This Appears to Be the Definitive Article of the Sam Hinkie Era


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ESPN has just posted an article by Pablo S. Torre which will appear in the March 2 ESPN The Magazine Analytics Issue. I haven’t had time to read the whole thing yet (it’s incredibly long), but here’s just a sampling:

Their would-be star was a hazardous fit — sometimes even literally. One day, memorably, the rehabbing big man parked next to Aaron Barzilai, DiLeo’s newly hired director of basketball analytics, in the parking lot of the team facility at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. As Bynum shuffled inside, Barzilai noticed something on their would-be star’s custom black Ferrari and called after him. Bynum, it turned out, had driven away from a gas station without removing the pump’s nozzle and eight-
foot rubber hose, which he’d dragged, pythonlike, through the street.

That spring, Hinkie met Harris and Blitzer for dinner and another interview in Manhattan. Less than a year after their initial conversations, the contrast between ownership’s personal probabilistic sensibility and the current administration’s older-school tack stung. And Hinkie, as if to underscore that divergence, walked into dinner carrying a laptop, complete with a massively detailed PowerPoint presentation that Sixers executives now recall as an “investment thesis.” Its centerpiece was a diagram that illustrated, arrow by arrow, transaction by transaction, how Houston had amassed the assets — two first-rounders and a second-rounder, along with guards Kevin Martin and Jeremy Lamb — to acquire superstar guard James Hardenfrom the Thunder in October … a month after the Sixers had hired DiLeo. Hinkie’s abstract vision for artfully delayed NBA production suddenly felt concrete.

Fun fact: Our Sam Hinkie flowchart (or some variation thereof) will appear beside this article in the magazine, with full credit to Jim Adair, who’s all grown up!

Read the full thing here.

UPDATE: There’s even more to that Bynum story. From another ESPN story last February [via Broad Street Hockey]:

He has since found homes in Cleveland and Indiana, and whispers of Bynum’s failed marriage with Philadelphia still echoed throughout the Wells Fargo Center on Friday, with one league source sharing how Bynum would often park one of his luxury cars in the reserved space for Ed Snider, chairman of Comcast Spectacor — the company that owns the arena where the Sixers play — on purpose on game days. The source also passed on the story about the day Bynum showed up at the Sixers’ practice facility with a police car following him into the parking lot because he had sped off from a gas station with the pump nozzle still inside of his car and the officer noticed the severed hose flapping alongside the road as Bynum merrily drove along.

There were actually people who used to get mad at me when I would call him a “loon.”


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  1. Put something inside of me.

    Anyways, that espn article is a bunch of shit. Buss is a bitch. Lakers have 1 more win and he’s bitching about the 6ers. Also, this Plablo bitch makes you go through the auschwitz of sports journalism to get to the point, which is……..espn fucking sucks.


  2. Who gives a shit about Bynum still? Why bring him up? The Sixers knew ahead of time he’d never play for them, and that’s precisely why they traded for him. His salary was insured.

      1. Simple minded? I hope that was sarcasm.

        The Sixers saved money by shipping off Andre I. and his salary while gaining a guy with knee problems since 2007 who just so happened to have “full relief” of salary to the sixers through insurance. “full relief” sounds to me that they didn’t pay much if anything to Bynum. It’s kind of strange to get a guy like that while tanking isn’t it? Ya know, unless you know ahead of time he’s not going to play a single game for you. Small minded is assuming this was all by chance. This was a calculated move if there ever was one. It was genius actually.

        1. Dude, are you high or something? They werent tanking when they acquired Bynum. If they were tanking, why on god’s green earth would they give up a first round pick and two young, cheap guys they drafted in the first round in Vucevic and Harkless?? Just for their multi-bilionaire owners to save some money? That makes no sense whatsoever. Giving up young assets and draft picks is literally the opposite of tanking. You fucking dumbass.

          1. Bynum was the beginning of tanking AND saving some money. If you think “saving money” (millions) isn’t important to billionaires than you’re a fucktard. So you think Bynum accidentally pushed the team to the road to tankdom? Lol. Fool. These guys knew exactly what they wanted to do when they bought the team.

        2. First off, Bynum made $17 million (likely paid by insurance) and it counted against the cap. Whole point on Bynum thing in article was to paint picture of how Bynum basically led Sixers to go totally different route. “Why bring him up” was a simple-minded reaction to the one paragraph is what I meant. Just like Richards-Carter trade impacts still felt now (positive or negative), same with Bynum. That’s why it’s still relevant.

          1. Take Bynum’s name out and put Josh Harris in there and you then have a good point. Bynum did nothing to or for the sixers that ownership didn’t want him to do. He was a useful pawn. “Hey look, we’re trying” “Oh crap, I guess we need to go the tank route now”. They had a plan from day one and he was a stepping stone to that plan. Even with Bynum at 100% they were not a playoff contender and nobody with half a brain expected him to be 100%, or even 60%.

      2. Most corrupt owner in Philly Sports History.

        Irv(the Hebe ) Kosloff. Reneged on his promise to Wilt and destroyed the team.

    1. Mike Bitchanelli’s producer(Jason Myrtetus) reminds me of the little dwarf from that early 1980’s tv show fantasy island.

      I swear Myrtetus kisses more ass than Howard Eskin at a Chip Kelly press conference.

  3. Cool updateds over the weekend as usual. Guess you two buttfuck need two days off because you work so hard writing indepth relative pieces all week long. You fucks need to stop selfpromoting so god damn much with the podcasts n tshirts n all that bullshit n actually write something. Its not fun to read copy n past bullshit, TMZ updates, and links to other writers works. Thats not why I started reading here many years ago. Back then you had an opinion, balls, n showed glimps of talent. Your like Dom Brown, just here taking up space because we have nobody else thats any better. All you do (Kyle) is bust other writers balls about their views and opinions yet you have none of your own. Your like a poor skinny shrivel dicked version of Howard Eskin, but without the fur coats, and headphones. Why dont you fuckfaces write something intestead of bithing about Marcus Hayes’ writing style, Ruben inability to be a GM. We know that they are idiots already. Write something with opinion, something original, subjective. Give us your opinion on 5 potential packages youd trade Hamels for. Give us your Eagles free agency wish list and why. Give us your Eagles mock draft. Give us something god damnit, because this shit is bullshit. Buy my tshirts, Ruben Amaro is stupid, The Flyers are living in the 70’s, Buy my tshirts, Listen to me on the radio, Watch me on TV, Buy my tshirts, TMZ is awesome, The Phillies stink, Buy my tshirts, Sam Hinke farted, Marcus Hayes wrote a poem, Listen to my podcast, Buy my tshirts. Fuckin shit is painful!!!!!

    1. Having an opinion for the sake of having an opinion is dumb, hence BS sports columns. There’s not much to have an opinion about right now. So, I can force it with BS for page views (which you’ll be first to complain about, I’m sure) or don’t write something for the sake of writing something.

      1. So you admit to not having an opinion. So then your just a slave to the system. Cut and paste, cut and paste. Buy my crappy tshirt. Thats all you do to create page views. No i dont want a breakdown of how they Flyers are 5 point outa a playoff spot. Maybe a post about what you(sorry forgot your a brainless twit with no opinion) or we as fans and readers think the Flyers should do at the trade deadline. But thats obviously out of your league. Youll just go off on a tangent about how Homer traded away Carter, Richards, and Bob. Beacause that about the extent of your writing skills. Glad to see all that money Daddy spent on that Villanova education is being put to good use. NO ORIGINAL IDEAL OR OPINIONS! Im sure your litature/writing professors would be proud. Or how about something RELATIVE to the Flyers like how the 1st line has been struggling. Not how Ed Snider want to be called Ed now. The extent of your Mariota post are you ripping Sal Pal for expressing his thoughts n opinions. In no way am I defending Sal Pal but at least he speaks his mind rather then cutting and pasting. But you have no opinions of who you or the fans think the Birds could/should draft? Free agency is right around the corner and so is the combine. No Eagles late round sleeper pick player profiles? I guess thats to difficult for your writing skills(cut n paste) and information gathering skills(twitter). Im sure youll be 8hrs late on the Foles for Josh Gordon in 2013 thing and all it will be will be a cut n paste from profootballtalk. So having an opinion for the sake of having an opinion isnt dumb. Its make you a man rather then the little mindless twit youve become.

    2. To get out ahead of inevitable reply– there are multiple posts about Mariota, Eagles front office, Sixers tanking, Phillies incapabilities. So I can just rewrite them like columnists are forced to do. Would that be better?

      1. Yes all topics that youve beaten into the ground because your to scared to write an original post to show your skills or of how you would fix the Phillies. Its not as simple a firing Ruben. N getting Montgomery out. Or how about how improved Noel has looked lately. All you do is listen to BS sportstalk all day and are frightend to your core to have an opinon because your to scared to say something that 97.5 or 94.1 may not like and burn your bridge, because you love those guys and envy them. Ypu wish you were Bruno or Missanelli. But news flash chump ypu need to have a voice, an opinion to do what those guys do everyday. Not troll twitter n cut n paste shit all day. So rather then be a stand up and take charge man your just acting like a yes man by not having your own view on ANY topic. Btw breaking news Nate Allen was arrested in Flordia. You heard it first here.

        1. Dude, love your enthusiasm but you’re barking up the wrong tree. Kyle doesn’t give one tiny fuck about Philly sports, he wants to make money without working for it. And he has this ‘formula’ that involves posting a rotation of sad-sac philly ‘celebrity controversies’, shameless plugs for anything that even casually mentions him, horrid t-shirts, and whatever Deadspin posted yesterday.
          News flash, that’s all you’re ever going to get.
          Oh, and pop-up’s telling you to pay 10 cents to enter. That’s the business model, bro. That’s. It. So just call him out on his hypocrisy and transparent money-grubbing, and enjoy the shitshow in the comments. It’s only Laskowski-Land, it’s not real.

  4. Wow, comparing Kyle Scott and CrossingBroad to Dom Brown is probably one of the greatest and most perfect analogies that I have heard in a while. Hope it catches on.

  5. I’d trade Andrew Bynum, MISTER Snyder’s parking spot, and a gas hose (note the irony) for a 2nd round draft pick.

    I really, really like second round draft picks.

    1. What are you looking for today? A breakdown of Flyers being 5 points out of playoffs? Would that make it not suck?

        1. I just like how he responded to someone with THIS handle and someone who commented just to make a “K@cie is a joke chashing whore” joke

  6. I love when Jim puts the shampoo bottle in my ass MOST of the way (but not all), then gives it a squeeze while playing a tape of k@see over and over again.

  7. After listening to Tony Bruno and Josh Innes and attempting to listen to Mike Missanelli and his lame ass attempt at giving relationship advice or rehashing the snl reunion and then switching back to you guessed it more Marcus Mariota talk when he was getting hammered on twitter for not talking sports I’ve come to the conclusion that the Bruno/Innes show is much much better than the crap Missanelli…. my bad Bitchanelli spews out.

    And remember I used to be anti Josh Innes.

    1. i dont get the disdain for innes. when he first came on WIP it was a bit of a culture shock as we went from a very tame and vanilla in rob ellis to a loud and crude innes. however, i have grown to like innes and his style. now, i wont go as far as to say he is the best local on-air personality, but he is a much welcomed change to the stale air that gargano had been bringing everyday.

        1. and i certainly agree with you on that, but that wont be happening anytime soon as WIP inked caltaldi to a new contract so it is several more years of morning dogshit.

  8. I love it, too, my dumpling. hey, there’s no way anyone can ever see these e-mails, right?

  9. These are CrossingBroads working hours. You will (MAY) see a post related to Nate Allen at some point before 3pm today.

    Scratch that….it snowed last night. DAY OFF!!!!

  10. Christ, I know the commenters like to give you a hard time and always have, but the comments directed at you yesterday were f-ing brutal. Thing is, they’re spot on, and you know it. Due to your own limitations and outright refusal to write original content, I think you’re going to find out just how difficult it is to run a profitable blog when every week is a slow news week due to your four major teams doing nothing of note. Should’ve sold the blog when you had the chance.

    ps — No more Jim?

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