Ruben Amaro Says Four Teams Have Made Real Offers on Cole Hamels, Makes It Sound like He Does His Job

Photo Caption: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Caption: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Things have been relatively quiet on the Cole Hamels front this offseason. But not behind the scenes. Oh no. That’s because Ruben Amaro was not impressed by the offers he heard. Or at least that’s what he wants us to believe.

Amaro told CSN that “eight teams have kicked the tires” on a possible Hamels deal, but none of those lit the fires. Additionally, he says four teams have made “real” offers. Just yesterday, bow tie-wearing Miniature Schnauzer Ken Rosenthal reported that the San Diego Padres made “an aggressive offer” for Hamels before they settled and signed James Shields. One of Rosenthal’s sources said that the feeling may be that the Padres just didn’t have enough in their system to make a deal for Hamels. And in Ruben’s eyes, maybe that’s true. But the man has a history of over-valuing his players. And while it can be hard to really overvalue Cole Hamels, it seems like Ruben — content with not moving Hamels for the time being — sure is trying.


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  1. Jim ,

    This might be your worst post ever. I thought we both agreed that you wouldn’t post on weekdays anymore. Take this down, ask Kyle to post something about the Eagles or sixers or radio wars.

  2. Jim,
    This is really embarrassing. You should probably stick to wearing tight sweatpants and being a douche. Leave the snarky posting to Kyle.


  3. Are you just meeting some type of determined quota you two have set (“make sure we post something, ANYTHING, before 10am”)? This is not even a story.

    Some teams were interested, some were not. Some didn’t have enough chips to bargain with…

  4. My Phillies better not trade Cole. He is a top 5 arm in the Majors; at the moment. I would be heartbroken to see him leave.

  5. Damn, Jim. They are casting shade on you. Do you owe them money or something? (Yea, I know it’s likely the same guy, but that wasn’t as funny). But, it is time for some Radio Wars action, so I can rip Mike&Mike a new ass.

  6. The nastiness in the CB comments is half the reason I come to the site, but c’mon people. There is NOTHING happening in this city right now, so of course the posts will be a little underwhelming.

  7. What is it that I do exactly? All I can come up with is tagging along Tony Bruno and tweeting nonsense. I smell like Xmas eve dinner at Ralph’s

  8. Your attempts at humor are horrendous. “Bow tie-wearing Miniature Schnauzer”? Come on, pal.

  9. Wake me up when Hamels is finally traded to my Dodgers,until then it’s naptime.


  10. “But the man has a history of over-valuing his players”….. unless of course it’s Cliff Lee because any time you have a chance to get a deaf prospect in return, you have to do that.

  11. Ruben is a good GM and the writer of this blog post is a moron…

    Everyone treats Pat Gillick like he’s some F’ing brain but he’s not!! He’s the GM who signed Adam Eaton and Freddy Garcia and Geoff Jenkins and who gave up on the 2007 season prematurely by being sellers at the July deadline only to reverse himself a couple weeks later by acquiring Moyer.. And every team he’s been with has not made the playoffs since winning that WS…

    Ruben gets full credit for the 2009 NL Champion season. He also gets credit for the 2010 & 2011 seasons where the Phillies set the franchise record for victories.

    Can’t blame him for Howard’s collapse or Pence’s fear of being a star player..

    Ruben’s been a good GM; shame he runs a team in a city that never appreciates anything and takes on a commoner ‘ya-ya great but what have you done for me this second?’ mindset

    1. This is like the 10th time you posted this Tyler. Give up. Dead wrong. Stop copying and pasting the same comment to every article that mentions Rube.

      Yo neglect to mention that Gillick signed Werth, JC Romero, Chad Durbin, and Greg Dobbs (Yes in fact he was pretty important as a PH in 08).

      He also traded for Rowand and Gio Gonzalez that turned out to be a steal (even if he flipped Gio by mistake for Freddy Garcia). He traded garbage for Moyer, Blanton, and Scott Eyre who were very significant for the WS run.

      Oh right, I forgot to mention trading an overrated Michael Bourn for Brad Lidge. That was a bad move too I guess.

      An extra note, he drafted Drabek who eventually was flipped for Halladay. Drabek never amounted to anything due to injures but still helped reel in Doc.

      So Tyler, STFU. You don’t know shit about baseball…….

  12. Can anyone tell me why we wouldn’t just eat a bunch of his contract money if it means a real shot at prospects?? Not that the people in charge know how to evaluate those prospects, but you may as well take a shot. We’ll eat Marlon Byrd money but not this?!

  13. Somehow reminds me of the phrase we used to say as kids…..”Here I sit, brokenhearted. Tried to shit and only farted…..”

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