Still-Broadcaster Matt Stairs to be Inducted into the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame

pic via (@DaveM_PSL)
pic via (@DaveM_PSL)

Matt Stairs became a Phillies folk-hero because of that pinch-hit home run, but over his career he was always sort of a Canadian baseball legend. His 19 seasons are the most by any Canadian position player. His 265 career home runs is second only to Larry Walker, and he also ranks second in games and walks, while ranking third in RBIs and doubles. Additionally, as part of his journeyman status, he is one of four Canadians to play for both the Expos and the Blue Jays.

To honor the Phillies broadcaster for these, um, incredible feats, it was announced today that Stairs will be inducted into the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame. He’s part of a class that includes Carlos Delgado, Corey Koskie, Felipe Alou, and baseball writer Bob Elliott. He joins Rheal Cormier(!) and Pat Gillick as other HOFers with Phillies ties. And on top of all of that, he gets to keep his job. It’s really just an A+ week for Matt Stairs.


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  1. There’s a Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame? Quite a dubious distinction…

    Canada has done for baseball what America has done for soccer.

    But congratulations anyway, Matt.

  2. Well, congratulations to Matt although I have never heard of this before. I understand that one of the people being considered as Jamie Moyer’s replacement is the equally charismatic Ben Davis! Talk about sleep-inducing.

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