Here’s Johnny Manziel at Philadelphia International Airport Today

pic via (@BLove194), (@Tnasty)
pic via (@BLove194), (@Tnasty)

That there is Johnny Manziel – oh he property of the Cleveland Browns – passing through Philly Airport, allegedly today. A couple of people spotted him there. I wouldn’t read too much into it, though – even if there are those trade rumors – because he was apparently here a few days ago, too. And there’s a rumor that his rehab is somewhere in the general area. But still, page views.


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  1. whoever suggested the adblocker, thank you!

    This site is much more enjoyable

  2. “But still, page views.”

    I will never fault you for page view ploys, and I’m genuinely happy you’ve made a living off this site. But Jesus Christ man this ad situation is ridiculous.

  3. Yo yo yo Johnny, you need a hype man? Another bro type to be in your entourage? I’m available!! Please pay me!

  4. This site gets worse every day. Every time I go on here and read an “article” only to realize it’s either a) poorly written, b) not a real article, c) something I know nobody gives a shit about or d) any combination of these things, I am upset to realize somebody who thought Antonio bastardo was still on the Phillies is making money off my page view. More and more it is clear just how little Kyle really knows about Philly sports.

    1. It’s a blog bro. It’s editorial. It’s not a news site. Don’t like it, roll out, or just continue to comment and visit like you know you will.

  5. There’s 2 types of people who visit this site

    1. People who want serious sports talk
    2. People who realize Kyle is a joke and come here for stupid nonsense like grainy cell phone pictures of Johnny Manziel at PHL that he stole off Twitter.

    If you want serious sports news, go somewhere else. Kyle Laskowski isn’t going to be your outlet for that. If you want to see stupid stuff and come to the comments from Sean Brace and Josh Innes jokes, come here.

    1. It’s not about wanting serious sports news. It’s about taking your work seriously. The content isn’t as important to me as actually having something to read. Not a picture, two sentences, or a copy paste of an article written by a real journalist. Just about anything remotely entertaining on this site is in the comments. Kyle reminds me of the “fans” who do the eagles chant in August at Phillies games. Just a waste of life and brain cells.

      1. I have incorrect information about Anthony Gargano I’m going to share on Twitter, then my boss who I technically own is going to put me on a Twitter suspension.

        Meanwhile I’m going to continue to get passive aggressive with everyone because outside of like 4 people and a bunch of frat dudes, everybody in this city hates me. Also, I’m jealous of Missanelli.

    2. Also, the Josh Innes jokes are repetitive and tired. I get it, he’s fat and “from Houston”. Get over yourselves.

    1. Sheena can you get me my old traffic job back? Boredom on Broad was a huge mistake!

  6. In honor of Cataldi’s impacted colon. As Stan says from the great beyond, he was always full of s h i t!

    1. Starting next week,he’ll(Johnny Marks) be joining Gargano on their new morning show.

  7. That’s a really, really great picture where you can tell 100% without a doubt that it is definitely Johnny Football. I mean, you can see his mouth and nose, so it has to be him right? Did you also hear that Chip was having a 4-way with Manziel, Mariota, and Bob in the airport bathroom? Cuz a 15-year-old tweeted out that it happened.

    Kyle, stop taking tips from middle-schoolers. Its not a good look man…

    1. My gf was in the last stall (good source) and she said that Shady was in the first, threatening to punch them.

    1. Actually it’s about 15 miles west in a town called Wernersville. The Caron Foundation has treated many celebrities like Liza Minelli and Steven Tyler.

  8. why is porky i mean innes on this website again? Does he need attention that bad he has become cancer to this city and w.i.p. does have no shame and no fuckin sense to fired this dumass.

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