The Phillies Post Picture of Newly Acquired Pitcher “Adam Harang”

Voila_Capture 2015-02-19_09-44-30_AM
Where does Rube find these guys?!


Like I said, fire the Phillies’ social media person.

H/T to (@DatDudeMG)

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25 Responses

    1. That line will drop dramatically when they inevitably have to deal Hamels because now it’s known he wants out and isn’t being shy about it.

      With Hamels, I’d say 68.5 is exactly where they end up…without him? 55. This team can’t score. Your starting outfield is Dom Brown, Ben Revere and “player to be named later”. You get zero pop from SS or 3rd, Utley and Howard don’t even qualify as a shell of their former self…

      Seriously, they may not win 50.

      1. “With Hamels, I’d say 68.5 is exactly where they end up”

        You know it’s literally impossible for that to happen, right?

  1. Harang would have two minutes to prove he’s a human being before I’d brain him the way you’re supposed to take out all zombies.

  2. Christ, that dude always looks like he either just came off of a week long bender or is legitimately walking dead.

    Where’s Phillipe Aumont? BALL 4!


  3. Dude, Aaron Harang is coming off a good season. He’s not going to be our worst pitcher. Yes a zombie, will not be our worst pitcher.

    Wait until you all get a load of our 1-2 punch of Billingsly and Harang as #1 and #2 SP’s. That is if we’re lucky enough for Lee to be traded for anything good.

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