Emergency Late-Night Post: I Need To Find Out Who This Woman With Chip Kelly Is

Voila_Capture 2015-03-25_12-18-28_AM Voila_Capture 2015-03-25_12-18-42_AM

Before I go any further, I NEED to know what is happening here. NEED to know who that is. Is that a colleague? A friend? The world’s hottest baseball scout?! Are we looking at a Big Balls Chip situation here?!?! I give you this solemn promise: I won’t stop until I find out.


Where’s Chip Kelly expert Mark Saltveit? He usually eats these goddamn things.

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33 Responses

      1. Your super creepy for stalking her like that. With that being sad , this chick is a fine piece of ace!

        So hot I bet Bob would consider turning straight for a few minutes.

  1. its his girlfriend. He used to come into the bar I tend at with her a few times during the offseason. I only see her around during the offseason. Allot of times you’ll see him and her walking around Queen Village/South street area. They have a condo on Front st south of Downeys. I’ve seen around around allot with him.

    1. Josh, just because you have your own gravitational pull doesn’t mean everything revolves around you. Stop inserting yourself into situations that have nothing to do with you.

  2. Love her look & she reminds me of 1 of those fitness wannabe chicks that posts nonstop selfies of themselves flexing

  3. They named her on WIP this morning Angelo said she is associated with University of Oregon in some fundraising capacity.

  4. Chip looks like Shrek’s albino brother in that picture. I think I’ll always see him as a white Ogre from now on. I won’t be able to bleach this image from my brain.

  5. How much royality do you pay Philadelphia teams for all the money you make using their brand?

      1. Half of them are old the time they quit their 9-5 blog. Wait until they have kids (if the my can have any) they won’t have anytime to blog.

  6. Let’s do the math. Chip Kelly, 51 years old out of shape with a prized beer gut. Hot as shit girlfriend who’s 20 years his junior. Here’s where the math comes in…$32.5 million for 5 years. Big Balls Chip can be Little Dick Chip if that’s the kind of tail he can chase. Who do you think invented Viagra? Some young, strapping lad with multiple PhDs or some frumpy 51 year old mad scientist who looks like Chip?

    1. Yikes. You’re not jealous at all, are you. I’m sure all that’s keeping you from landing a hot piece of trim is your bank account.

      1. Did you just hear that WHOOSH! sound inside your house? That was the sound from my post going over your empty head.

  7. I know this woman. I paid for her to have sex with me. However, when she saw my grotesque figure, she actually paid me not to have sex with her.

  8. I wonder if he keeps his visor on while doing the deed? And by deed of course I mean the dishes.

  9. $7mil a year should get you something hotter than that…something tells me mr smoothie is also known as mr softie….

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