Here Is Your Winning Bracket

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Shut it down. It’s over. You can play Draft Kings or heed the advice or Godfather Locks… or, you can just go off my perfect bracket (or Jim’s less perfect one). The choice is yours.


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  1. Bullshit. Kyle rigged the bracket to get the second round matchup he wanted. Marks is the True winner.

    1. Nah, Josh just asked every employee at the 23 different McDonald’s he went to last night to vote for him. They stuffed the ballot box while he stuffed his face.

  2. Wisconsin?! I’m surprised Jim didn’t pick an “ironic” choice like UAB or Valparaiso.

  3. So looks like Jon and Sean show got bumped today for tourney hoops. Take the hint boys, you will be getting pink slips soon enough.

  4. Looks like Kyle is one of those people who pick a ton of upsets just so he can say he nailed that one pick when it hits. Of course he picked Oregon too.

  5. Classic Nova love.. They won’t win two games in this tournament. This isn’t the “big” East.

  6. I remember how bad his pool was last year and it’s already on its way this year. Love the lack of respect for the #2 seeds and Duke when they would all kill those Nova frauds. This will be quite an embarrassing bracket.

  7. Lol nice bracket Kyle. Your south region is looking really great. Iowa state in the final four and stephen f austin in the elite eight. Hahaha.


    I wouldn’t pick nova to win the NIT. Another disappointing loss for nova. As a one seed to not even make the sweet 16 is disgraceful.

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