Brett Brown Would Prefer Not to Coach Gypsies next Season

Pic via John Clark
Pic via John Clark

Brett Brown, whom you could tell was not completely on-board with the tanking and asset swapping when we talked to him on our podcast earlier this year, told the media before the game tonight – a loss to the Heat – that he would prefer not to coach gypsies next year:

“To coach gypsies, to have to coach a revolving door, that’s not what I’m looking for.”

The Sixers lost but the Nets won, so the Sixers probably won’t get the Heat’s first-round draft pick this year. But, they’ll have their own. And Joel Embiid should play next year. And Dario Saric will probably be here in a year. Things might start turning around soon. Maybe.

Anyway, this presented the perfect opportunity for Howard Eskin to be a douche:


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  1. Sixers stink haven’t won a title in 32 years
    Flyers stink haven’t won a cup in 40 years
    Eagles stink haven’t won a title in 55 years
    Phillies stink and will suck for at least a decade
    Man it’s tough being a Philadelphia sports fan.

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  3. It would not suprise me if we go through Tank #3 next season, as there was a quote from Hinkie right after the MCW trade (paraphrasing): He pretty much said he’s not interested in progressively getting better each season meaning going from 20 wins to 30 wins to 40 wins, as he wants to go from bad to a contender without being mediocre.

    It looks like now we will only have our #1 pick (which could be from #1 to #6 in the lottery), and Saric is still a year away from being released from his European Contract. Embiid will be rookie next year, so we have to keep our fingers crossed that he can stay healthy and find his groove. Noel is the only really player that will be here in the long-term that will not be a rookie, so I still think this is a lottery team for 1 more season. Unless Hinkie goes after a big time Free Agent, but my gut tells me he won’t do that this offseason.

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