The Goldbergs Tackles Forbidden Love between Eagles and Cowboys Fans

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After first getting a Hextall reference out of the way and then trying (and succeeding) to make a visit to the Vet possible, ABC’s The Goldbergs took on an all-too familiar topic: Forbidden love amongst the offspring of rivals. Montague and Capulet? Nope. Eagles and Cowboys.

Dave Koechner — Champ Kind himself — guest-starred as the Cowboy-loving father of Barry Goldberg’s girlfriend. And he played just the kind of Jenkintown-residing Cowboy fan you’d expect: Brash, cocky, overcompensating with tons of gear, and over-the-top enough to call his house “Cowboy Country” and insist that you refer to them as America’s Team.

So that’s the Flyers and Eagles, and the Phillies are on the way, for The Goldbergs. That leaves only the Sixers. There weren’t many notable things in the late-80s — the timeframe has them firmly in the Sir Charles era of Sixers basketball — but maybe they could do something with Dr. J’s retirement tour. I’m sure Josh Harris would be all over it.

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32 Responses

    1. Chance — that’s the best thing I’ve read all day. Lainey would definitely get it but the sister Erica is smoke show! And by the way, Barry might have the best IMDB pic ever.

  1. You’re doing it – again – Jim. Killing me.

    Btw: how about the forbidden love between Jim and his “life partner” ?

    Jim isn’t lame. He flat out sucks. How much longer until your daily, shitty, boring, uninspiring and useless Sixers post?

  2. How about a story on how Ghost Bear is already skating and on track for an early-March return from a fucking ACL tear? The tear that occurred in November. A 4 month recovery would be fucking ridiculous.

    There’s nothing else happening sports wise in this town, figured you’d hop on that story real fast.

  3. You’re wasting your time, Jim. Two-thirds of the commenters think Montague and Capulet are from the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Keep pushing that rock.

  4. Just heard that the weekly radio ratings are in from last week, and mike miss won by almost double. I’m surprised, I thought Innes would have won.

  5. Just to further prove that Innes is a huge DBag, last night he was I front of me at tony Luke’s, the guy ordered no onion, with Swiss…. Then he put a ton of ketchup on it…. I kid you not. Is there anything more deuchey ????

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