt. That monster has a life of its own. Time to move that bitch to its own dynamic webpage.

  17. This is like blowing up a team in a video game. Just hope there’s that glitch where you can end up with the entire 1st round of picks.



  19. Do you think Kentucky could beat whatever is left of the Sixers (dont include Noel and Embid)? I think that squad has more starting NBA players than what we now have.

  20. Hey Kyle, remember the good ole days when Rube used to “hang dong” all over the winter meetings?

    Hinkie just tea-bagged the fucking trade deadline.



  21. So, since they have roster space, how soon can they resign Tim Fraizer to another contract? You want a point guard, there he is.

  22. Wow!!!! A couple of teams making mind boggling moves. Why the hell are the bucks trading away brandon knight who has been a revelation under jason kidd and has them in the playoff race and bringing in MCW to replace him. I liked MCW to a certain extent but he is what he is, a guy who can have a triple double one night then play completly erratic for the next 5 games. That is not what you need in a point guard who you expect to stabilize your half court offense. Maybe Kidd can help him out, but i doubt it. Sixers get a top 5 protected pick, actually top 3 protected in next years draft from the lakers i believe from steve nash bumblefuck trade a few years ago for….. MCW? YES PLEASE!!!! The we traded everybody’s favorite 2nd round pick K.J. mcdaniels who i also like, but the guy feels extremely slighted by the league and thinks he should have been a 1st rounder (probably should have) and is going to want a deal for about 5 million per next year……he makes alot of exciting plays but hes a great athlete playing basketball, when it came time to hit a three or make a pass let alone basic dribbling he looked like he was drunk. In return we get little-known isiah canaan a bench guard, but a bench guard who can shoot and averages 12 points a game, only 3 less than MCW who starts, coming off the bench for James harden. Depending on where teams fall we have a top 5 pick this year, another around 15, and another in the low 20’s. Sixers won’t compete next year so we would have two more top 10 (at worst) picks in next years draft. plus how many second round picks do we have???? It’s hard to sift through all of this rubble but god damn SAM HINKIE IS A DIABOLICAL GENIUS!!! I love all these nitwits congratulating the heat for getting dragic ……for 3 players and 2 1st round picks. The heat may barely make the playoffs this year with an old veteran team, Wade will either retire or be gone soon, Bosh is leaving his prime years…they are going to have to get younger…only they have zero first round picks the next couple years…did Pat riley take some advice from Billy King??? I also think Hinkie acquiring all these picks could be just to package something for a star player or to move up in the draft and get two top 5 players, hello D’angelo Russel and Karl Towns

    Sixers and Thunder were the clear cut winners today,only the thunder get the early return on their investments

  23. Have the Sixers gotten every pick in the second round yet? Seriously-how many picks do they have in this year’s draft?

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