As expected, Rob Ellis is leaving WIP after being jerked around like a jackass by his boss, Andy Bloom. Ellis told listeners that tonight was his last night. I didn’t hear the announcement because JESUS CHRIST THE EAGLES, but here’s how described it:

“You’ll be seeing me, you’ll be hearing me,” ELLIS said, although he did not disclose his destination, which he said would be disclosed WEDNESDAY. “I’m not thrilled about some of the things that have gone down” at the station, ELLIS added, referring to his move from afternoons to evenings earlier this year.

You will be seeing him, and probably hearing him, too. I’m expecting that, tomorrow morning, Comcast will name Ellis one of the co-hosts of the new sports-themed Breakfast On Broad, which will air on The Comcast Network. Further, though this isn’t confirmed, it sounds like he’ll be paired alongside Jillian Mele.

Source: Jillian's Twitter

Source: Jillian’s Twitter

I’m told Ellis, whose contract with WIP is up at the end of the month, is using his remaining vacation days to check out early. He can’t negotiate with 97.5 until he’s officially done at WIP, but I wouldn’t be surprised if, after what is presumably a 90-day non-compete period, he shows up on 97.5’s air.

I’d also expect to hear Anthony Gargano on 97.5 sometime soon, perhaps as part of a morning show. In fact, Bloom, during our now infamous phone call, pointed out to me in the most obnoxious way possible that Anthony decided not to accept his contract offer from WIP shortly after Angelo Cataldi officially re-signed. Bloom was not so subtly implying that Anthony left so he could host a morning show on 97.5. MAESTRO TIME: