You Can Watch Darren Sproles Help a Local Girl Cope with a Stutter on the USA Network Tonight

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For many pro athletes, it’s hard to believe they were ever bullied. Athletic, popular, strong people aren’t often pushed around by their high school classmates. But Darren Sproles isn’t your prototypical pro athlete. He’s undersized, and he struggled with a stutter. He was able to deal with his stutter and not let it hold him back. And tonight, on the USA Network’s “NFL Characters Unite,” Sproles helps a local girl with her own stutter. According to a press release:

Just like Darren, Sheila has a stutter that has made her a target for bullies. When she was in middle school, Sheila was teased so often that she made the decision not to speak at all in high school to protect herself from further painful ridicule. She has become increasingly anti-social, refusing to participate in school activities and avoiding the chance to make any real friends. Though she has great artistic talent and aspirations of becoming a fashion designer, she worries that her stutter will prevent her dreams from coming true.Darren shares how he pushed himself to get out of the shadows. He invites Sheila to participate in a YMCA fashion design program and introduces her to a local designer who also has a stutter and who has been able to have a successful career.

Foles was right, Sproles is a “special dude.” You can see a trailer for “NFL Characters Unite” after the jump.

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54 Responses

  1. Tony Bruno is furious right now. Already talking to management about getting rid of Innes. Apparently the fatso isn’t budging, and is going to force management to make a move. Pretty obvious by the tension on the show today. It will be interesting to see what happens next week.

    1. You should here the stories tony tells me about Innes. He said yesterday, Innes had 3 Big Macs , 2 large fries, 2 Apple pies, and a large milkshake for lunch.

    2. Dude – shut up about food. I am trying to start a stupid rumor on the Internet. Hey wait… does that Innes guy have me listening again? I thought I hated this show, but I am listening again. Damn you Innes!!!!!

        1. He said that our highways are shitty and septa is an unorganized joke. He’s right, I hate black people too. They are always banging my girlfriend with no rubbers.

    3. Thanks you idiot,turned a perfectly good story into more Josh Innes bashing.

      Like I said before,if you have a problem with Josh you have a problem with me and the last thing you want is to have me as an enemy.

  2. Ok I will admit Innes was pretty nervous today. But he will settle in and be awesome soon. I don’t think he got over that caller Ray humiliating him yet. But Bruno just needs to take a back seat and not talk over Innes jokes. Hang in there Josh… I love you, even though the rest of the fan base hates you.

  3. I can’t believe I ate though my lap band. I’m guna fat forever!!! But I’m not lazy…. No … I eat like 1200 calories a day and exercise. I just have bad genetics and a thyroid problem.

  4. Jim it’s time to move on to the great Elliott Shorr Parks article on UCLA QB Brett Hundley.

    I’m telling you he’ll be the Eagles 2nd rd draft choice.

    Nick Foles your days as the starting qb for the Eagles are over.

  5. I developed a stammer in the 3rd grade. 5th grade I had a reading comprehension of a 12th grader. been singing for 35 years. Mel Tillis n shit.

    seriously, i was taught self hypnosis… like a charm. but i’m lazy.

  6. Hey everybody!

    We would love to thank Josh Innes for broadcasting from our location today. It was great to have him in one of our many fine locations.

    Also, we would just like to warn everybody in the Delaware Valley, we are out of cheese sauce for the weekend.

    Thank you!

  7. I was driving around and listening to Innes/Bruno and MM. Right now we’re in the honeymoon stage where any time Fatso says something, Corpsey McBruno laughs. EVERY TIME. Stop going for the hard sell, Ton.

    Meanwhile MM totally mailed in the show today. I guess 3 days into the “battle” was enough for him. What a drama queen. I can’t imagine he’s pleasant behind the scenes because on air he comes off like a miserable prick.

    Anyway, I was feeling queasy and turned on some music. And instantly, I felt better. So I summarize — listening to these 2 horrendous radio shows made me feel sick.

    1. I disagree the Tony Bruno/Josh Innes show is can’t miss radio why you might ask for the simple fact of these said individuals polar opposite opinions of professional sports.

      See boys and girls it’s okay for co-hosts to have differences of opinions and not hate each other,something Rob Ellis and the fake South Philly tough guy Anthony Gargano couldn’t understand.

      And remember initially I hated Josh Innes but with Tony Bruno there to balance everything out,there show now is can’t miss radio.

  8. Goal – come to Philly and somehow get everyone talking about him even though he is on the night shift. Check

    Goal – create angst at your own station and at the other sports station to garner more attention. Check

    Goal – let everyone know you want the prime time slot and get it. Check

    Seems like things are going to plan. The people that don’t understand how this happened or why it happened are the ones that made it happen. Manipulate the LCD. Luckily, there are a lot of them around here.

    Hey Mike – I have a trade proposal for you. First, can I get my question for a chance to win movie tickets zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    I like alt music, bro.
    Let’s go to Akeem.

    1. This is America. We don’t like Arabs here. Go back to the desert so we can fire missiles in it from our billion dollar drones. We , the American people are far superior. Your people, for the most part, are savages.

      1. Wow. This is pretty brutal. This Arab came here and probably went to school and probably has a job and pays taxes. He doesn’t seem like a savages. He might be one of the good Arabs, like the one that helped markey mark in lone survivor.

  9. Know your name. Hold your own. Go your own way.

    That’s rt boys, I’m out of that God forsaken rat hole Kansas City for the 2nd weekend in a row. I’m in PHL, I got dumped and im on the prowl.

    Line up and be the 1st to whiten my chompers this weekend. I’ll put pics of us all over my Instagram every 11 minutes. And lots and lots of pics of me too!! Non Division 1 athletes and players below AAA need not apply.

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