Aaron Rodgers Has Become My Favorite Non-Philly Athlete…

Photo credit: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports
Photo credit: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

… surpassing Mike Trout (until my fickle feelings take over the next time Trouty is in an Eagles jersey… or if he ever retweets me).

A-Rodge, one half of the power couple that I’m dubbing Aarivia (it needs work), fired back at one of the most old-timey reporter rants these eyes hath ever seen, oh lawdy!, after Rodgers and Sloan Sabbith Oliva Munn got to go on the court while Bo Ryan’s Badgers celebrated tournament success yet again:

Voila_Capture 2015-03-30_10-49-51_AMVoila_Capture 2015-03-30_10-50-02_AM

Get him, Aaron:

Voila_Capture 2015-03-30_10-51-59_AM

And then, since it was a win, he went off to sex Olivia Munn. As is tradition.

via SB Nation

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34 Responses

    1. If you keep track on what time sports blog posts which stories, and don’t in any way, shape or form benefit from it, you should probably get a life.

      1. Agree with Kyle on this one….

        I want to come to one website to get my useless, trivial, sports entertainment and choose Crossing Broad. I could care less who got the story posted on their website first.

        And, more importantly, if you are a big enough douche to browse every single sports blog and fret over the order in which they all post the same exact story, than you should probably remove yourself from your stained sweatpants, bazinga t-shirt, and L.A. Gear shoes, and take a shower. Introduce yourself to a girl. A real one this time.

        1. I also side with Kyle. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but he only has one useless lackey working for him rather than a whole nationwide reporting cadre… therefore, much like even local media outlets, he takes stories that have been filed by other individuals and posts the most interesting ones. I am cool with coming here rather than reading it at deadspin because here we get posts about how awful and pathetic the sports teams are without having to read a national spin on it.

  1. -ignoring how media has shaped his image-

    That. Right there. Is another reason why I can’t fucking stand scriptuals. Aaron shaped his own image dickwad.

  2. I agree with all of this. Rodgers is the best QB in football, and easily the most fun to watch from a football purists standpoint. His chick is a 10 and is an absolute FREAK. Oh and they’re both cool as shit. Probably genuinely fun to get tanked with.

    He’d be a God if he were the Eagles QB. GOD.

  3. Another blown headline…this one is a doozie.

    What Kyle meant to post was “AARON RODGERS HAS BECOME MY NEXT MAN CRUSH.”

    Somewhere Chase Utley, Jason Kelce, and Connor Barwin feel jilted….

      1. I understand Kyle.

        Just busting your chops. I will say that you have the perfect personality to run a blog like this. You take all the crap in stride.

        Which is probably the reason why people go after you all the time. I think they want to see how much it takes to make you go postal (metaphorically speaking)

  4. Oliva Munn is so god damn beautiful, just look at her through that out of focus pic. 99% level stuff right there folks.

  5. Don’t ever forget Rodgers is the guy who bet some dude on twitter that he would wager a week’s pay if Ryan “Douchebag” Braun was dirty. Then he totally blew the dude off when Braun admitted to being dirty. No one expected him to pay the guy a week’s salary, but he could have stepped up and did something for him, especially since Rodgers was so smug about it.

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