The Wells Fargo Center Is Adding Stronger Wifi Just in Time for Everyone Having Blazing Fast LTE Phones

As part of previously described renovations to the (19-year-old!) Wells Fargo Center, the arena has been upgraded with 1 Gbps Xfinity Wifi. From a press release:

Comcast-Spectacor is introducing a new, upgraded and free XFINITY WiFi network at the Wells Fargo Center that will be a platform for enhanced communication and in-game interaction for fans, media, and businesses within the arena.

Comcast-Spectacor has partnered with Cisco, the worldwide leader in information technology, and Comcast Business to build the XFINITY WiFi network in the Wells Fargo Center. By utilizing Cisco’s latest-generation Cisco Connected Stadium solution, and equipping it with a 1Gigabit per second Ethernet Dedicated Internet connection, Comcast-Spectacor will be able to offer faster upload and download speeds than ever before in the arena.

“Our goal is to make the Wells Fargo Center a leader in innovative technology and fan interaction,” said Dave Scott, President of Comcast-Spectacor. “This upgrade is just the first of many exciting advancements we will be making at the arena and is a preview of the innovations we can bring to other arenas across the country and in Canada.”

“We know how important it is for fans to stay connected,” said Mike Sheehey, Executive Vice President, Comcast-Spectacor. “We are creating an experience at the Wells Fargo Center where our guests will be able to stay engaged with social media, upload their photos, download stats, instantly post a ‘selfie’ on the center hung scoreboard, and continue to follow their favorite team or entertainer, just as they could at home.”

Instantly post a selfie… or, you know, play Trivia Crack.

Side note: Does anyone other than press even think about using Wifi at a game? 1 Gbps is fast and all, but what happens when 2,000 people try to use it at once? Does it slow to a crawl like Comcast’s signal usually does during peak times? Probably.


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    1. Firefox+NoScript or Chrome+ScriptSafe with on the blacklist takes care of those.

    2. Yes, how dare I ask you to take 3 seconds to fill in a survey so you can read the website that my livelihood is 100% dependent on so you can read some shit about Michael DZ’s tinder dong COMPLETELY FOR FREE. What nerve I have.

  1. Well Kyle, we would use our blazing fast LTE enabled iOS and Android devices at the game but AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile etc. suck when thousands of people are on the network at once. Same issues at CBP and The Linc.

    1. That, and, if someone’s offering me free WiFi, I’ll save my 4G data for when I really need it.

  2. I use the wi-fi at the Linc and its kind of a mixed bag. Its adequate for checking fantasy scores.

  3. The talk around the halls at WIP is that Bruno Innis is a complete disaster right now. Bruno has nothing left. Innis is a ticking time bomb.

    1. …well when there’s absolutely no sports in town to talk about and you are launching a new show…it’s insanely hard to do. Sports talk radio in general in this town is at a standstill until the eagles start again, or Papelbon does something dumb. Not a job i’d want…

  4. “Stay Connected” Stay Connected? Let me tell you something; if you’re at a game, watch the Goddamn game, you trite dickheads. Put your phone down and watch the Goddamn game, you clueless bitches. You can send pictures of your food later, gaylords.

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