“Breakfast On Broad” Officially Announced with Rob Ellis, Jillian Mele, Sarah Baicker and Barrett Brooks

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Photo: Breakfast On Broad

As reported, Rob Ellis and Jillian Mele will co-host the new Breakfast On Broad, airing on The Comcast Network. What we didn’t know was that they’ll be joined by Sarah Baicker and Barrett Brooks. It looks like Comcast handed Molly Eichel of the Daily News and Jeff Blumenthal of the Philadelphia Business Journal the scoop, as they were first to break the news. Here’s Molly:

The Comcast Network is preparing to launch something new for local television starting on April 6: a sports talk morning show, called Breakfast on Broad. The show is set to have a conversational tone and will include morning news staples like traffic and weather.

The show, which will air from 6 to 8 a.m. weekdays and repeat on Comcast SportsNet from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., is to be hosted by Rob Ellis, who on Monday night announced he was leaving his job as a host on Sportsradio 94WIP. He’ll be joined by Sarah Baicker, currently a Flyers reporter and digital producer at Comcast SportsNet; Jillian Mele, who has been a traffic reporter at NBC10; and former Eagles offensive lineman and Comcast SportsNet contributor Barrett Brooks.

The show will apparently focus on players’ off-the-field interests (there’s even a quote mentioning TMZ in there) and their social media use. Sounds familiar.

UPDATE: Blumenthal spoke with Ellis:

“It was all very difficult,” Ellis said. “It’s a part of the business. Certainly from December until recently, it hasn’t been easy. It was how I found out and that I think the whole thing was handled poorly. I was put in an untenable position.”

The press release is after the jump.

In tribute to Philadelphia’s world-renowned sports culture, The Comcast Network is set to launch “Breakfast on Broad, presented by Virtua,” an all-new morning sports show dedicated to feeding the hunger and passion shared by fans of the Phillies, Eagles, Flyers, Sixers, Union, and local college sports. The announcement of Philadelphia’s first live morning television sports talk show was made today by Brian Monihan, President and General Manager Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia. 

“BOB” is made for Philadelphians, by Philadelphians, featuring local talent both in front of and behind the cameras. In addition, the show will tap into its NBC Sports Group family ties and welcome A-list guests from coast to coast to present an entertaining take on Philadelphia’s most pressing sports topics. Setting the table each morning are Upper Darby’s Rob Ellis, Glenside’s Jillian Mele, Philadelphia’s Sarah Baicker, and former Eagle offensive lineman Barrett Brooks.

“Breakfast on Broad, presented by Virtua” airs weekdays on The Comcast Network from 6 a.m. until 8 a.m.  It will also replay on Comcast SportsNet from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m.  

“’Breakfast on Broad’ marks a big step in the evolution of The Comcast Network and is a concept that we have been working on for some time,” said Monihan. “We believe there is a place for smart and lively sports content on morning television here in the Philadelphia market. Our on-air team has strong opinions and connections to our sports community, and our ties to NBCUniversal will allow us to mix in national guests to add broader perspectives.  We’re looking forward to sharing more of our plans as we move closer to April 6.” 

The show’s hosts will also be heavily engaged in social media with timely posts, interactive questions and behind-the-scenes content. Fans can follow along and interact with the hosts through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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  1. Rob Ellis has the personality of a pile of leaves. This show will bomb.

    Jillian Mele is a total smokeshow.

    1. Why would that filly want to come back to Philly when she has a burgeoning career covering the MLS in Kansas City.

  2. I hope all goes well. I really like Rob Ellis; he ended up (along with Jody Mac) having the only truly sports-oriented show on WIP which is the only reason I listened to that station to begin with. If I want to laugh and be entertained, I listen to Howard Stern on Sirius or tune into Comedy Central, which is what WIP is turning into and why I listen less and less.

    1. BTW, I didn’t mean WIP turning into Comedy Central in a good way. It is embarrassingly non-funny.

      1. I guess you’re not a fan of Tony Bruno and Josh Innes horrible attempts at trying to be funny.And btw can somebody let Tony Bruno know he doesn’t have to laugh at everything manboobs Innes says.

        1. I only listened to those two the first day they were on for around 45 minutes. Haven’t returned since. Tony Bruno is really scrapping the bottom of the barrel.

  3. Ellis gave up hard sports topics on the radio to be part of The View. As I stated yesterday they gave his radio shift to that POS “Sludge”. Another reason not listen to 94.1

    1. Thanks for the heads up re: Sludge. He is just dreadful and I have never gotten past a half-hour of him. He is worse than Innes, believe it or not.

      1. Does Sludge (whoever he is?) refer to McCoy as “Shady” trying to sound hip as if he’s not some middle aged, white bred, bore like Rob Ellis?

        If he doesn’t then he is an improvement over Ellis.

        1. No, his attempts at sounding hip are more like: “what up what up what up” as his version of Gargano’s good afternooooooooooooon everybooooddddddddddyyy!!!
          It sounds a little contrived coming from a guy in his mid 40s.

          Although he IS ethnic, that will probably get your approval since that means he’s not white bred. He’s Middle Eastern bred. Maybe that gives him some hipness cred, I don’t know, I don’t keep up with knowing the appropriate ethnicity du jour.

          1. My problem is not that Ellis is such a boring white dude and a twerp he, like the other middle aged white dude and twerp Glen MacNow, tries so hard to be a “Philly guy” a “tough guy” a “hip guy”. In other words, not a dude comfortable in his own skin.

            Gargano’s gone. Ellis is gone. MacNow needs to go. Now, if Cataldi and his dog and pony show goes away all will be right.

        2. Unfortunately he does.Trust me if you suffer from insomnia just listen to sludge for a few minutes,he’ll put you right to sleep.

  4. Nothing against any of the folks on the show, but that show sounds horrible. The only reason it’ll make it longer than a month is there is nothing else for them to put on the air.

  5. I’m sure that the 10 current viewers of TCN’s runaway success “Seeking Solutions with Suzanne” will be confused when the switch to find this show on. Mostly because they have OldTimers disease.

      1. Fun Fact:

        I used to call into the It’s Your Call with Lynn Doyle Show about once a month and slowly shift the topic of conversation to Monday Night Raw.

        /Fun Fact

  6. Keep paying your Comcast bills folks! They’re paying for the genius that came up with this idea.

    “Let’s give that guy with the beady eyes who is too boring to work in radio a TV show.”

  7. Baicker is a tree hugging hippie who complains about any kind of fun (wing bowl, mummers parade, royal rumble, tailgating, Lou Turks, etc ). this show will bomb

    1. Was that her on the beach with Eskin? Was that ever confirmed?

      She hangs out with Ruben Frank by her own volition and likes those too cool indie rock bands that nobody has ever heard of.

      On a side note, Jillian Mele is so hot it’s painful.

  8. Who is watching TV from 6am-8am, or the replay from 11am to 1pm?
    Let alone a sports fan?

    I don’t get this concept at all. Low budget Comcast special.
    The name BOB is pretty awful too.

    “Hey Kyle. did you watch BOB today?”

    I hope they don’t quit their day jobs.

  9. so what kind of viewer are they targeting here? Most men heading to work between 6-7 am, and I really doubt women will be tuning in, none the less find TCN on there guide.

    Side note Jillian is a total smoke show.

  10. Unless I can be convinced otherwise, I’m pretty sure Brooks has his giant palm on Mele’s ass. Look at that approving grin she’s sporting.

    Also, fairly certain Beaker’s rt index finger is placed firmly up Ellis’ poop chute as well. And he don’t seem to mind either.

    I believe in an attempt to stir ratings out of the chute, this show will have them talking sports in a hot tub while swapping partners liberally. I just might tune in. Especially if we can get some Reuben Frank guest celebrity appearances as well.

  11. nobody will watch this crap…..except their families or mental cases..

  12. Any of you racist white mofos happen to notice that you can’t see where my right hand is in that picture? You wanna take a guess as to where it be?

  13. …with Chef Anthony Gargano stuffing his face with pepper & eggs in the background.

    Does this mean Kord-Kutter Kyle has to get cable again? Who else is going to break down this show every day? Jim?

  14. Sarah baicker and rob Ellis are the two most boring people on earth her nose will block the whole screen

  15. Hey Everyone!

    Its me, Connie Colla. Remember me from the Glory Days of CN8?

    Just wanted to let you know, that I too might pop on BOB from time to time

    I am gonna ask Robbie to show me how to work a twitter!

    I may also see if Jill Horner and Artie Fennell want to stop by.



  16. Is Comcast kidding me with this show? Seriously? Three nobodies and a pretty face is supposed to be….what?

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  18. It’s amazing the people who run this TV business and how they can’t see that this show is a trainwreck waiting to happen. What makes any show great is the chemistry between the hosts, and it looks like they just plucked these names out of a hat.

    Do they really think Ellis, Baicker, and Brooks bring anything to the table that will make people want to tune in? Mele will be the only reason guys tune in, so she atleast has some purpose.

  19. Rob Ellis’ first three words on this god forsaken show?

    “I mean, look”

    CN8 is broadcast in low definition anyway, so Miele will look like any skank in the bar at 2AM.

  20. This is more than likely the most unwatchable sports show I’ve ever seen. I get a big kick out of the opened laptops that sit in front of them everyday like they are all over any news feeds, that I’ve never seen any of them ever use.

    Also, Comcast, you might want to reconsider Ellis as the major host. If there was an expression called “third fiddle”, he would be it. He seems too self conscious and I’m already bored with commen……………..ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

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