CBP Now Has Metal Detectors at Every Gate

After launching the metal detector program at the Right Field Gate last season, Citizens Bank Park will feature walk-through metal detectors at every gate this season. It’s all part of the league-wide program that will put them in every park this year.

The Phillies now recommend that you “allow for extra time when entering Citizens Bank Park,” as the detectors will increase the line and entry time from last year’s average of, like, 15 seconds or something. But you get to keep your belt on:

Unlike the standard procedures of the Transportation Security Administration, fans will not be required to remove shoes or belts. Those who cannot pass through a metal detector will be checked with a hand-held device.

All cell phones, cameras, keys and other large metal items will need to be removed prior to passing through the metal detectors. Guests will place these items in a screening bowl alongside each individual machine in close proximity and in clear sight. Once through the metal detector, fans can easily and quickly gather their items and proceed inside the ballpark.

It’s gonna slow you down, but at least Jonathan Papelbon will feel safe.

Kyle: I’d assume that the net time to enter, based on attendance and security, will still decrease. Seriously. But when the Phillies are good again in 10 years, this is going to be a real problem.

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10 Responses

  1. Does it really slow it down THAT much? I would imagine this is easier than an employee waiving the handheld detectors. I could be wrong…

      1. They have been doing this in Yankees stadium. It slows things down a little bit, but it won’t be like waiting to get into the Linc.

  2. Ruben Amaro had to sign a new life insurance policy and was required to install these metal detectors in CBP or be dropped.

  3. Kyle needs extra time for dick pics with his iPhone. That’s an extra 15 seconds or so. Kids shouldn’t feel safe. Do you guys always pocket your money? No charities? Losers.

  4. People tailgating for hours before hand and trying to figure out to take your keys n phone out should be fun to watch n slow the line down

    1. People?

      What people? Maybe opening day, but beyond that, only thing worth worrying about at Metal Detectors is not getting hit by tumble weed.

  5. Good idea. It will detect any concealed handguns to prevent any distraught Phillies fan from blowing his brains out. I’m looking at 2020 for any glimmer of hope.

  6. don’t fucking go ….stay away so the senile turd mgmt fires dickhead rube and senile turd gillick

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