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Jeffrey Lurie, who according to some might as well have been a mute ghost with all of the world’s secrets, addressed the media for 40 full minutes today. There was not a whole lot to take away from it — other than reptilian-humanoid Peter King constantly moistening his lips — that you wouldn’t expect.

In fact, Lurie came off sounding a bit like someone else the media clamors to hear from: Sam Hinkie. He talked about taking risks, the challenges of going from good to great, and came this close to actually saying “optionality.” He told the media that Tom Gamble’s firing wasn’t a spur of the moment thing, that removing Howie from his role was all his call (though Chip may have influenced it), and that he wouldn’t comment on Mariota because the writers gotta “keep the ratings going.”

“It’s great to mortgage the future for Peyton Manning,” Lurie said. “But not for Ryan Leaf.”

He also pointed out that if the Redskins had traded up and drafted Andrew Luck, we’d all be talking about how great of a trade it was. The goal is to get a franchise quarterback, and to do that, “you gotta take risks,” whether they be in the draft or by grabbing an oft-injured QB from another team. And even though Chip Kelly didn’t say as much, Lurie told the media that LeSean McCoy just wasn’t his style of back. There’s a lot of change going on inside the Eagles, but at least according to Lurie, they’re “philosophically” all on the same page. Just maybe not the same office wing.