RADIO WARS: Rob Ellis Announces That Tonight Was His Last Night on WIP, We Expect Him to Be Named Co-host of “Breakfast on Broad”


As expected, Rob Ellis is leaving WIP after being jerked around like a jackass by his boss, Andy Bloom. Ellis told listeners that tonight was his last night. I didn’t hear the announcement because JESUS CHRIST THE EAGLES, but here’s how described it:

“You’ll be seeing me, you’ll be hearing me,” ELLIS said, although he did not disclose his destination, which he said would be disclosed WEDNESDAY. “I’m not thrilled about some of the things that have gone down” at the station, ELLIS added, referring to his move from afternoons to evenings earlier this year.

You will be seeing him, and probably hearing him, too. I’m expecting that, tomorrow morning, Comcast will name Ellis one of the co-hosts of the new sports-themed Breakfast On Broad, which will air on The Comcast Network. Further, though this isn’t confirmed, it sounds like he’ll be paired alongside Jillian Mele.

Source: Jillian's Twitter
Source: Jillian’s Twitter

I’m told Ellis, whose contract with WIP is up at the end of the month, is using his remaining vacation days to check out early. He can’t negotiate with 97.5 until he’s officially done at WIP, but I wouldn’t be surprised if, after what is presumably a 90-day non-compete period, he shows up on 97.5’s air.

I’d also expect to hear Anthony Gargano on 97.5 sometime soon, perhaps as part of a morning show. In fact, Bloom, during our now infamous phone call, pointed out to me in the most obnoxious way possible that Anthony decided not to accept his contract offer from WIP shortly after Angelo Cataldi officially re-signed. Bloom was not so subtly implying that Anthony left so he could host a morning show on 97.5. MAESTRO TIME:


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  1. PLEASE, FUCK NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 97.5 better not higher fucking Gargano. He fucking blows

    1. It’s hire not higher you moron.Now get back to your shift working the McDonald’s drive-through,and earn that hefty 8 bucks an hour like a good Port Richmond kid is supposed to.

  2. Ellis is one of the best guys on WIP what are they doing? His insight on topics blows Innes and Bruno out of the water. Idiots

    1. Rob Ellis is a disingenuous, pandering twerp who is a middle aged white guy who never referred to LeSean McCoy as anything but “Shady”.

      So, 97.5’s plan for success is to just nab WIP’s castaways? Great business model.

    2. Hell, my insight blows Josh out of the water. The easiest job in the city right now is to sound smarter than Josh Innes.

  3. Can’t wait to see how this turns up at both stations. If just a day of all out debauchery ensued and all the issues were dished live on air, must tune in. Have me. Phil from Mt. Airy host the show cause I’m the end game here in Philly, just like Mariota

  4. So sad Rob is off the radio 🙁

    On the brightside at least I get to jerk-off to rob in the morning

  5. Hi – as a millenial male, we do not know how to identify with intelligent conversation on traditional sports radio. We only like video games, twitter, & snap chat. We do not like old heads. We like to listen to pointless bashing of our local sports professionals to prop ourselves up from our mother’s basement floor where we plan to live till we’re 40. Unless of course we can get the government to extend our right to our parents insurance policies beyond age 26. We’d rather listen to a guy who has been ditched by a half dozen other radio stations since us songs from the 80’s & 90’s to pretend like he crosses multiple generations. Oh, & we do not read the newspaper. We don’t even buy tickets to the games…we’d rather just show up on college night to drink obnoxious amounts of beer & pretend like we’re living up to a reputation of toughness.

      1. Ah…if only you had cut just a lil deeper. Love the snowflake reference. Well done, my little doggie poop!

    1. Another bitter baby-boomer reflecting angrily on a wasted life. You my friend are a part of the generation that will go down in history as the one that ran this country into the ground. Can’t wait until you all start dying off Fo’ real.

        1. Fo’Real!
          See you at the crossroads…crossroads…so you won’t be lonely…lonely… (youtube it)

      1. Dear Reggie Dunlop,
        I’m not bitter at all. Just like WIP changes with the times, so will I. I’ll find other ways to get my intelligent sports conversation. Meanwhile, you will sit there on tinder hoping to get laid by some pretty chick…well…you think she’s a chick, but it’s really just a dude messing with you.

        As for being a baby-boomer, I’m far from it. I’m a Gen X’er. And, if you had ANY respect for people other than yourself, you’d respect the Baby Boomers too. They are a generation that gave up a ton of sacrifices (Vietnam War, Civil Rights, etc), so that freeloaders like you can have 7 different versions of X-Box & PS3 consoles every year.

        If you even remotely think that your generation has contributed anything…I fear for your future, not mine. Privacy is a right that anyone over 35 yrs old cherishes & respects. Your generation could give a rat’s ash if your identity is stolen, most likely because you’ve probably never saved a dime in your life. I’d love to discuss your 401K or general savings…if there is even a penny saved, I’d be surprised.

        You all kick the can down the road & expect us over 35 yr olds to pay for it. Well buck up! Because your current president has left you with a financial burden that not even your kids’ kids will be able to make sense of.

        Enjoy your energy drinks & e-cigs, my friend. You’re gonna need as much help as the gubment will give you in the future!

        1. anyone that refers to himself in terms of generation should def commit suicide

  6. Jillian has some big ole tities that I would love to lick whip cream off of. Suck on them a bit

  7. The recent radio debate has mostly been about Innes v. Mikey Miss, but Rob has been the most consistent host in Philly. Solid coverage and conversations, without the artificial need to take hard stances or to talk down to the callers. Hope he lands a good show at 97.5.

  8. What does is say about WIP when Mike & Ike (or Old Yella and Gargle Voice) are now the “best” show they have? (Putting aside Jody and Glen and Ray.)

  9. 6-10 Gargano (and friends)
    10-2 Ellis
    2-6 Mike Miss
    6-10 Not crappy Phillies games

    You hear that sound Bloom? It’s the sound of the Delaware Valley changing the station from WIP to 97.5. It’s also the sound of Marc Rayfield calling you into his office and shipping you to Cheyenne, Wyoming.

  10. Ellis is going to work in the morning on CSN when nobody watches. It’s sad for Rob. He left as a producer on DNL for radio now he’s going back to a job where he will have less viewers than a Sunday morning public affairs show on a UHF channel.

  11. Got to have a female host because they are only viewers who watch in the morning. No one can break down a 3/4 defense than Jillian. She can tell you who is third down DB on Tampa Bay.

  12. This is the time to promote Rob Cherrry Chariot to new weekday host. They need to dump Hollis though. Jeep Weenie.

  13. Who cares about this.

    Listen to the #2 sports radio afternoon drive time show in Philadelphia, Innes and Bruno! Weekdays, 1pm-6pm. #InnesandBruno #Secondplace

  14. Another classic Innes and Bruno show today.

    I pretended to mad about the Foles trade, because I’m trying REALLY hard to appear to be an Eagles fans. Then I made up, unsubstantiated and factless, that this was a precursor to a Mariota trade. THEN Howard Eskin came on gave inaccurate information and I kissed his ass. Also Tony Bruno was there.

    That folks, is Grade A Radio.

    1. Great work today.

      I am really enjoying your show. Thanks to the quality of your show I am rediscovering such great old music on my iPod. Today I listened to the first Queens of the Stone Age album for the first time in 3-4 years. Damn, that album is awesome. Once you get that opening riff of Regular John, man, you know the rock is coming!

      Keep up the good work, Josh!

  15. Should have kept Ellis as Innes’ straight man, IMO. Or, if you’re a retard who likes Tony Bruno, keep Ellis as Bruno’s straight man. I don’t care how “awkward” it was. WIP drivetime is the biggest paycheck in town. They would get over it.

    Either way, that joker-on-joker shtick with nobody in the room giving a particular fuck about sports is unhearable. I drive in silence.

    1. No need to be so harsh. Hearing Innes screeching at a caller who has the audacity to criticize him always makes for most excellent drivetime radio. Especially on a Friday afternoon when you’re looking forward to a two day break from hearing your boss screech all week.

  16. It’s funny how anyone with an original thought in there head and wasn’t 50+ switched to 97.5 five yrs ago. And now that WIP realized that they were getting smoked with the same dog and pony show they’ve had for years becomes listenable again, that’s when all the morons proclaim… Oh yeah now I’m going to 97.5. I listen to radio all day at work. Even good shows get stale and you need to switch for sanity but Rob Ellis was not a good show. He’s boring and slow and reads from a script. The last couple weeks when they switched from innes and Bruno to Ellis at 6 it felt like they were on different continents. If Ellis was “such a professional” maybe he should have rolled with the punches and tried to act like he was on the same station as the previous show. He’s a douche and his ago and closed minded delco-ness really showed.
    His show will fail, so will anybody going against Angelo. Angelo is a clown but entertaining, not always but for the most part listenable. Mike and Ike will be the next show to go, hopefully Harry Mayes goes to WIP next. Harry is the only thing worst listening to on 97.5 at the moment.
    Jon and Sean are tools and clearly are only on the air because they make no money. Honestly, besides knowing how to work at a radio station they have zero credibility to be giving opinions.
    Kyle I’d like you to somehow come up with a way to rate the host credibility, I don’t know how maybe pick a random day and fact check things they say to see if they’re talking out there asses. Brace def the lowest ranked I’ll save you that trouble. For example: I’ve heard multiple host bash Andre Johnson the past two weeks saying he’s done and then second later, clearly pulled up his stats and soften their tune a little bit but not enough to fully admit they were wrong about how much he hasn’t declined). Think about it, you want real radio wars go analytics on them with the shit the spew and watch them cry

    1. Easy, NO host I this town outside of Didinger know shit about sports.

      And fuck you with the Cataldi shit. You call him listenable, and then in the next sentence or two question everyone else’s credibility? Angelo doesn’t even watch games, unless it’s the NY Giants or the Yankees playing. He is a carpet bagging phony who I hope gets run over by a bus one day.

      1. Shhhhhhh, everyone…Reggie Dunlop is trying to make a point. Ok, weed out the curse words, & weed out the weed. Hmmm…I still can’t find the point?

        Is this really King Dunlap?

        1. Wow, stalking, nice. You must be really butt hurt from my earlier comments.


    2. Boring? He is not on American Idol or America’s Next Top Model. He is there to talk about sports and to the callers about sports, which is why the show was entertaining. Entertaining does not just apply to 12 yearl old-level jokes or lame made-up songs (Conklin I am sure will be doing his next Chip song at this very moment and his daughter will be singing). I find real sports discussions and debates not only informative but vastly entertaining, which is why I find the weekend shows much more listenable.

      1. Yes, booooooring… Monotone voice, no enthusiasm, rehashing after every commercial what he just said before the break. The guy is a talking newspaper, at least Josh and Tony are on Twitter looking for breaking news. Rob “oh boy, geez wiz, I think the Eagles just traded for Bradford”… 2 hrs after it happen. Guy sucks and is boring much like you must be tuning into WIP on the weekend listening to ray and glen

  17. Unfortunately, the media business has become too much business and much less quality journalism and commentary. Rob Ellis remains one of the old guard who offered provocative thoughts on the day’s big sports new events rather than pandering to strip-club denizens and frat boys with predictable blather that is so outrageous that it is obviously meant to shock. WIP’s afternoon show has become entertainment (not good entertainment) with its mix of not-great-music music (is this sports radio or Sirrius Radio Bad Music from the 80’s station?) , oddball reflections on life and it’s in-your-face commentary that often insults the listeners who are part of the lifeblood of the station. You want to get insight on what’s going on with sports in this town today? Listen to Rob (wherever he ends up) or Ike or the Morning Show (although a little more entertainment there than necessary but Angelo & Crew do know what they are talking about). It’s not about Rob. It’s not about Ike. It’s not about Angelo. With them, it’s about the story. But this new afternoon crew is all about them (and I’m surprised Tony has fallen into that…) You can’t fault Josh for being aggressive and shaking things up – I give him credit for finding an opening and trying to find something different. It’s just not my cup of tea. We now have two people in Philly sports who we can question what they are doing – Chip Kelly with some perplexing rooster moves. And Andy Bloom with the new afternoon show. Good luck Rob. We look forward to your next venture!

      1. I hope so. Angelo has turned into a court jester and who knows his real opinions, since everything is phony depending on which way the wind is blowing. Al Morganti knows hockey and that is all;

  18. When will the ratings be #RADIOWARSBLOGGED ? I need satisfaction in reading Josh’s comment as Bob defending the poor ratings . Worse then Rob Ellis ratings probably . I liked rob at night . Hate Josh always . Farzetta is ok , sludge is a Josh wannabe . All have sex with the same sex sock in between madden games . Fuck you Bob ya aids dick licker .

  19. The best way to enjoy sports talk radio is never listen to it everyday, and only listen when:

    1. There is a major story (Like the Foles/Bradford trade news yesterday)

    2. A Monday after an Eagles game, when you can analyze it.

    3. If the Flyers, Sixers, Eagles or Phillies make a big playoff run.

    If you listen everyday, you will go crazy because they need to fill air-time and come up with the dumbest conversations. Sorry, but I don’t want to turn on Sports Talk Radio and here idiot callers play trivia with Mike Missanelli, or what are the best concerts Big Daddy went to in his life.

    If you listen when there is news, SportsTalk Radio is a good outlet to hear what the fans think. I’m still trying to wrap my head around what has gone down in the past week by Chip Kelly, so I’m listening everyday. But in a few weeks when there is nothing to talk about, I won’t bother turning it to WIP or 97.5.

    1. 4. Listen when there are wing bowl eating stunts.


  20. It’s a little late for 97.5 to put on a morning show. I got so tired of Dick&Lick in the morning (back and more shitty than ever) that I stopped listening to 97.5 completely. If they think that’s what I deserve in the morning, then they don’t deserve me to listen at any point.

  21. Why would Rob Ellis GO BACK to the Fanatic? He cohosted a show with Harry Mayes when the station first started on AM.

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