Crying Piccolo Girl Describes Her Week

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Crying Piccolo Girl spoke with about her ridiculous week– from a senior bio piccolo player to a guest on Jimmy Fallon. Her phone died briefly after she was on TV, and once she got connected again, her first thought was to turn to Twitter:

My first reaction was “How did this happen?” but not in a good way. I didn’t really know how to handle it. I knew I had to go into Twitter to formulate some feeling about it. The first thing I saw was all the notifications. I figured the best thing to tweet was my Villanova Wildcats tweet.

But right after I did that I got a Twitter troll. I thought “Oh no, it’s this kind of thing. I’m going to get harassed about it.” And then I started to get worried. But I also got notes of encouragement saying everything would be okay.

Who did you meet behind the scenes of Fallon, and who was your favorite?

Well, I met Jimmy Fallon, all of The Roots, Bubba Watson; all were fantastic. Bubba Watson is so down to Earth, just so nice. He actually asked to take the picture with me! All of The Roots were so welcoming. I was so appreciative of them sitting back and working in this new thing into what they do- they have their own set up, but they were willing to fit me in. A piccolo doesn’t fit with their instrumentation at all, and they learned the fight song and rehearsed it. They were all so kind. Questlove gave me a pair of custom drum sticks. Jimmy Fallon is just as friendly on camera as off camera. He made me feel so comfortable!

Worth is for the Bubba pic alone. A couple other things: 1) Love the instant reaction to check Twitter. 2) One troll?! That’s it? Gotta say– I didn’t think you had it in you, America. Piccolo girl got off lucky. I can’t eat my lunch without getting trolled.

Read the full interview here. Good stuff. Good vibes today here on CB. Good vibes.


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  1. …no one cares about this anymore…Nova just did Nova things and came up short again…this is old…let’s talk about the Phillies winning the world series 7 years ago

    1. Sorry, i’d like to make a redaction….I said no one cares about this anymore which infers anyone cared about it in the first place…this is just what happens when trust fund babies don’t get what they want

      1. Maybe if you had gone to Villanova you’d know how to use “redaction” in a sentence. Did you mean “retraction”? “Revision”? Who knows…with all the ellipses…which you probably call “dot-dot-dots”…it’s hard to tell what you meant. With a quality Villanova education, you might also know the difference between “infers” and “implies.”

        1. ………….high five bro………………..I didn’t know CrossingBroad was the new Harvard Business Review… you’re probably the guy that freaks out when you’re girlfriend uses an emoji or a text abbreviation like wtf, “come on Claire, how are we ever going to get acceptance into the country club if you keep saying lol and wtf.”……………..Just for your own clarity, since now we’re apparently this site is engaging in Grammar Wars!, Re-dac-tion: the process of editing text for publication…..In-fer: deduce or conclude (information) from evidence and reasoning rather than from explicit statements……………You’re like the guy from Good Will Hunting, at the bar, that tries to impress the girl because you read something once………………You’re response speaks for itself……..but I get it, you’re a little sour because your team came up short, again…and again…and again….Heck I even had ‘Nova in the final four because, no way could they have such a good season and team and just fall apart like always, right?………………..You came to your team’s rescue like a knight in shining armor, but you may not realize is that everyone outside of Nova nation knows that it’s just par for the course with Jay……………He’s a great recruiter, great face for the University, but his X’s and O’s (this means strategy and game philosophy) can’t compete………..Even Kyle’s breakdown spoke to it……………………………………………………..

    1. I’d rather suck on her buttcrack after she just finished taking a piping hot dump.Ladies no toilet paper have no fear the Salad Tossing Man is hear!

  2. The question everyone wants to know is: when does the t-shirt go on sale?!

    I don’t know if you guys knew this, but CB sells t-shirts now.

      1. I’m thinking just a small modification. Put his middle finger down and extend the thumb, that will work right?

  3. She makes me want to make the “V” symbol with my fingers….

    And stick my tongue between them….

  4. I know you only pay attention to sports when the teams are playing well but it would be nice to hear about Temple in the semi-finals of the NIT, how the Phillies lineup is shaping up, how the Flyers are playing, how the Sixers are playing, what’s going on at the NFL owners meetings…

    Instead we have to hear about some band geek. Damn it, Laskowski. Put some effort into this!

  5. Aaaaahhhhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    PS: For my fans

  6. This one time, at band camp, I stuck a piccolo in my………………………………..

  7. It is really a Sh*tty world we live in when anyone can be an instant ‘celebrity’ for absolutely no Valid reason but mere fluke!

  8. Your the best Kyle. Even when Vilenova loses, you add further embarassment with stupid stories like this.

    Since you think Nova is “just below Duke and Kentucky”, do you think stories like this pop up on Duke and Kentucky ? Oh, thats right, they actually get through the first weekend so they dont need douchy loser stories like this.


  9. That nose is big, that chest is flat. I’m stateing the obvious. But she is now a public figure – open to comment.

  10. Kyle, I can’t seem to find when nova or any other overrated Small East team plays this weekend. Sure with a #1 seed and 6(?) teams in the tournament, at least 2 of them will make it to the Final Four, right?

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